McHenry County Board Chairman Mike Buehler Has Endorsed No One in the Sheriff’s Race

I screwed up in my article about Robb Tadelman’s fundraiser when I wrote that McHenry County Board Chairman Mike Buehler is endorsing Tadelman.

Buehler told me he is endorsing neither candidate.

Buehlet attended both Tony Colatorti’s fund raiser and Tadelman’s.

Here is Buehler standing next to Colatorti at this fund raiser:

Glenn Swanson, Orville Brettman, Tony Colatorti, Mike Buehler and Joe Tirio.

Here is the photo from Tadelman’s fundraiser:

Robb Tadelman and Mimke Buehler

In an email, Buehler wrote:

“I have not, and will not be endorsing Sheriff’s candidates prior to the Primary election.

“I have, and will continue to  attend events of both candidates in order to gain knowledge of their positions.”


McHenry County Board Chairman Mike Buehler Has Endorsed No One in the Sheriff’s Race — 12 Comments

  1. Unsurprising. Buehler has never struck me as a principled politician. I guess “keeping your job” is a principle, and there’s no sense in risking it by endorsing the loser of a coin-flip race.

  2. Robb ‘Brownose’ Tadelman is your classic New York ‘know it all’ who advanced — not because of skill, competence or decency, but because of who he knew and who he had things on.

    Always looking for an angle.

    He could give a two year course on styles of deception.

    Something is not right about him.

    He’s a BLM cop if you know what I mean.

  3. I’m feeling as though a third Republican candidate may emerge. Just a hunch…

  4. Amphenol, what if I told you Illinois is the ground zero, for access-peddling grifter garbage pols.

  5. Buehler reminds me of that French prefect of police in the movie’Casablanca’.

  6. If I could cast myself in Casablanca, I’d be Sydney Greenstreet’s Signor Ferrari.

    Swatting flies at my bar, while scheming my next swindle.

  7. Buehler needs to watch where he puts his right hand when he poses for these pictures.

    The picture with Mr Colatorti looks really creepy.

  8. OMG I wont endorse Tadleman but I’ll play grab ass with him….puke and gag

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