IL-16: Adam Kinzinger Target of Club for Growth Warning of Possible Vote Supporting Democrats’ Reconciliation Bill

Adam Kinzinger

From Club for Growth Action super PAC press release:

New Ads in 10 Congressional Districts on Proposed $3 Trillion in New Taxes & Spending

Joe Kildea | September 15, 2021

Washington, D.C. – Club for Growth will release TV advertisements in 10 congressional districts focusing on out-of-control spending, inflation, and the $3 trillion tax increase proposed by Biden and the Democrats in the reconciliation bill. The ads will run for one week, beginning on Thursday, September 16. This is the first phase of what will be a $2 million campaign opposing the Biden/Pelosi $3 trillion tax bill.

The ads will run in nine districts held by persuadable Democrats and one held by a Republican, Rep. Adam Kinzinger. Kinzinger has sided with Biden and Pelosi numerous times including the so-called infrastructure bill and spending.

Fox’s Paul Steinhauser published an exclusive report on the ads and recent Club for Growth PAC polling.

“Washington is out of touch with America.

“Democrats and even some Republicans need to realize that their constituents will roundly reject the out-of-control spending and $3 trillion increase in taxes.”

Club for Growth President David McIntosh, press release 9/15/21


  • FL-07: Stephanie Murphy (D)
  • GA-07: Carolyn Bourdeaux (D)
  • IL-16: Adam Kinzinger (R)
  • ME-02: Jared Golden (D)
  • NJ-05: Josh Gottheimer (D)
  • NV-03: Susie Lee (D)
  • TX-15: Vicente Gonzalez (D)
  • TX-28: Henry Cuellar (D)
  • TX-34: Filemon Vela (D)
  • VA-07: Abigail Spanberger (D)


Note from John Lopez: The ads, titled “Pickpocket”, will be run as Independent Expenditures (IE) in the 10 congressional districts targeted above. Since the Wednesday press release, no Federal Election Commission (FEC) Form 24 has been filed, so it is unknown how much will be spent in any of the congressional districts, and how (through TV or digital ad buys).

The IL-16 version of “Pickpocket” was released on YouTube on Wednesday:

The Club for Growth Action super PAC, at this point, has not endorsed any candidate running against Kinzinger, so the IE is solely an opposition IE against Kinzinger.

The Reconciliation bill passed out of the House Ways & Means Committee this week, on a nearly straight party line vote, with Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy (D, FL-07) voting against it.


IL-16: Adam Kinzinger Target of Club for Growth Warning of Possible Vote Supporting Democrats’ Reconciliation Bill — 17 Comments

  1. RINO Kingstinker is on Pelosi’s 1/6 investigation commission and that makes him
    persona non grata POS in the Conservative culture.

  2. The Democrats, LED BY their moron, liar, plagiarist, buffoon, grossly incompetent, jagoff (Pennsylvania term for stupid person) senile Joe Biden, have been lying forever about top earners and income tax filers saying that they “do not pay their fair share of taxes”. This last week the grossly incompetent and lawless Joe Biden appeared on national tv and Again spoke the nonsense about fair share. Following info from National Taxpayers Union and their website.

    “The top fifty percent of filers earned 88 percent of all income and were responsible for 97 percent of all income taxes paid in 2018.”

    The bottom fifty percent of filers “owed 2.9 percent of all income taxes in 2018”.

    And, KinZinger might just as well change his part affiliation to Democrat. He is one of them.

  3. Didn’t RINO Kinzinger deploy to the Capitol with his unit to guard it in case the 3 people trespass today?

    Nancy and the dumbs will do anything to keep mail in voting going forever, or at least until the Dreamers 2.0 get their rights to vote after crossing the border this year?

  4. Kinzinger is such a loser. His family can’t even stand him now.

    His only supporters are the traitors at CNN.

    General Milley probably supports this scumbag.

    Just go away, Kinzinger-loser.

    Everyone cannot stand your presence.

    How do you show your sickening face?

  5. John, did you hear about that Gonzalez guy (maybe from Ohio?) who is some anti-Trump Republican congressman and is not running for re-election?

    Whatever is happening there, we need to study it.

    Then use the knowledge to force Kinzinger into retirement. lol

  6. Don’t forget folks, Kinzinger is backed by the Illinois Establishment Republicans, Edgar, Brady and LaHood.

    Kinzinger’s wife is a Pence Fan !

    Adam Kinzinger is planning on running for President or Vice President, with the establishment R’s behind him?

  7. “Kinzinger’s wife is a Pence Fan !”

    anotherwatcher, Kinzinger’s wife worked for Vice President Pence in staff position during the Trump presidency.

    “Whatever is happening there [Ohio], we need to study it.”

    Correcting, while I saw Congressman Anthony Gonzalez’s decision last week to not seek reelection to a 3rd term in the House, just goes to show you a former pro football player, and Ohio State football player, lacks toughness.

    As you and many others have been predicting, I do believe the Illinois Democrats will do the work for us and retire Kinzinger from the House, which will make Kinzinger run for U.S. Senate nomination next year.

    Two Illinois gadfly candidates, Casey Chlebek and Dr. Eric Wallace, have filed FEC paperwork to run for U.S. Senate next year in Illinois in the Republican primary.

    Will some of these guys ever learn.

  8. John Lopez

    I am grateful you picked up on “Kinzinger’s wife”, I have been watching too, looks like the establishment R’s are thinking a Pence/Kinzinger ticket for 2024?

    Now for the D’s, as my stomach turns sour, I am thinking a Pritzker/Milley2024 ticket.

    After all JB has more $’s then Trump and Mark A. Milley, has what they call, Military experience?

    Please, tell me I am wrong?

  9. Absolutely no way would Kinzinger be a Republican vp candidate. Every one of the 74 million plus who voted for Trump 1n 2020 remember well this goofball and traitor who sided with the Democrats in the ridiculous impeachment.

  10. bred winner, Kinzinger is Edgar’s Republican along with Pence.

    Edgar was proud to announce before the last election he and his fellow R’s, were voting for Biden !

    He also helped get JB elected and still councils him.


    Either way, EDGAR feels he will be the winner.

    Look into the possible ties he has with HRC, thru a High School Sweetheart.

  11. Cal, HRC is Hillary R. Clinton.

    During the early 90’s the N.O.W. President for the State of Illinois was just a phone call away.

    That would be the National Organization of Women.

  12. Anotherwatcher, doubtful Governor Pritzker would be in running for POTUS.

    Kamala Harris is their frontrunner after Biden in spite of Harris’ lack popularity plus her hideous cackle.

    After Harris and with ex NY Governor Andrew Cuomo gone, CA Governor Gavin Newsom’s big win beating the Recall puts him in future POTUS territory, and at 53, he has time to wait his turn behind Harris who turns 57 this fall.

    And Newsom, with Pelosi family relations and connections may not be as rich as Pritzker, has proven he can raise money.

    Newsom worked himself up from county government, to mayor of San Francisco to lieutenant governor to Governor, and beat a Recall and likely will win a 2nd term next year.

  13. Kamela Harris dropped out of the Democrat presidential primary race at the beginning. The ONLY reason she was picked by the Democrat Party and Biden’s handlers was to secure the African American vote. Don’t know who is more inept, incompetent and dumb. Kamela or Joe.

    If the Democrat Party wanted a woman on the presidential ticket in 2020, the only legitimate women who ran in the primaries were Amy Klobuchar and Cherokee Liz. Either one would have been a better vp and potential president for when Joe resigns, is judged incompetent and senile by Congress and is removed or is impeached somehow.

  14. Alabama brings up the cackle of Kamala —

    Consider. Kamala Harris does not take the illegal alien migrant crisis, created by the Biden regime, at the US/Mexico border seriously.

    On March 22, 2021 in Jacksonville FL at an airport, President Biden’s sidekick, Kamala Harris ,was asked if she would visit the southern border. The reporter asked her: “Do you plan to visit the border”? Kamala answered in a frivolous and unserious laughing way as follows: “Ah, um, not today heh, heh, heh heh ,heh! But, I have before and I am sure I will again.”

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