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Gary Rabine in the Johnsburg parade.

Glory be.

Republican gubernatorial aspirant and McHenry County resident Gary Rabine read an article on McHenry County Blog.

The article was the one about how unemployment compensation taxes (paid by all Illinois businesses) are going nowhere but up because $4.2 billion borrowed from the Federal government this year and last has to be repaid.

(See Higher Unemployment Compensation Taxes, Maybe Much Higher, Coming to Illinois Business.)

Of course, Illinois Democrats could use Covid money from the Feds to make the repayment, as Ohio has, but, instead Governor JB Pritzker is spreading it around to people he hopes will vote to re-elect him.

At the end of this post, I’ll put up the latest Covid distribution, which was announed yesterday, but, first Rabine’s comment:

Pritzker has no interest or no clue in how to save jobs and small businesses in Illinois, if he did he would have done like all smart governors and reduced our spending and stopped paying bonuses for people not working.

Instead Pritzker’s answer is 24 more taxes and fees as he and Biden strategize on how to dictate mandates best.

Here is Pritzker’s press release:

Gov. Pritzker Announces Nation-Leading Childcare Investments to Support Parents and Providers in COVID-19 Recovery

State to Provide 3 Months of Childcare Assistance for Unemployed Parents Seeking to Reenter the Workforce

Gov. Announces up to $1,000 Bonuses for Eligible Childcare Workers, $300 Million in Relief Funding to be made Available for Childcare Providers

CHICAGO – Governor JB Pritzker and Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) Secretary Grace Hou today announced a series of nation-leading investments to strengthen access to childcare for parents seeking to reenter the workforce while simultaneously bolstering childcare providers and their employees. As families across Illinois continue to get back on their feet amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, IDHS is expanding Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) eligibility to include three months of free coverage for unemployed parents who meet the CCAP eligibility requirements to help residents get back to work.

The Pritzker administration is also providing bonuses of up to $1,000 for eligible childcare workers. These bonuses will be followed by two more rounds of childcare restoration grants, plus an additional phase of grants in 2022, with $300 million to be made available to providers across the state.

Today’s announcement builds on the administration’s ongoing commitment to providing affordable, accessible childcare for all Illinois families. Earlier this year, the Governor announced CCAP co-pays would decrease for 80% of families who participate in the program. Families who meet certain income eligibility requirements, with income below 100% of the Federal Poverty Level have seen their monthly co-pays reduced to $1.

Since the pandemic began, the State has invested more than $700 million in COVID-19 relief funding in the state’s childcare industry. Through the first round of Child Care Restoration Grants, over 5,000 providers have received monetary support, representing 85% of eligible childcare centers and 40% of licensed family childcare homes. On average, childcare centers have received over $270,000 each and childcare homes have received an average of $13,000.

“Childcare is an essential part of a strong and equitable economy, and I’m proud that Illinois is leading the nation in supporting families and providers,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “Without safe and affordable childcare, too many caregivers – especially women – can’t return to the workforce. We’re taking a major step to address this problem in Illinois, and rebuild our childcare ecosystem – and rebuild it better.”

Beginning October 1, 2021, parents who are unemployed and actively seeking employment will be eligible for three months of Child Care Assistance, provided they meet the standard CCAP eligibility requirements. If parents become employed or enroll in an education program before the end of the three-month period and meet all other CCAP eligibility requirements, their eligibility will continue for 12 months in total.

Families interested in applying for support through the Child Care Assistance Program, can contact their local Child Care Resource & Referral Agency (CCR&R) which can be found online at https://www.inccrra.org/about/sdasearch or by calling 1-877-202-4453 toll-free.

In addition, DHS will launch the Child Care Workforce Bonus program next month. Through the program, all staff at licensed and license-exempt childcare centers and homes will be eligible to receive up to a $1000 bonus, provided they meet all licensing and health and safety requirements. Childcare workers will receive the payment through their employer between October 2021 and March 2022.

Application information about the program will be available for employers via the Illinois Network of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (INCCRRA) in the coming weeks. Employers are required to pay staff 100% of the bonus amount awarded by the state.

“Thanks to the unwavering leadership of Governor Pritzker, our administration is mobilizing federal recovery dollars to provide grants that will help Illinois businesses continue with reopening, bring back their staff, and rebuild stronger,” said IDHS Secretary, Grace B. Hou.  “At IDHS, we have taken necessary steps to support front line workers who are the fabric of communities across the state. The childcare network is essential to rebuilding our economy.”

The administration will also launch a final round of 2021 Child Care Restoration Grants and later this year will open applications for 2022 Stabilization Grants. The Child Care Restoration Grants administered through IDHS continue to offer childcare providers access to funds that can help counterbalance losses due to COVID-19 and take advanced steps to rebuild from the impacts of the pandemic. The program has been in place since 2020, when it provided $290 million to small businesses and childcare providers across the state. $270 million in additional funds have been invested in providers, to date, in 2021.

“Access to early childhood has the power to change the future of our city and state. on behalf of children and families, I’m incredibly grateful to have a governor whose COVID-19 response and recovery plan includes a significant investment in early childhood. Our children’s learning needs to start early, and parents need to be back at work. The plans the Governor outlined today will make sure that’s possible,” said Libby Shortenhaus, Chief Executive Officer, Christopher House.

The administration’s comprehensive support programming has prevented the mass closure of childcare facilities across the state and provided parents with safe places to care for their children as they reenter the workforce. Of the licensed childcare centers who received a state grant in 2020, 98% are still open and serving children. Approximately 30% fewer childcare centers closed over the last year than closed on average each year from 2016 to 2018.

Currently, 93,406 children are served through the CCAP. For more information on childcare support opportunities, visit www.ilgateways.com/financial-opportunities/restoration-grants.


Rabine Comments on Blog — 23 Comments

  1. Here’s a novel idea JB.

    Follow Desantis’ lead.

    Instead an overweight trust fund baby is trying to ruin this state and turn it into CA.

    I love his commercial tugging on our heartstrings how difficult he had it growing up.

    Again, the cheat machines need to be banned if we will ever get our state back.

  2. yep,yep,yep that’s our Jumbo hotdog eatin crime pig of the STATE … takes after the dumbo regime..

  3. Here’s a novel idea JT – try focusing on policy rather than childish attacks on a guy’s weight and family?

  4. Alabama Shake = Troll. Name 1 policy you like coming out of JB Troll. Cue theme from Jeopardy.

  5. It’s time Cal should make all commenters provide mandatory daily Covid test results.

    For an enormous fee, I’ll fill out the TPS-356b forms to submit to OSHA.

  6. ** Name 1 policy you like coming out of JB Troll.**

    1) I don’t think you know the definition of troll.
    2) But I do love when someone has been here for 5 minutes calls someone who has been on this blog for years a troll.
    3) I don’t know what policies “come of of JB” – but I think you’re trying to ask about what policies I like that the Governor has supported. That’s easy — here are just a few:
    – legalization of cannabis
    – reproductive health act
    – more investment in early childhood education and child care
    – a $15 minimum wage
    – his push for a graduated income tax structure
    – the end of cash bail
    – the requirement to dispatch a mental health response in a mental health crisis

    I could keep going if you’d like?

    You see – I actually know and understand policy. I follow it very closely. You seem to be trying to imply that I don’t know what I’m talking about, which is pretty silly.

    Look – if you want to make your childish attacks about the Governor’s weight? Go ahead. Just know that it says a lot more about you than it does about the Governor. Soon I’m sure that you’ll once again resort to ignorant personal attacks on me. That’s ok too. Because, again, it says more about you than it does about me.

  7. Well AlabamaShake, I think most posters here know a douche bag when we find one.

    If the shoe fits…..

    And the Governor is obese, clinically obese.


  8. And it’s all about you overfed liberals that think you are superior and all others that oppose your ideas are the unwashed

    What is the credit rating of Illinois AlabamaShake???

  9. LOL.

    Shake is on a roll and it rhymes with troll.

    The only policy you quoted that raised income for the state is legalizing pot.

    All the rest makes people less safe, punishes small business owners and creates more government jobs.

    And to think the Shaker thinks a graduated income tax isn’t code for tax the middle class more.

    I hope he’s under 40 otherwise it is true what they say about people that still think the way he does after age 40.

    Give me a break Shake.

    Look at that 2 rhymes in 1 post.

    Go do another bong since you think legalizing pot is a good policy for this state.

  10. How does sending a mental health response make people less safe and punish small businesses?

    How does investing in early childhood education and child care make people less safe and punish small businesses?

    The end of cash bail doesn’t make people less safe or punish small business owners.

    It just means that those jailed before being found guilty will be jailed for a reason other than inability to pay.

    Again – I could keep going.

    The implication that you then rolled past that I don’t know of policies that I support is laughable.

    And a graduated income tax absolutely would have brought income for the state.

    Oh – and I’m older than 40, but once again, a true valiant effort at making this about me rather than policy or anything else.

  11. ** What is the credit rating of Illinois AlabamaShake???**

    Not good enough…

    But it got a lot worse under Rauner, and it’s gotten better under Pritzker.

    Any other questions?

  12. ** it’s all about you overfed liberals that think you are superior and all others that oppose your ideas are the unwashed heathens.**

    Funny, because the only people on here who want to make this personal, and constantly resort to personal attacks instead of any kind of substance, are the conservative folks on here.

  13. LOL Shaker. I paid 3.90 a gallon for premium gas today in WI. Is that your idea of a graduated income tax that’s good for the middle class? Over 40 and clueless is no way to live your life Flounder.

    Everytime I read your posts I hear the song Rawhide in my head. Instead of Rollin Rollin Rollin I hear Trollin Trollin Trollin. Keep it up son. You entertain us.

  14. You do know that gas prices have nothing to do with a graduated income tax, right? #clueless

  15. LOL. Hey Shake, do you have ADD? I understand the difference between inflation and taxes.

    Yep. I’m clueless. Clueless how someone your age can not have a clue after over 40 rotations around the sun.

  16. **do you have ADD?**

    I do not, but thanks for asking.

    **I understand the difference between inflation and taxes.**

    I’m sure you do, yet somehow you still thought it was relevant to talk about WI gas prices in the context of a discussion on a graduated income tax in Illinois.

    For someone who accuses ME of having ADD, you sure do you jump around from subject to subject a lot.

    But go ahead and you do you.

    But, I shouldn’t have implied that you are clueless, and I apologize.

  17. Ravine makes assinine comments about townships once a week or so.

    He better wake up fast!

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