Tony Colatorti Fundraiser — 7 Comments

  1. Well, we know Tadelman is AOK with illegals here.

  2. Glad to see that no dirty politics were being played in the video or photos.

    Colatorti appears to be a man of class and with strong conservative values!

    Unlike the Juneteenth supporting Tadelman, who was squiring around Colatorti’s ex wife and her current husband who was convicted of crimes against Colatorti.

  3. I don’t even like cops but that was a well done video and that event had excellent turnout.

    The speech hit the right notes.

    Did you see how many people who once backed Prim were at this event?

    idk if they soured on Prim or not, but those people clearly aren’t buying his endorsement of Tadelman.

    Is there any story to that?

    Any bad blood between Tadelman or Prim and this guy?

    Or was it more like Tony just thinks he would do a better job?

    Did Prim or Kenneally used to do fundraisers at this restaurant?

  4. Vote Tadelman, not this idiot who shouldn’t have a driver’s license.

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