McHenry County Board Not Raising Salaries of Elected Officials

When I was at the Randall Road ribbon cutting, I asked McHenry County Board Chairman Mike Buehler if the Board was going to raise salaries for those taking office next term.

The answer was “No.”

What stimulated the question was the comparative salary analysis conducted by administrative staff.

Meanwhile, Democrats in Chicago raise salaries, according to the Chicago Tribune:


McHenry County Board Not Raising Salaries of Elected Officials — 14 Comments

  1. CAL:

    Did you ask about salary increases for County Board Members?

  2. Cal is off, I’m running the blog until he returns now get lost.

  3. Correcting,

    The Daily Herald link you used is over 2 weeks old.

    The County Board resolution for Board Members pay is in the agenda packet posted on the meeting portal of the McHenry County government web site (page 111) posted earlier this week..

    It clearly states pay will stay the same at $21K annually for the Board Member terms beginning in December 2022 (all 18 begin at same time).

  4. I don’t trust anything Buehler says, does or dreams.

    He’s the undertaker of the County GOP

  5. Let’s see.

    He knocked out the most prominent elected official of the Democratic Party and that qualilfies him as “the undertaker of the County GOP?”

  6. Buehler defeated a guy who has been in politics too long, who got thrown under the bus by local Dems, and who had a sex scandal.

    It has nothing to do with the GOP growing or Mike Buehler being good.

    People just finally got sick of Jack Franks.

    There’s nothing more to interpret.

    It’s not because Buehler is a mastermind.

    It’s not because Buehler is leading a crusade to make McHenry County Great Again.

    If you want to play the game of looking at 2020 election results to support a particular conclusion, Democrats ended up in a far better position after that election than before it.

    GOP lost a state rep in McHenry County and they lost three county board seats!

    Now those losses aren’t BECAUSE of Buehler, but it shows 2020 was not a great year for Republicans in the county, since they regressed; it’s doubtful he can reverse the trend of the blue tide washing this county away and it will likely get worse.

    If Jack Franks were in charge and the headline about board members’ salary came up, he’d be screaming and he’d be quoted in several newspapers.

    He would attack those people because he was at least smart enough to know that THE PEOPLE would be appalled at the board for considering such a thing.

    But Buehler let’s this talk about the county board giving themselves a raise get to the paper in the first place, which does what?

    It makes HIS party looks stupid because they are the majority!

    If there were something that would embarrass Franks or the Democrats, you can bet Franks would try to shut it down before people were proposing it publicly and before newspaper articles were being written about it.

    Buehler seemingly does not care.

    If I recall correctly, the bonehead Buehler even DEFENDED pay raises for county board members!

    Democrats believe in authority, they believe in control, they believe in right messaging to acquire more power, they believe in winning elections.

    I guess Buehler believes in, “Heeeeeeey duuuuuuude ugggh lieeeke we’re all gonna liiike do our own thing and whatever. hehe consequences? Heeeeeey duuuudee chill out maaaaan whatever happens happens.”

    Talk about naive.

    Zahorik and Franks likely believe that by being in a political party, its members are connected, so one weak link can weaken the structure of the whole chain.

    They’re going to try to make sure their people don’t go around doing politically damaging things that can hurt their other people.

    Buehler is just doo dee doo dee doo dee doo.

    And Wilke is MIA, of course.

    Buehler doesn’t believe or doesn’t care that negative publicity will spill over and hurt his party or him (apparently the same is true for Wilke).

    Actually it’s worse than that: Buehler isn’t smart enough to know what kind of story would be considered bad publicity, and will even align with the wrong side!

    We’ll see what happens in 2022 and 2024, but with Buehler don’t expect some great rollback to happen.

    I believe he will continue to make easily avoidable errors, embarrass the party, demoralize his base, and preside over Democrats taking control over McHenry County.

    Maybe other political parties don’t believe in authority and power, but Democrats do and they exploit your weakness! T

    his willy nilly nonchalant approach is going to result in Democrats winning.

    And then when they win they are going to use their power to CRUSH you!

    They don’t care about you being principled or NOT being an authoritarian.

    They will take advantage of your weakness and hesitancy to put your foot down, they will get into power, and then they will smash you into dust.

    Buehler doesn’t know anything about politics or power.

    So I agree with Chandragupta S. V.

    The GOP is a directionless bunch with Buehler in charge.

    They have no discipline.

    People like BecauseScience tell us that the board is not particularly partisan, so there’s not much to worry about, but trust me, Democrats do NOT see it that way.

    Just look at Zahorik, Franks, and others.

    Look at what kind of statements they would make.

    Look at what they would object to. Look at who they would attack.

    Then tell me “it’s not partisan.”

    This aint 2013 anymore where things were comfy and boring, GOP cupcake boys.

    Your enemy views this as an existential struggle between them and evil Nazis.

    And YOU dummies think you just have some mild disagreements with people about spending and taxing. Clueless.

    Time to wake up and wise up, especially you, Buehler!

  7. Correcting, are you a Democrap trying to start trouble? I think so.

  8. “are you a DEMOCRAP trying to start trouble”

    No, I think Buehler is an idiot and I’m trying to warn you.

    All I want is for him to think things through a little more carefully.

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