Updating the FOID Approval Porcess Incompetence

From State Rep. Tom Bennett:

Progress on FOID card and CCL backlog

Many Illinois firearm owners have been waiting for extended periods of time for action on their FOID card and Concealed Carry License applications or renewals. In recent weeks there has been progress made on this backlog.

According to figures from the State Police processing of new FOID card applications, FOID card renewals and CCL applications have all accelerated considerably in the past few months. In August 2020, the State Police approved 16,877 new FOID card applications. Last month the approval number was 27,681, even though there were less than one-third as many applications received.

Approvals of renewals have improved since last summer. One year ago 3,118 FOID card renewal applications were approved. Last month the number of approvals was 76,658. The number of renewal applications received each month has stayed fairly consistent over the past year. CCL processing saw a similar increase with a total of 10,806 applications approved in August 2021 compared to just 3,393 in August 2020. As with FOID card applications, the number of new applicants has declined during that time period.

Many people are still dealing with long wait times and more progress needs to be made. My office is in touch with the State Police regarding delayed applications. If you are still having difficulty getting a response to your FOID or CCL applications please contact us.


Updating the FOID Approval Porcess Incompetence — 10 Comments

  1. I know a Democrat who had their FOID renewed within 7 days.

    How long have you guys been waiting?

  2. Do people really need a card to exercise a constitutional right?

    They don’t need any in Kansas or Iowa.

  3. I’m guessing here in Texas, Happy Meals come with a small caliber handgun or box of ammo.

  4. After 15 months of waiting I did finally receive my FOID renewal.

  5. people are not even bothering to apply why should they you cannot do your job its turned into chaos just like the Covid shots… its a joke and now that you have a lawsuit filed against the state for this BSing stall tactic, all of sudden your processing a few more … its a joke… at this point… LMAO +1… this is so inexcusable it is funny… matches the the jokes running this state…. dumb and dumber…

  6. The fact that we need a card to carry or own a gun is crazy town.

    So that totally fits Illinois.

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