IL-14: James Marter Calls for Lauren Underwood to Follow Example of Ted Deutch Condemning Radical Leftist Labeling Israel “Apartheid Israel”

James Marter
Lauren Underwood

From James Marter’s Congressional Campaign:

James Marter Calls on Lauren Underwood to Condemn Congresswoman Tlaib for Anti-Semitism

Oswego, IL (September 24, 2021) – Congressional Candidate, James Marter called on Congresswoman Lauren Underwood today to join her fellow Democrat colleague, Congressman Ted Deutch of Florida (FL-22), to condemn Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s (D, MI-13) anti-Semitic activity.

Yesterday (Thursday, Sept 23), Congresswoman Tlaib took to the House floor and made anti-Semitic comments after the passage of the legislation to fund the Iron Dome.

“I cannot allow one of my colleagues to stand on the floor of the House of Representatives and label the Jewish democratic state of Israel an apartheid state. I reject it. We can have an opportunity to debate lots of issues on the House floor, but to falsely characterize the state of Israel as consistent with those, let’s be clear, it’s consistent with those who advocate for the dismantling of the one Jewish state in the world and when there is no place on the map for one Jewish state, that’s anti-Semitism. And I reject that.”

Congressman Theodore “Ted” Deutch (D, FL-22) House floor speech 9/23/21


James Marter said:

“I call on Representative Underwood to condemn Congresswoman Tlaib’s actions which go beyond hate speech to what I call hate policy, towards America’s ally Israel. I condemn it outright.”


For full context, video of the House floor speeches of both Tlaib and Deutch are below. The issue to be voted was a Fiscal Year 2021 supplemental appropriations to fund the Iron Dome Israeli defense system:

Deutch’s response:

The supplemental appropriations passed with overwhelming bipartisan support in a 420-9-2 vote. It is noted “Squad” leader Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who originally supported stripping Iron Dome funding earlier, voted “Present”:

Source: California Target Book

Should be noted, two Illinois Democrats voted against the Iron Dome supplemental appropriations:

  • Congressman Jesus “Chuy” Garcia (IL-04)
  • Congresswoman Marie Newman (IL-03)


IL-14: James Marter Calls for Lauren Underwood to Follow Example of Ted Deutch Condemning Radical Leftist Labeling Israel “Apartheid Israel” — 15 Comments

  1. The Democrat Party is loaded with anti-American leftists, socialists, and outright communists. Their goal is the destruction of America WHICH is evident by the actions, decisions by their buffoon, s
    chump, plagiarist, liar, racist, senile, idiot, racist, jagoff so-called president.

  2. I voted for Marter every time in every primary.

    Never again.

    Trying to curry favor with the Zionists, Marter won’t call Underpuppy out on her anti-White CRT crap or her open border nation wrecking policies, but he deplores her because she won’t bow to the America’s real overlords.

  3. Look at how the Washington swamp whores voted show who runs things in Weimar America.

  4. Is Perpetual Loser Marter now running against Fake Nurse?

    He’s a candidate always in search of a race to lose.

  5. Why is ok for jews to exclude Arabs (even Christian ones) and blacks, but not ok for whites?

  6. Co’tex, more than 20% of Israel citizens ARE Arab, Christian OR otherwise.

    It’s OK for Israel to exclude Arabs who are NOT citizens, isn’t it?

    Just like we exclude Latinos that are not U.S. citizens, right?



  7. No doubt Epstein’s videos of prominent, wealthy, U.S. politicians, news media types, academics, bidnessmen and oligarchs are on file in Israel.

    If the notorious scumbags in Congress were to actually vote the right way and cut off foreign aid no doubt accidental releases of selective videos would show up in the public domain immediately.

    Prosecution for sex crimes would follow quickly and the message would be received, loud and clear: don’t fuck with “Our Greatest Ally”.

  8. John, what specifically did you find to be “anti-Semitic” in Tlaib’s speech? Readers should click on the YouTube link and watch the video. It is only 92 seconds. It didn’t sound anti-Semitic. She said she doesn’t want to give Israel a billion U.S. taxpayer dollars because they commit war crimes and are an apartheid state. That isn’t fringe kooky stuff. In terms of war crimes, the ICC is investigating Israel and the U.N. condemned them 17 times last year. If you read the definition of an apartheid state (which I encourage people to do), how does Israel not fit that description? Now you may not agree with those assertions, but they aren’t relegated to depths of the foul internet, and how exactly are they anti-Semitic? She’s making claims about the government of Israel, not condemning all Jews. There are liberal Jews as well as Orthodox Jews who criticize Israel’s government. Are they anti-Semitic?

    I probably agree with Tlaib’s comments, and even if they were not true I would still support her NO vote with the Squad (minus the puppet AOC). My reasoning would be more along the lines of Massie’s. We shouldn’t be giving money to any foreign nation! She doesn’t need ANY reason to say no to them or anybody, although she does have reasons and they hardly sound fringe or hateful.

    I suspect Tlaib and the Squad probably are anti-Semitic. They aren’t about civil rights, neutrality, or fiscal conservatism. I think for them it’s another example of the “Progressive Stack.” They believe in Brown Muslim supremacy. They see it as part of “colonialism” and if it’s being done by a lighter skinned person, it’s bad. It’s all about racial revenge. They want Latin America to be ruled by Afro and Indigenous Pagans and they want Europe ruled by non-white, non-heterosexual, non-Christians. They don’t believe in equality, they want genocide of certain people. That’s just my hunch based on my understanding of cultural Marxism. Still, I agree with her voting no and there was nothing in that speech that was explicitly anti-Semitic in my opinion. She may be motivated internally by bad reasons and didn’t say those parts out loud, but she was right to vote no, and to be honest being right on important policy is more important to me than me reading your mind to figure out you came to that conclusion for the right reasons. It looks like most people on this blog feel that way too.

    On to Marter and Underwood: What is this guy babbling about? Why does Underwood need to condemn the statements of other people in the House? She isn’t responsible for every person’s opinion, and, again, there was nothing anti-Semitic in those comments for Marter to cry about. I’m not surprised he is kvetching. If you’re reading this and you are surprised, you need to realize that these Religious Right figures usually are the *biggest* supporters of Israel, so this shouldn’t surprise you one bit. Get used to it. You WILL be disappointed. (If you hear a politician talking about “Judeo-Christian values” that’s a dead giveaway they will do whatever Israel tells them to do.)

    I was disappointed in Mary Miller. She’s new and by far the most Trumpian type of Republican representing Illinois. It could have gone either way with her; not totally surprised she voted yes but disappointed. Well look at Trump himself and matters relating to Israel. There is definitely a disconnect with his base. I’m not talking about old boomer Fox News consuming neocons but paleocons, nationalists, populists, traditionalists, and right-libertarians who were the energy behind his movement, but I digress. Back to Underwood and Marter.

    UNDERWOOD VOTED FOR IT! Underwood voted yes, Marter, apparently the same way as you would have and as the overwhelming majority of members from both parties did! She’s not sufficiently anti-anti-Semitic for Marter, even though she voted the same way as almost all the Republicans and all the Democrats, which was to give a billion dollars to Israel, because she won’t condemn Tlaib’s speech for (fake) anti-Semitism that Marter perceived? How much phony virtue signalling do you need? Cry me a river, Marter. She rolls with Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. If you think Underwood is part of the fringe left, you’re mistaken.

    What if someone called on you, Marter, to condemn MTG and Paul Gosar for saying they admire Anglo-Saxon traditions because some kooky leftist thought that was a white supremacist dog whistle? You shouldn’t have to because I don’t believe YOU are responsible for what every other Republican thinks, and there was nothing wrong with what Gosar said in the first place, just like there was nothing wrong with what Tlaib said!

    Now back to the roll call: Almost ALL of them voted yes. Look at that roll call! 420-9-2. Over 99 percent of Republicans and about 95 percent of Democrats voted YES. When do you EVER see that kind of bipartisanship in the House? But when Israel needs money there’s plenty of bipartisanship! Ask yourself why. I would be willing to bet that if you polled VOTERS, that a majority of people from both parties would OPPOSE this, and yet look at the roll call. Ask yourself why. One commenter has already suggested a plausible idea.

    Not sure if that covers all my thoughts. If I remember something, I’ll circle back. The last thing for now is that obviously bred winner has no idea what leftism, socialism, or communism mean. Those people for the most part opposed this bill, while about 95 percent of Democratic lawmakers voted for it, so while bred winner is correct that Democrats do things that are bad for Americans, this particular vote is not proof that Democrats are leftists. A leftist would look at it and say it is proof that Democrats are NOT left-wing at all! AOC is currently being dragged by the left for not voting no, but only 8 Democrats out of like 222 voted no. So leftists aren’t happy with the Democratic Party (and this is not the only issue where that is true). Democrats and Republicans almost all voted to do the opposite of what the left wants. bred winner watches too much Fox News and wouldn’t know the difference between a communist and a sea urchin.

  9. Correcting is surprising prescient and astute.

    I concur with him.

    Is Marter trying to get his hands on jewish contributions from the various jewish moneybags on America’s leftcoasts?

    Marter is probably a fraud. If he’s not, he’s certainly cowardly or very naive.

    And that is why I have been boycotting Hollyweird for more than fifteen years for it has proven to be a purely Jewish setup of the not so desirable kind.

    I am more convinced than ever that Hollyweird is part and parcel of the deep state that serves its purpose by constantly hammering the public with subliminal messages for public support of crooked Zionist dominated policies or no less crooked social engineering that portrays the goodness of globohomo or miscegenation or perpetual jewish victimhood or White tyranny…

    To call for a public boycott of Hollyweird is necessary but pretty much futile for the young generation is so enmeshed in the globalist net starting from the Department of Education all the way to the world of entertainment that makes the collective brainwashing of the young ironclad.

    As the American living standard tanks, the materialistic pagan brats of our age will rightly point fingers at the true source of their dispossession and dark future….. and Weimar America is finished.

    We saw a perfect example of this grasping rapine locally with our Dear Leader Jack Franks who is a disgusting, degenerate hybrid of Weinstein and Madoff.

    And that’s another reason to really vet Jacko’s good buddy Robb Tadelman, currently running for Sheriff.

  10. In addition to the blackmail aspect, look into how Raytheon and Rafael are working together to manufacture equipment for Iron Dome. This money goes from U.S. taxpayers to defense contractors who lobby politicians to get your money. But the blackmail aspect is more insidious because it involves (often illegal) sexual acts. Can someone explain to me how Israel is our greatest ally when they sell our military tech secrets to China, sell spyware to countries to use against whistleblowers, and fund rebel groups that destabilize the Middle East which causes more terrorism and refugees?

  11. Since Marter was brought up, it appears Jack Lombardi was silent about U.S. funding for Israel’s Iron Dome (I didn’t see any mentions of it on Twitter) and Catalina Lauf also supports it like Marter, Kinzinger, Underwood, Casten, and just about everybody in congress. 11 of the 13 Democrats in Illinois voted yes and 5 of the 5 Republicans voted yes. I looked at Lauf and Lombardi because I wanted to see where Marter and Kinzinger’s primary challengers stood on the issue. I didn’t bother with the obscure candidates and can’t even remember their names at the moment.
    Third quarter fundraising numbers are due when? The 15th of October? The quarter should end at the end of this month which is in a few days.

    The Senate is expected to take this issue up in the near future.
    Worth noting that three months ago the price tag was 500 million, now it’s a billion.
    Not sure if they passed the 500 million and now they are going to do another billion, or if they never took the old bill up and this billion is the revised number. I know there were a lot of rockets shot at Israel this summer.

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