Rabine Makes Pitch Based on Dems’ Hiking of Electric Rates

From GOP gubernatorial aspirant Gary Rabine:

Lights Out in Illinois

The Illinois Senate met this week to take up the energy legislation. This energy bill represents everything that is wrong in Illinois. Once again, the special interests and political insiders win big while the rest of us are left holding the bag.  

From Chicago Tribune.

The bill raises electric rates to unprecedented levels. It also makes energy less reliable by forcing Peaker plants and other power plants to close.

There is a real chance that we will see rolling blackouts on hot summer days and cold winter days in the near future thanks to this bill.  

It also gives private companies the right to use eminent domain to take private property.

The residents of this state are the very last consideration in this bill, but we should not really expect anything less from the ruling class. 

We need a change in leadership.

We need a leader who will stand up for the people against the ruling class. I am the outsider Illinois needs.

But I need your help to be our party’s nominee against JB Pritzker.  

Will you stand with me?   

Log onto https://rabineforgovernor.nationbuilder.com/volunteer today and learn how. 


Rabine Makes Pitch Based on Dems’ Hiking of Electric Rates — 19 Comments

  1. I can’t repeat it enough.

    Until these Diebold created chat machines that have morphed into ES&S and Dominion are banned and we clean up the voter rolls I think Gary doesn’t have a chance even though he will get me vote.

    Watch both sides of the corrupt aisle pull out an independent to siphon off his votes in the cheat.

  2. JT is 1000% Correct.

    Until we true relative ballot security, all the rest is distractive and BS.

  3. If he was the current governor, what kind of energy bill would Mr. Rabine have supported? 🤔😦

  4. Rabine has funny comments about the Afghans being forced on the americans by the illegitimate Xiden regime .

    Settle the Afghan polygamists in Utah.

    Settle the old Afghan goats married to 13 year old child brides in The rustbelt inner cities.

    Settle Afghans addicted to bacha bazi and pederasty in West Hollywood and SF.

    The Afghan death squad quislings should be relocated to Washington DC, Reston VA, Langley VA.

  5. Terminator, be very careful!

    You’ll be added to ‘a list’ by Johnsburg Mayor Hetterman, McHenry Township Clerk Victor-Victoria Aylward, Sheriff Prim and Antifa rising star Tauler for having ‘Extremist Views”

    Watch out for the new Gaystapo!

  6. Eddie,

    Your biggest concern is a parade and energy?

    How about someone that understands

    Just SMH at people in this state.

    How about all of the illegals entering our welcoming state while I pay a lease (sorry property taxes) to live here to support them and the other lazy people on the dole.

    How can people be this obtuse in this state?

  7. Puke, so sad you’re on only one Christmas card list.


  8. JT, you may have the accounting. I’m interested 8n energy. 😁🙃

  9. Your response makes no sense there Ed. Make a point.

    From Ed’s post >>>> “If he was the current governor, what kind of energy bill would Mr. Rabine have supported?”

    Give me your solution instead of typical…….

  10. JT, Rabine is running for governor, not me. It’s up to him to make a point with a solution. 🤔😁🔔

  11. Just call it like it is, pigs at the trough again!… when all they know are kahn rules this is how they play…

  12. Did Rabine really say that Velors?

    If so, he gets my meaningless vote.

    Stop the Tirios!

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