Thompson Center to Water Park-Hotel?

That is one idea that is being floated (no pun intended) for keeping the Helmut Jahn building.

As I have pointed out preciously, Governor Jim Thompson decided to trade the double-paned windows for single-paned ones to save money during a recession.

The result was an inability to cool and heat the building adequately.


Thompson Center to Water Park-Hotel? — 13 Comments

  1. The biggest energy wasting building in ChiRaq, but you will NEVER hear the
    Leftist DEMOCRAT Greenies say one F’ing word about it.
    Just turn it in to Section 8 housing and in a decade or so it will be destroyed
    and ready to meet the wrecking ball.

  2. If anyone attempts this conversion, I hope their wallets are a whole lot fatter than the wallets of the people who were going to convert the Motorola building in Harvard into a waterpark/hotel.

  3. ** you will NEVER hear the Leftist DEMOCRAT Greenies say one F’ing word about it.**

    Have you ever talked to a “Leftist DEMOCRAT Greenie”?

    Everyone I know hates the building…

    for its horrific energy usage to its lack of functionality to it becoming a complete $hithole because it hasn’t been maintained.

    I know very, very few people that have any interest in defending that building at all.

  4. You lose again, Shake. Face it, reading comprehension is beyond your capability.

  5. If it forces Pritzker out of the Thompson Center for his fake press conferences, and if it makes the Thompson Center more useful than it currently is, I support it.

    Water park would be less destructive than a casino too.

    What are the other options?

  6. **You lose again**

    What exactly do I lose? You said something absurd and inaccurate. I said it was absurd and inaccurate. And it is.


  7. Alabama, are you transgender like the County Clerk?

    Btw,Thompson Ctr was always an amusement park with an average of 4.2 suicides a year.

  8. Cal…..ROFLMAO….if Joe was a transtesticle that goatee and adams apple is hiding it pretty well. I see how anger mixed with troll responses clouds one’s perceptions on this site now.


  9. You’re thinking of one of the township clerks.

    Aylward or however you spell it.

    I think that’s McHenry Township?

    Joe isn’t transgender and he’s married to a woman.

  10. Not that is it any of your business, but since many of you are very obsessed with me: No – I’m not transgender, but thanks for asking!

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