Correction Article: Sheriff Hopeful Robb Tadelman Holds Algonquin Fundraiser

As you can see from the logo behind Robb and Kelly Tadelman, the fundraiser was held at Algonquin’s Scorched Earth

Kelly and Robb Tsdelman

McHenry County Board Chairman Mike Buehler, who has endorsed Tadelman.

= = = = =

The above sentence is incorrect. Buehler told me he is endorsing neither candidate.

= = = = =

Robb Tadelman and Mmike Buehler

Algonquin Township Clerk Maureen Huff and the head of Tadelman’s campaign committee Heather Kroenke were there.

Maureen Huff and Heather Kroenke.

Marengo Police Chief Nathan Hayes Marengo Police Chief spoke to the crowd.

Marengo Police Chief Nathan Hayes.

Among others, Tadelman’s mother Dale was in attendance.

Robb and Dale Tadelman.


Correction Article: Sheriff Hopeful Robb Tadelman Holds Algonquin Fundraiser — 17 Comments

  1. Buehler, our absentee County Board Chair and Head RINO will pay a political price for endorsing a swamp creature like Tadelman.

    We’ll be right back to the Nygren fixers and crooks if Tadelman gets in.

    Tadelman is no conservative……. far from it!

  2. Did he bring his opponent’s ex wife and her current husband, who was arrested and convicted of breaking into Colatorti’s house and threatening to harm him, to his event again??

    The same couple (ex wife and current husband) who has had numerous documented drunken domestics where they lied to the police, hid from them, cursed at them, and she even struggled with an officer causing them both to fall down the stairs… If Tadelman is willing to surround himself with these type of people and take money ($2.5k) from them, what other questionable things is he willing to do? His character and judgment are already being put into question what will it be like if he got elected?

    No thanks. Colatorti is the man for the job with 25 years of law enforcement, is a proven conservative and a reputable business owner! His conservative ideals will never be put into question. Unlike Tadelman, who openly supports the BLM supported Juneteenth Day, and rather celebrate the Mexican Independence Day over the US Constitution! Unfortunately Prim made a poor choice, and now he and his supporters be are going to fade out of the GOP because of it.

  3. Note to self: a reminder that I can become a blithering idiot faster and cheaper chugging a 12 pack of PBR, than going bald, growing a beard and discussing brewing techniques with fellow douche’s at some Boheme microbrewery.

  4. If JamesK gives me $5 K, a case of PBR and a carton of Marlboro.

    I’ll turn this blog into a high tone, egghead scribe, exactly to his D- Oberlin paper specs.

  5. This “Buehler … Buehler” phrase is taking on a different meaning. As they say, “It hits different now.”

    When at one time people typed it out to show humor and a little cheeky adoration for Mike Buehler through pop culture reference of a movie, now it may be interpreted to show him as missing in action which is actually what the “Buehler … Buehler” line in that movie was meant to do: it was showing that the character Ferris Buehler was absent.

    The words have not changed, but you have new experiences, understandings, and attitudes about Mike Buehler and his performance on the board. So now when one says “Buehler … Buehler” on this blog they may actually be saying it to criticize him for seemingly goofing off (like Ferris) in a pre-ironic/sincere kind of way, which could arguably be interpreted as a post-ironic or meta-ironic comment.

    Before, when people wrote that, it was like they were saying, “I know this means a bad thing, but we’re just pulling your leg, mate, you’re a good guy.” Now, that may not be their intention as public opinion about Buehler has changed.

    Technically, it is taking on a new meaning which is the old meaning (the intent in the movie) which we skipped over for ha ha funny bants purpose.

    Unchanged is the word but the world. The context has changed. The meme has evolved!

    Either that or HonestAbe1 thinks the year is 2019 in which case people are going to ask him how they can go back…

  6. Buehler is a RINO. his rainbow flag fiasco is going to haunt him.

    I cannot in good conscience vote for someone like Mr. Tadelman.

    He cannot be trusted.

    And all who advance him will be remembered.

    Anyone who cheered as 9/11 occurred because it benefited a foreign land owes his allegiance elsewhere.

    He also showed himself to be a an enemy of the Constitution in the Covid hysteria and Taking a leading role in divulging heath info.

    Tadelman: NO!

  7. “…all who advance him will be remembered.”

    Wow – sounds like the Protocols of the Elders of the Kingdom Hall, or something…


  8. Glad to see we have a new Police Chief in Marengo. Hope for the best choice for McHenry County

  9. When I get to it, I shall.

    I was doing Kiwanis penute duty at Jewell from 9-11 and distributing food in McHenry since then.

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