Harvard Police Thwart Attempted Stop Sign Theft by Teen with Pot

From the Harvardolice Department:


On 09-07-21 at 0049 hrs, police were dispatched to the 1000 blk of 8th St for a suspicious incident report of multiple person(s) trying to steal a stop sign.

As a result of the investigation, Edwin A Vazquez-Castaneda (m-18 yoa) 700 W Metzen St, Harvard was arrested for No Valid Driver’s License and Unlawful Possession of Cannabis-Driver.

Vazquez-Castaneda was released with a Court date of 10-13-21 at 1330 hrs.

Four Harvard Youths (m-13 yoa, m-13 yoa, m-15 yoa and m-16 yoa) were issued Non-Traffic Notices to Appear citations for Curfew under City of Harvard Ordinance.

The Youth’s were released to their respective parent’s with a court date of 10-18-21 at 1330 hrs.


Harvard Police Thwart Attempted Stop Sign Theft by Teen with Pot — 7 Comments

  1. One of the worst possible crimes other than armed robbery or murder. The tragic accident last Wensday north of Marengo happened when a young woman apparently disregarded a stop sign and drove into the path of a semi.

    Imagine a driver not stopping, because of a missing stop sign, and getting killed by moving vehicle – pickup, suv, semi, car, etc.

  2. bred winner, I hate you for the most part, but you are totally right about this.

    Stealing a stop sign is not a funny prank.

    That could have had devastating consequences. T

    here are already too many traffic injuries and deaths in McHenry County even without hooligans messing around with road signs.

  3. hey our Harvard Cops are on the job….

    Now at 7th street and Northfield…

    (1 block south and 1 block east)is a stop sign laying on the ground…..

    Totally unrelated I am sure…..

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  6. Honest Abe is our very own Jean Dixon.

    He’s right on the money!

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