GOP Charges $500 for Two-Minute Speech to Committeepersons

Saturday nifght, the McHenry County Republican Party held an appreciation dinner in Marengo for its Precincr Committeepersons.

Not being one anymore, I was not in attendance, but was told that candidates were allowed to give a two minute speech if they contributed $500 to the cost of the dinner.

Three did so.

State Rep. Marty McLaughlin was one who contributed $500, bu,t did npot attend.

Both candidates for the Republican nomination for Sheriff did so.

Tony Colatorti spoke himself, while Robb Tadelman had Heather Kroenke, the head of his campaign committee, as a subsitute while he was elsewhere.

She said,

“I do just want to let you know Robb was sorry he couldn’t be here. He’s not here tonight because he’s volunteering at the Bunker Hill Charity for their concert which he’s done for many years where he does private security out there.

“Robb has been at the sheriff’s office for 17 consecutive years—full-time, nonstop, not as a part-time job or side gig but full time with the sheriff’s office.

“I asked him to give me a couple of bullet points, but his list was too long.

“He’s worked in the sheriff’s office and in a lot of important roles—detective, he’s worked in the task force for the internet crimes against children, he’s SWAT certified, he’s sniper certified, which is impressive to me.

“He’s got a lot of backing; he does have the endorsement of Sheriff Prim.

“Thank you all for your service, he really appreciates it.

“If did have questions or comments since he wasn’t here tonight, he did ask that I leave business cards for you so you can ask him questions.

“He’d be happy to reach out and talk to any one of you.

“Thank you again for all of your service.”

= = = = =

It is not new for the McHenry County Party to pry money from candidates’ coffers, but it usually before General Elections to finance mailings or newspaper ads.

I remember one year when Chairman Al Jourdan wanted $500. I told him I didn’t have it and he said he would raise it for me. He got it from Newt Gingrich’s GOPac and I wrote a $500 check to the Central Committee,

Judicial candidates and congressional candidates in times past also popped for means for Precinct Committemen.””


GOP Charges $500 for Two-Minute Speech to Committeepersons — 8 Comments

  1. Wait until the candidates see how little work most of the PC’s will actually do for them later.

  2. A complete waste of money!

    Make sure the libtard Tadelboy actually pays up.

    Make sure he doesn’t pay with an Israel bond!

  3. Professional business experience like running a business, budgeting and leadership weighs more than being “sniper” and “swat” certified in regards to a Sheriff position.

    Do we see the Sheriff out on the streets making arrests and serving high risk warrants?



    Because the Sheriff needs to ensure that the Sheriff Office is running smoothly in regards to morale, the budget and overall leadership.

    Colatorti has a law enforcement background and is a proven businessman.

    He has run and maintained one of the more popular restaurants in McHenry County during a recession and a pandemic.

    Tadelmans business experience?


    He has been groomed by the present Sheriff to takeover and continue the mismanagement.

    Tadleman is not a businessman and knows nothing of running a successful business.

    Plus, I know that police courses such as “sniper” and “swat” teach the candidate zero in regards to leadership and managing a business.

    Tadelman is the candidate that is lacking true real world experience in regards to being the Sheriff.

    Remember that not only is the Sheriff office a law enforcement agency, it’s also a business.

    And that business’ payroll is our tax dollars.

    I want my tax dollars spent wisely, not flushed down the toilet due to rookie management mistakes.

  4. Cal: Please correct the record – State Rep Marty McLaughlin, although he did make a donation of $500 to the McHenry County Republican Party, did not attend nor speak at the event! Thank you!

  5. What was attendance? I bet not even 15%

    GOP offers nothing, does nothing and stands for nothing.

    My precinct captain was (is?) Phil Prossnitz.

    He told me he was a precinct cpt. primarily to ‘become a judge.’

    He said he was a ‘Romney Man’ and then I lit into him for being a swamp creature.

    He looked at me like he had absolutely no idea what I was talking about.

    I ripped up the literature he gave me and did this in front of him.

    -Had some kinda list with him and said ‘But You always vote Republican.’

    I told him he wasn’t a Republican at all, just another leech.

  6. Robb Tadelman
    15h ·
    It was a great couple of days at the @Illinoissheriffsassociation Training Conference where I had the pleasure of working and learning with the great Sheriffs from around the state.

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