LITH Police Offers Women’s Safety Course, Even to Non-Residents

From the Lake in the Hills Police:

The Women’s Safety Series Program is back at the Lake in the Hills Police Department

Lake in the Hills, IL – The Lake in the Hills Police Department is excited to announce the return of the
Women’s Safety Series program.

Started in 2014 by several officers with a passion to help their community, the police department continues again with this great program.

For three weeks during the FREE intensive program, instructors and guest speakers will address many of the concerns, threats and challenges that women face in today’s environment.

Topics include defensive tactics, social media safety, domestic and dating violence, sexual assault and stalking, social/personal safety, suicide prevention and more.

The Lake in the Hills Police Department welcomes women 17+ years of age; non-residents are also welcome
to attend.

Pre-registration for this course is required and space is limited.

This three-week long program is from 6:00pm – 9:00pm and occurs Wednesday October 6, Wednesday Oct 13, and concludes Wednesday Oct 20th.

All sessions will be instructed at the Irv Floress Safety Education Center, 1109 Crystal Lake Rd.

To register for the Women’s Safety Series, visit:

and click the ‘Register Online’ button.

First time users registering for a program at the Village of Lake in the Hills will be prompted to create an account with the Village’s ‘CommunityPass’ program.

Participants may also register by printing the fillable PDF registration form found at the above link.

Please submit the completed form by email to or by mail or in person the Lake in the Hills Police Department to 1115 Crystal Lake Road, Lake in the Hills, IL 60156.

Please note registrations are not accepted via phone.

Deadline to register is Friday, October 1, 2021.

For further information or questions, please contact Officer Amanda Schmitt, the Lake in the Hills Police
Department Public Information Officer, at 847-658-5676.


LITH Police Offers Women’s Safety Course, Even to Non-Residents — 15 Comments

  1. Ladies will be able to master a series of strikes and kicks in three weeks, at which time they will be able to open a dojo next to a nail salon.

  2. Sensitive Material are things you don’t want to discuss with your mother present. 😬. Or your baby sister.

    17+ is 17 and up. Seventeen year olds are pretty much sexually emancipated.


  3. this must be for Democrat women and democrat girly guys

    Republicans know how to take care of business

  4. Mellow monk should know about the age of consent. He visits lots of parks.

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  6. Sounds like most of the posters on here are afraid of one thing that might happen if women take this course.

    That their “woman” might be able to defend themselves and kick their “mans” ass when he gets out of line.

  7. Good topics, timely ones too.

    Amazing other towns Police arent offering the same to their residents.

    A lot of towns have Community Police Groups but they turn the grads into become nothing more than Traffic Cones at large events.

    They almost seem scared to get Residents involved in actually helping prevent, or report criminal activity.

    Whats up with that?

    Other States towns have Citizen Patrols and Ride Alongs with Cops in their neighborhoods.

    Chiefs and Mayors around here or afraid of it.

  8. Huh, why the uptick in criminality?

    Could it possibly have anything to do with BLM?

    Section 8?

    BS police depts?

  9. Mr. Or Ms. “Ass” : are you a transvestite? You seem to focus on buttocks. I’m trying to figure out why,

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