Rabine Endorses Suit Against Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

From GOP candidate for the gubernatorial nomination Gary Rabine:

Gary Rabine: Biden’s vaccine mandate a war on working families, job creators

Gary Rabine

Woodstock, IL – The Job Creators Network (JCN) is preparing a lawsuit against the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate on companies with 100 or more employees, a move Gary Rabine, a JCN Board member, endorses.

Rabine is issuing the following statement on the JCN lawsuit against the Biden Administration.

“Biden’s Administration, the Administration that Pritzker & AOC support is off their rockers! Their main goal seems to be kill jobs, kill freedom, and tax more!

“As one of the founding board members of Job Creators Network, I endorse this lawsuit against Biden. We have been a strong voice against terrible regulations that kill jobs but this mandate by Biden might be the most aggressive, freedom crushing bill that we have ever seen.

“If we allow this, what freedom will we give up next?

“Our businesses at the Rabine Group have amazing people who are like family to us, and some will choose not to take this vaccine for their own personal reasons. 

“Some of these invaluable people will choose to leave the small businesses they call home to work for a smaller company that doesn’t fall under the mandate.

“Some of them will move to a state that fights for their freedom against a tyrannical federal government. How many more Illinoisans can we afford to chase out?  

“As Governor, I will fight for the freedom of my teammates and all employees in our state.

“I will fight against a Biden and Pritzker tyrannical government to maintain a state of Illinois that will honor freedom and create abundant opportunity.

I endorse Job Creators Network 100% and I call on all freedom loving business leaders to join me in protecting the freedom of employees and small business.”


Rabine Endorses Suit Against Biden’s Vaccine Mandate — 8 Comments

  1. As I’ve said before, if my 100 person company options are either fire Pete or hire another dozen employees to fill out vaccine compliance forms.

    See ya Pete.

  2. If it takes you 12 employees to fill out 100 forms, you’re probably doing it wrong.

  3. Yea Biden should just call it The ‘Small’ Business Creation Act of 2021.

  4. On second thought, our ‘blog’ company has 101 employees.

    Intercom: “would Alabamashake and BecauseScience report to D J’s office”.

    D J. “I’ve decided to just fire you both, to get to 99, so I don’t have to deal with any of this idiotic Democrat policy bull crap.”

  5. Oath keeper: That’s what Tirios love to do.

    They back AL Zielinski down here.

    The awful township assessor in Grafton.

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