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  1. McHenry Township and McHenry Township Road District facilities have been annexed into the Village of Johnsburg.

    Three overlapping units of government, a waste of local tax dollars.

    The water tower is about stone’s throw from the township property.

  2. Bob, come on you are misleading people again qith that comment.

    Township functions are not perform by the Road district or Village.

    Road District functions existed before the newer Village was formed, and only the street/road maintenance is a similar function.

    Village residents pay extra for better police protection, and for water and sewer, and even that is a extra charge.

    Misleading people is so CNN and MSNBC of you Bob.

  3. I see a giant storage container for toxic poisoning of the people’s water. Next up, they will sell out space for all the “new” antennae just like Crystal Lake did. Double your poisoning.

  4. Yep, that’s how it is when you envision yourself as a inmate of Prison Planet.

    Or maybe it’s flat earth prison snow globe.

  5. Shovel that fluoride into the water vats.

    Become docile sheep with a variety of diseases and disorders.

    That’s the game plan.

  6. Per WIKI:

    Johnsburg got its name from the St John Catholic Church built there in 1842 by immigrants from Germany.

    “In 1990 a group of citizens, who lived in this part of unincorporated McHenry County area known for over 100 years as “Johnsburg,” feared they would be swallowed or surrounded by municipalities which would provide them little or fractured input in their government. The answer to their problems was found in a neighboring village that shared the same library, schools, fire protection district and township. This small village was incorporated as the Village of Sunnyside in 1956 as a small subdivision on shore of the Fox River. It was the perfect candidate to merge with yet the “Johnsburgers” feared losing their identity. A gentlemen’s agreement between municipal and Johnsburg leaders was struck that allowed Sunnyside to annex the surrounding area, thereby tripling its size, but change the name of the new area to Johnsburg after the annexation was complete. Sunnyside annexed the surrounding land in 1992. Sunnyside Village Board set out to fulfill their informal promises to Johnsburg residents and the new municipality was legally renamed to Johnsburg.”

  7. If you shower or bathe with the water in those water towers – wouldn’t you would be taking in those toxins through your skin and hair???

  8. Yes, Dianne! That is why it is criminal what they are doing to the people.

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