Advisory Referendum on Racall Sought

From Illinois Opportunity:

Rep. Batinick, Sen. Barickman and The Illinois Opportunity Project Launch Statewide Initiative to Empower Voters with Ability to Recall Politicians

Chicago, IL- Yesterday, Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield), Senator Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington), and the Illinois Opportunity Project announced their statewide grassroots campaign to place an Advisory Question of Public Policy on the November 2022 ballot asking voters if they want the power to recall their elected officials.  

“Voters should have the ability to hire and fire their elected officials,” said Rep. Batinick. “Illinois’ culture of corruption has gone on for far too long, and the people of Illinois have lost faith in their government. That begins to change today.” 

Illinois Democrats have ignored calls to increase accountability and empower voters. Last year, Sen. Barickman and Rep. Batinick introduced legislation to give voters the right to recall elected officials who have broken the public’s trust.

The General Assembly has refused to discuss their legislation; even while a Democratic member of the State Senate is currently under indictment for crimes related to his office. This advisory referendum movement will educate voters on the culture of corruption and the solutions. It will also build political pressure to encourage the General Assembly to end this culture of corruption and give voters the right to recall certain elected officials.

“Single party rule has concentrated power with the political elite and taken away Illinois citizens’ voices in their state government,” said Sen. Barickman. “Giving voters the ability to recall a failing elected official will empower the people and help restore faith and trust in their government.”

The proposed Advisory Question asks, “Shall Illinois voters be given the power to recall their elected officials?” Petitions for advisory questions of public policy require signatures equivalent to eight percent of the total votes cast for candidates for Governor in the preceding gubernatorial election, or roughly 363,000 signatures to be placed on the ballot. These signatures must be submitted six months prior to the election. 

“Today, the political establishment, special-interests, and lobbyists have too much power,”  explained Mark Cavers, President of the Illinois Opportunity Project. “We are all feeling the consequences. There is a statewide movement of people who want to improve the quality of life in Illinois by returning power to the people. We have faith in average Illinoisans and that if we empower them with the right accountability tools, they will reform their government and save our state.”

“Illinois should be the land of opportunity and prosperity where families can pursue the American dream. To make that a reality, we must have an honest and efficient government that is responsive to the people’s will.”

Corruption costs Illinois taxpayers $556 million per year. This referendum will empower voters with the opportunity to hold politicians accountable before their next election. The petition can be viewed and downloaded at


Advisory Referendum on Racall Sought — 6 Comments

  1. I would vote Yes to the Advisory Question to recall any politician.

    Unfortunately votes in IL don’t count as long as we have these Diebold created cheat machines rebranded as ES&S and Dominion to nullify our votes.

    Also if this did pass and get put on the ballot, I would not vote for it if it required us to open the constitution of IL to accomplish it.

    Speaking of votes, tune into and enjoy the show that starts at 3:00 CST Friday if you want to see how they cheated the Maricopa County election in 2020.

    he results of the forensic audit are in and being put out in a Senate live stream meeting.

    There are also issues in WI, PA, MI and GA.

    I’m wondering what the media false flag will be to cover up the results of the forensic audit.

  2. Politicians are always running for office, and those with two year terms never take a break from it in any sense.

    We do not need to add to the election frenzy, the cost, and the nonsense attacks on the integrity of elections.

    These recall advocates will file recall petitions against everyone they do not like as soon as they are sworn in.

  3. The state would just ignore it even if it did pass.

    This is something you’d need an amendment for.

    The legislature wouldn’t do that so it would have to be done by the people.

    Why not go for a CA in 2022?

    Or can they not do that because Pritzker already got the goofy collective bargaining thing on?

    I think there is a limit on how many CAs can go on a ballot but not sure if that number applies if some originate with the legislature and others originate through citizens.

    Or is it a limit on how many articles the amendment can affect, not the number of amendments?? Maybe someone else knows the answers.

    Couldn’t you get one on the ballot if you submitted it to the SoS office at least 6 months before the election?

    That would be early May.

    Or do they think there isn’t enough time?

    Wouldn’t an advisory question and a CA require the same amount of signatures anyway?

    Don’t they (amendment and advisory question) have the same due date?

    So why not just go for the CA instead of a worthless advisory question?

    Wouldn’t you have to narrowly tailor this so that it weren’t affecting too many offices (which are separate articles) otherwise the Supreme Court would strike it down (and they might strike it down anyway cuz judges are just partisan hacks in robes)?

    Not an advisory question.

    I assume any stupid question could be asked on an advisory question, and that’s the path the GOP is pursuing so you have to ask why that is, and I’m trying to figure that out with these questions!

    Is it because they are too stupid to write a question that could pass the constitutional and court sniff test?

    I hope some wonk will answer these questions.

    My hunch is this advisory question is more of a political tactic itself than something they’re very serious about because

    1) in getting signatures they will make contact with people and

    2) if they were to get enough signatures it could excite more people to come to the polls.

    3) Why not just go for an amendment? 

  4. Correcting – our constitution is very limited in what it allows for citizen petition constitutional amendments. They can only impact “structural and and procedural” issues in article IV of the Constitution. This (recall) would not fit in that limit.

    So the only way this would be possible would be through the legislature.

    Also, there’s a limit of 3 constitutional amendments that can go on a ballot that go through the legislature.

  5. And sorry – I missed a few words.

    It can only impact structural and procedural issues IMPACTING THE LEGISLATURE.

    This recall effort goes well beyond that.

  6. Lacking ballot security, this measure is pointless as anybody in CA can
    tell you.

    Just more grandstanding by RINO feebs.

    Alabama go toCuba.

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