McConchie on ComEd Bailout

From State Senator Dan McConchie:

Energy overhaul…or bailout? 

The Democratic majority passed a controversial comprehensive energy package Monday that includes the largest ratepayer increase in Illinois history.

The legislation provides Exelon’s second bail out in five years with $700 million with an estimated $14 billion in ratepayer increases.

Keeping the nuclear plant near Morris open will increase ComEd electric bills,

Additionally, it allows private for-profit companies to take private property from Illinois citizens on a broader scale without due process and allows state facilities to have their own coal plants while forcing private companies to shut theirs down. 

There are some positives in the legislation, however. It will keep our nuclear fleets online and protect thousands of jobs throughout the state.

We hope to continue to negotiate improvements on the legislation in the coming session in the hopes that we can reduce the financial strain on Illinois families. 


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  1. Cal – Unrelated to this story.

    Mentioned this a few times before. Sometimes, when accessing your blog website, it comes up in very small letter font. Also, most of the pictures for stories are missing. Just empty boxes. Also, impossible to post a a comment. If you try to post a comment and hit the “Post Comment” button, a message comes back with a warning and denies the post. I am writing this while your blog site came up with “regular” size font and stories all have their pictures.

  2. bred – retired IT guy.

    You are blocking java script.

    When I use Mozilla it is all messed up because I block all trackers, ads, scripts etc.

    I just use another browser without all my blockers on it and it is normal.

    Try clearing your History including cookies in your browser.

    I bet that solves your issue.

    If you are running blockers grant the site access..

    Back on topic now.

    We have to get these machines out of the voting process otherwise Pritzker is just going to continue to rule like a little tyrant and all the crooks will remain in Springfield.

    Both sides are crooked by the way.

  3. If Republicans were the majority, what would kind of bill would Messers McConchie and Plummer preferred? 🤔😮

  4. Eddie, You are right only insofar as the GOP are selfish, spineless pigs.

    McConchie is their go to idiot.

    He couldn’t figure out how to get dressed.

  5. McConchie is the perfect GOP surrender monkey. “Please Don’t hurt Me. I’m disabled.”

  6. Oh yeah, he’s a big laugh all right.

    Oathkeeper, quit putting your faith in yards.

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    Somehow though this mass shooting is the fault of white gun owners. Right?

    If it were illegal for blacks to own firearms, would there be any gun violence in America?

  9. All so Jumbo Dumbo can make $$ for his pockets and obydumb regime of solar power…that they are in vested in…

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