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From Jeff Berkowitz:

And, a press release from Sullivan:


September 14, 2021

Lots of claims have been made about Jesse Sullivan since he entered the race for Governor. People are right to be skeptical – they’ve been deceived by politicians for too long. So, here are the facts:

  • Jesse Sullivan is from Illinois. He was born May 5, 1984 at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, Illinois.
  • Sully has lived full-time in Petersburg, Illinois since June of 2016.
  • Sully did once live in California… for two years of business school, and less than a year longer while his wife finished up the academic year teaching at a local high school.
  • Sully bought farmland with a plot for his future house in 2012 because he always planned to raise his kids in his hometown.
  • Sully didn’t move back to run for governor, he moved back in 2016 because his father was diagnosed with cancer. Sully has always prioritized Faith, Family, and Service.
  • Sully established a for-profit entity, Alter Global LLC, to invest seed money into early-stage start-ups. Alter Global LLC is based in Illinois. It is registered in Delaware, like most all LLCs, as well as Illinois. It has never been registered in CA.
  • Sully previously started a nonprofit, Alter Global, while living in California in 2015, before he started doing for-profit investing. He registered the nonprofit in Illinois as well when he got home.

Sully is no outsider to Illinois and its values, but he is an outsider to its corrupt politics. We know attacks will keep coming. We’ll keep being honest and transparent. We hope all who aspire to public office will do the same.


Jesse Sullivan Interviews — 4 Comments

  1. I stopped reading at lived in CALI, No thank YOU…! I see Rino here…

  2. There’s a part two that is more about social issues.

    I was disappointed the sanctuary state thing didn’t come up in the first part, but I haven’t watched the second part to see if it comes up there either.

    Honestly, the pension thing is lame.

    That doesn’t motivate people only gay nerds get excited about that stuff.

    I know it’s a big deal but it doesn’t motivate people it makes them fall asleep.

    Trump won talking about building a wall

    Bush won cuz people wanted to “have a beer with him”

    I think a lot of these policy wonks don’t really understand the nature of politics but I digress…

    Video of Sharpton being heckled in Texas over Haitian “refugee” situation (2 minutes and 33 seconds)

    Part two of interview with Sullivan (21 minutes and 32 seconds)

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