Harvard Police Throw Book at Deceptive Rockford Man

From the Harvard Police Department:


09-05-21 at 1529 hrs, police were dispatched to the intersection of E Diggins St and N Division St for a two-vehicle property damage accident.

As a result of the accident investigation, Mauricio Antonio-Hernandez (m-26 yoa), 4401 Mila Ave, Rockford, IL was arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Obstructing Identification.

Antonio-Hernandez was criminally charged with Obstructing Identification after he provided police with a false name and date of birth and was issued traffic citations for

  • Failure to Reduce Speed to Avoid an Accident,
  • No Valid Driver’s License,
  • Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol,
  • Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle,
  • Illegal Transportation of Alcohol by Driver,
  • Illegal Transportation of Alcohol by Driver,
  • Failure to Transfer Registration,
  • Failure to Secure New Registration,
  • Failure to Comply with Registration or Title Statutes,
  • No Valid Registration, and
  • Improper Use of Registration.

Antonio Hernandez was released with a Court date of 10-13-21 at 1330 hrs.


Harvard Police Throw Book at Deceptive Rockford Man — 8 Comments

  1. He’s probably returned to the homeland by now.

    Hopefully his vehicle has been seized.

  2. Funny thing how we’ve lost our country and nobody seems to miss it that much

  3. Let me guess.

    One of those allowed into our state under the “welcoming” mantra.

  4. Harvard Police Throw Book at Deceptive Rockford Man.

    And illegal invader goes back to Mexico.

  5. Racist blog posters:

    How do you know the accused’s citizenship/green card holders’ status?

    Evidence free rants.

  6. Question for Biden voters and supporters – Are the illegal aliens who are ALLOWED to invade our southern border by the tens of thousands allowed to get a driver’s license? When Biden and his regime transport these invaders to numerous States across the U.S. and give them aid, food, shelter, etc also give them the “privilege” of obtaining a driver’s license?

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