NRA Reaches Out to Minorities

John Lott has made a persuasive case for making it easy and cheap for low-income people to own guns.

Now comes the NRA with an ad that might send shivers down the backs of anti-gun types:


NRA Reaches Out to Minorities — 13 Comments

  1. Great “On Target” message to and in support of minorities concealed carrying a gun–a liberals worst nightmare.

    Organization, NRA, not so great an Organization anymore.

    While buying $5,000 suits to wear,taking expensive NRA paid vacations, the NRA President got outflanked by every anti gun lobby group ever, and now the NRA is on the run and in despair.

    But the message holds–minorities with guns to protect themselves means minorities than might also figure out they dont need Dems anymore for anything.

    A shame too what this State has done to Minorities and Concealed Carry—they make the fee, training and renewal costs just out of reach to make it easy for inner city minorities (where Concealed carry is needed the most) to afford.

    I asked State Senator Dan McConchie about this once at an On Target shooting Event in CL–he blew me off.

    Like since he has no to few minority voters in his District whats he care about high fees for minorities to legally protect themselves.

  2. Not relevant anymore. (NRA)

    Of course it’s reaching out to other constituencies. It’s losing its base.

  3. I’m a Life Member of the NRA, but they won’t see another dime from me until they get rid of Wayne LaPierre and all of his enablers.

    The legal challenges filed by the Second Amendment Foundation have done far more to advance the right to keep and bear arms than anything that the NRA has done in recent memory.

    We would not have the Heller Decision that established that gun ownership is an individual right unrelated to militia service if not for the SAF.

    The NRA actively tried to sabotage that case.

  4. Yeah, they stopped using boiling tar and feathers.


  5. Mellow monk are you the local Antifa puke Tauler?

    You kinda reek.

  6. How about the NRA stepping up and suing the STATE OF IL for breaking their own law and not supplying citizens Foid cards!!???

    a nice class action suit would help us along…

    we got lots of proof / back ground to give to them for evidence…

    where are they now?

  7. There already is a FOID suit.

    I think the Illinois State Rifle Association filed it.

  8. As a FORMER member of the NRA rip-off organization, Wayne is a supreme douche.

  9. If you are referring to Illinois v. Vivian Claudine Brown, the ISRA and the Second Amendment Foundation are both supporting the case.

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