Saving Fred Hampton’s Maywood Home, But Not Reagan’s Chicago Apartment Building

The following reference to the effort to save the home of Black Panther Fred Hampton reminds me that Chicago did notthing to save the apartment building where Ronald Reagan lived as a child:

Maywood to-flat where Fred Hampton lived, Photo credit: Chicago Reader.

Fred Hampton is having a moment – Chicago Reader

Former Illinois Black Panther Party chairman Fred Hampton’s son is leading an effort to save and repurpose his father’s childhood home. Last Sunday, one of those potential sites, Proviso East High School, dedicated its Social Justice Room to Hampton, a 1966 graduate. The dedication in the school auditorium featured impassioned speeches by Illinois senate majority leader Kimberly Lightford and house speaker Chris Welch, among many others.      

Marathon Pundit highlighted the opportunity, but Chicago officials allowed the Reagan apaetment building’s demolition.

Ronald Reagan’s Chicago residenrce as a child. Photo credit: Marathon Pundit.

Democrats are talking about putting a statue of Reagan on the Capitol grounds, however.


Saving Fred Hampton’s Maywood Home, But Not Reagan’s Chicago Apartment Building — 10 Comments

  1. It’s all about the poor downtrodden Blacks with the Chicago media even though they are their own worst enemies
    thanks to decades of abuse from their DEMOCRAT masters.

  2. what so surprising about this?

    we all know Chi town Kizzie is recist so if you be white and law abiding you get the shaft!!!

  3. Nice juxtaposition.

    Although Reagan was just another Hollywood fake and started the amnesty craze, he’s White and therefore gets the Robert E. Lee treatment by the demo-Marxists.

    We MUST idolize negro thugs like Floyd and the gentle giant from Ferguson who roughed a Hindu convenience store clerk who caught him stealing…. and of course Fred Hampton.

  4. I do applaud the Taliban however.

    They whitewashed all the George Floyd murals the American LGBTQ occupation forces and their puppet army put up in Kabul.

    They couldn’t stand the sight.

    But white eunuchs now and worship before the murals in Minneapolis and elsewhere.

  5. What about the guy named Trayvon in FL who tried to kill George Zimmerman?

    Barak Hussein Obama said that Trayvon could have been his son.

  6. Obama is:

    1. A homosexual (ask Arne Duncan)

    2. A Muslim (ask “Rev.” Wright)

    3. A liar (claimed to be a non citizen at Columbia)

    4. Not that bright (affirm. action ed. @ Harvard Law Review, but never wrote anything)

    5. Liked to be fellated by older white men in exchange for dope).

    Ans: All 5

  7. Obama claimed to be an indonesian at Columbia for a scholarship he didn’t deserve. Just another fraud.

  8. Freddy’s Dead…thats what I said…Freddy’s Dead.

    Curtis Mayfield

    Should play it non stop right outside that residence:

    Everybody’s misused him
    Ripped him up and abused him
    Another junkie plan
    Pushin’ dope for the man
    A terrible blow but that’s how it goes
    A freddies on the corner now
    If you wanna be a junkie, wow
    Remember freddies dead

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