Another State Senator’s Take on the ComEd Bailout Bill

FrmState Senator Jason Plummer:

Controversial energy legislation signed into law

Jason Plummer in Crystal Lake’s 1776 while running for Lientenant Governor the night the lights went out.

With one swift stroke of his pen, this week Gov. Pritzker imposed the largest utility rate increase in Illinois history, took property rights away from land owners and cherry-picked which utilities are subject to new ethics regulations. 

After two years of back-and-forth between Democrats, environmentalists and representatives of labor, the final version of a comprehensive energy bill was passed in the Senate Sept. 13, on the same day the Byron nuclear plant in Ogle County was set to go offline permanently. The final language, which was built off of several elements of legislation the Senate passed earlier in month (Senate Bill 18), was pasted into an amendment to Senate Bill 2408. The signing of SB 2408 staved off the closing of the Byron plant this week, and other nuclear plants that were set for closure later this year.

Senator Plummer said he supports a cleaner energy future for Illinois, but feels the provisions of SB 2408 go too far and place the needs of labor and environmentalists ahead of ratepayers, who will have to absorb a significant rate hike. The ultimate amount of the rate hike is unknown, and ranges from the Governor’s estimate of 80 cents per month, to an AARP analysis, which estimated monthly increases to be as high as $15 per month.

Other concerning elements of the energy bill signed on Sept. 15 include:

  • Eliminates the use of fossil fuels with no plan to backfill that energy source so that blackouts/brownouts can be prevented in the future.
  • Closes the Prairie State Coal Plant seven years earlier than the date listed in SB 18. This places municipalities in the Prairie State consortium on the hook for remaining debt service payments for energy they will not be receiving from Prairie State while having to also purchase energy from another source.
  • Gives private companies the power to invoke eminent domain in nine counties, stretching from Pike County to Clark County, to build out new transmission lines. This sets a dangerous precedent.
  • Provides nearly $700 million in ratepayer funds to bailout Exelon.
  • Excludes wind power and solar power systems from the same ethical standards that traditional energy must follow. 

Most elements of the new law take effect immediately.


Another State Senator’s Take on the ComEd Bailout Bill — 6 Comments

  1. Is this simpleton sniffing glue again?

    How about ballot security, Section 8 community destruction, sancutuary State rubbish?

  2. Mr. Plummer, what’s in your cleaner energy bill proposal? 😮🤔

  3. Terminator, be very careful!

    You’ll be added to ‘a list’ by Johnsburg Mayor Hetterman, McHenry Township Clerk Victor-Victoria Aylward, Sheriff Prim and Antifa rising star Tauler for having ‘Extremist Views”

    Watch out for the new Gaystapo!

  4. Terminator nailed it. Until the cheat machines are removed from our elections nothing will get resolved in this state or country. Maricopa audit results come out Friday.

    Guess what:

    “58% of checked voter identities in Arizona had no matching social security number.
    We’re up to 58% of Maricopa county voters actually ineligible to vote?
    If we remove the potentially ineligible 58% of Maricopa county votes… then who won?”

    The Saturday false flag drew know takers other than undercover FBI and the media.

    Now we have the missing FL girl and her fiancé to distract our attention when this comes out.

    Oh not to mention they are wheeling out the turnip to make a speech tonight or tomorrow.

    If people can not see how the game is played at this point I really can’t help.

    I keep running out of popcorn watching this clown show of a movie.

  5. Hey Chapman, never heard from you before.

    Is that sarcasm? T

    he day I stop driving my V8 vehicles and turn to lesbian electric I will get back to you.

    Sorry lesbians and beta males if you are offended.

    Don’t forget coal and lithium power your toys.


    Not that there is anything wrong with that.

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