Bull Valley’s Fleming Road Surface Not Holding Up

2013 sign”: Scenic Rouite, NOT Truck Route.”

Bull Valley residents spent consierable effort to keep McHenry County from turning Fleming Road into what they feared would become an eastern truck bypass of Woodstock.

Patches on Fleming Road.

It’s less than ten years later, but the surface is already needing patching.


Bull Valley’s Fleming Road Surface Not Holding Up — 13 Comments

  1. That’s really part of the design.

    It’s practically identical to a Barrington Hills in virtually every metric.

    By not maintaining or strategically under-improving your through roads, you cut down on traffic and outsiders.


  2. Pot holes, cracks, missing pavement, no shoulder, its all part of super rich burbs racial and eco profiling–by discouraging folks from using those roads and cutting through.

    Planned Opposition.

    Plus Bull Valley Po-Po are notorious for writing tickets for going 3mph over the already low limit.

    They dont want us there folks.

  3. Be happy it’s lasted this long without being redone twice by now

  4. McDOT wanted to rebuild the road and improve drainage, but residents opposed that action.

    Instead all that was really done was a overlay of what was there, with tons off cracks and other issues.

    Asphalt needs to be maintained ever 8 years or so, with a bad base, well there ya go.

  5. Bob, I fully support any municipality’s right to bar me from entrance.

    As well as any liquor stores, watering holes and strip clubs, for any reason they deem fit.

  6. As expected the interchange on I90 and route 23 has brought considerable Truck traffic to the town and route 23.

    No jobs, as claimed by so many Politicians.

    The continual bad decisions made by this county board have impacted the citizens and taxpayers in a negative way by lowering the quality of life and increasing taxes.

  7. Years ago the LRSCC – Lake Region Sports Car Club would have timed races the traversed Bull Valley from time to time.

    Shit roads back then, and now evidently.

    That doesn’t mean we speeded thru, if you know anything about Euro sports car competitions.

    More about following directions

  8. What does a “timed race” mean? Were only “sports cars” such as Jaguars, Triumphs, Porshas, etc allowed to compete?

  9. where is the NO TRUCK sign?

    once this is up truckers can get ticketed with fines for using a side route unless they have Paid special licenses and taxes to do so and most don’t due to what they are delivering and the cost is usually overwelming for most…

    this is a LAW for Truckers..

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