Seven Judges Put in Time with Habitat for Humanity

From the McHenry County Circuit Court:

22nd Judicial Circuit Judges Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

(Crystal Lake, IL) On September 11, 2021, seven judges from the 22nd Judicial Circuit volunteered with Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley. The judges, along with friends and family members, worked at the Fox Valley Farms site in Crystal Lake.

The Fox ValleyFarms site consists of several homes, some completed and dedicated to new homeowners and some still in progress. The volunteers spent several hours laying paver brick, raking, seeding, and painting trim at one of the homes.

The project came together quickly after Judge Justin Hansen began asking others if they would be interested in a weekend build day for Habitat for Humanity. The response was very positive and many that could not attend, hope a similar build day will be organized in the near future.

Chief Judge James Cowlin volunteered on September 11 and said, “It was pleasure to see judges and their families giving their time on a Saturday for a worthwhile cause. I appreciate the time and hard work of all the volunteers.” Judges Cowlin and Hansen were joined by their colleagues, Mark Facchini, Michael Feetterer, Jefferey Hirsch, Jennifer Johnson, and Mary Nader.”

The 22nd Judicial Circuit is committed to service beyond the four walls of the courthouse. This includes service projects with organizations like Habitat for Humanity, volunteering on local non-profit boards, and speaking about the judicial system and judiciary with community groups and schools.

The judges of the 22 nd Judicial Circuit are supported and joined in their service by many of their colleagues across the state and by many related organizations, including the Illinois Supreme Court, the Administrative Office of Illinois Courts, the Illinois State Bar Association, and the Illinois Judges Association.

Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley is an organization dedicated to giving families the opportunity to improve their future through home ownership. Habitat for Humanity is a coalition member with 9/11 Day, the nonprofit that founded the 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance.

The day’s service was counted towards a goal of 100 million acts of service and kindness in tribute to those killed and injured on 9/11.


Seven Judges Put in Time with Habitat for Humanity — 22 Comments

  1. Kotex should be happy to learn, the Torah allows animals that chew their cud and have cloven hooves.

  2. More Socialist virtue signaling Liberal programs to house the the chronically lazy and useless
    built by the toil and expense of those of us who are self-responsible.

  3. Abe, they’re built by the toil and expense of those who actually VOLUNTEER and give donations VOLUNTARILY.

    Yes, being self-responsible, they are able to do so.

    I know, i know.

    It sucks that nobody built a house for me either.

    But I don’t need one.


  4. Martin, I know it hurts when your hemorrhoids flare, but the anal sex you’re getting isn’t helping matters any.

    Habitat for Humanity is another scam.

    These judges should be booted.

  5. Volunteered once–kinda looked forward to it, when I signed up they said the work would be “pulling down drywall”, nothing too heavy I figured so signed up and showed up early on a Saturday morning.

    It was a renovation project, cool.

    I wasnt assigned drywall, I was put on “breaking up concrete” with a sledge hammer and then hauling it by wheelbarrow to a Dumpster.

    Hard work, not what I thought I was in store for.

    No biggie, but wow why didnt they tell me that was the real work to be done?.

    Come to find out at lunch time when asked “why you here, what’d you do”?, I’m like, what do you mean, “what did I do”?.

    The regulars then told me individuals showing up, not in a Group or with a Company are nearly always there as part of their Community Service sentence a Judge gave them.

    And that many dont show up, or are lazy when they do-thus they were thinking I”m there as a “sentence” and put me on the shiit detail.

    After lunch I was moved to pulling down shutters and gutters.

    Much easier.

    I was fully planning to high tail it out of there at lunch given that kind of work is for the very young.

    But glad I guess I stayed.

    I wont do it again, too many weird variables unless you’re coming with a Company and its all set up ahead of time.

    Individuals, if you go, make it known you’re here clearly as a volunteer on your own time, and not as part of a sentence a judge gave you.

    They have problems with those folks given its usually a; druggie, dui or domestic and they aint all into work or even showing up

    Just my experience.

    I’m sure yours is different.

    I offer it as anybody else going, be aware to announce you aint a convict working a sentence off when you show up to the house site, or a simple “hey I’m new at this and want to help, how do I get started”

    Good for the Judges who went but there was no chance of them getting hit with super hard labor.

    I also wondered to myself, where the heck are the future home owners or their relatives to help on their own house on a Saturday?

    Again, find a company or group that is volunteering, much better chance of having every task known ahead of time and assigned.

    Making little ones outta big ones aint for me anymore.

  6. What if they had promised you could play with a jackhammer after lunch?


  7. Boy, now if they only could enforce the law instead of making it up at the bench.

    When they are done crying, maybe put the perp in jail for a little longer than you have been.

    I feel bad you killed you child, 25 years, I hope you stay well and come out better than you are going in. Boo-hoo.

    Bailiff, take her away….wait, wait…goodbye maam.

  8. Martin,why won’t you pitch in and become a Habitat Slave?

    If people want to do it, OK, go ahead.

    I did it in 2002.

    Then they tried to get me to rehab the very same place the summer of 2009.

    Just remember that an internal study in 2016 showed that slightly over 40% of the homes were trashed in an average of 5.5 yrs, requiring another round of volunteers to rehab.

    As I understand it, Habitat changed their policies and do not give away the house any more, there’s some term on it now and it won’t be given away until it’s reinforced sometime down the line.

    Habitat thus became one of the nations leading real estate evictors.

    Good intentions,but bad results.

    Neighbors of Habitat Home bestowees move out too in droves because they don’t appreciate their welfareandor thug new neighbors.

    Look before you leap.

  9. All this virtue signally by rich people just feeds into the Marxist notion being taught at our schools that people who are “down and out” are so because the “evil capitalist system” has forced them to live on the “margins”.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    People so destitute are there for a reason: mental illness, drug abuse, terrible life choice that are repetitively done.

    All Habitat for Humanity does is enable their behavior.

    Look at the data.

    But rich people want to “feel good”.

    So, they virtue signal.

    That’s why judges are liberal.

  10. Next time just press option 2 for vibrant hordes of roving schizophrenic garbage pickers.

  11. I will never vote for those judges. Or their retention.

    God help us from their ideology.

  12. This all ye need know about the Marxist fraud called “Habitat for Humanity”:

    Habitat’s Commitment to Anti-racism
    Sep 19, 2020 | News

    Habitat for Humanity is more than a nonprofit housing ministry.

    We have a vision of a world where we share one humanity, and that’s a world that we believe in and fight for every day.

    We are a faith-based organization, but we realize that faith alone is not enough. Our faith must be coupled with works and action.

    As we share in the sadness, anger and uncertainty that have rocked communities across the United States since the killing of George Floyd — protests of the systemic and racial injustice that have infused and informed the life of our nation — we recognize that we must do more.


  13. Wylie, hardly startling. In fact, it’s really pretty bland kumbaya stuff.

    Look in your refrigerator, your pantry, your closet, your garage, look at all your purchases. Go to the manufacturers’ and distributors’ websites. You’ll see the same as above.

    Habitat is hardly any different.


  14. I’m generally supportive of charitable works.

    This is their particular vision and means by which they would go about helping to repair the world.

    Matthew 25: 35-40

    I would rather more of what we consider to be charitable works be performed by individual and private agency, rather than the government.

    The best part is that you can find your own way, your own favorite charity whose mission you believe to be most important and satisfying.


  15. Mellow how about this verse:

    Leviticus 18:22 from the Bible, “You shall not lie with a man as with a woman. It is an abomination.”

  16. What about lesbians?

    Does this not tell them not to have sex with men, but only with women?

    Does this tell straight women they may not have sex with men?

    What about escargot? Lev 11:30

    Rabbit, bacon, lobsters, nope. Lev 12:5-12

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