BGA Goes Woke

Found in an article in the latest email from the Better Government Association:

The article above the min-biography is actually pretty good:

What the Gov? Reimagined: What Do You Want To Know or Share About Government and Politics in Illinois and Chicago?

Participate in our efforts to serve you with information needs that matter most and empower you to hold accountable government agencies and public officials.


BGA Goes Woke — 5 Comments

  1. Get rid of them all !

    we don’t need all these leaches… to much Gov already and there is one jumbo located downstate bleeding us dry and one who is way over her kizzie head in chi town!

    fire them all…

    thats what i want to share.. wake up with this in your java… joe…

    we are all sick of you and your stupid antics… done done done…

  2. LOL. Her bio tells me all I need to know Cal about the BGA.

    The purple hair really works for the she/they.

    Thanks for the read.

    I haven’t figured out what my pronouns are but I have identified with quite a few adjectives and nouns over the years.

    Olivia Obineme

    Olivia Obineme (she/they) joined the BGA in October 2020 as manager of partnerships and local content at BGA. In this post, she advances the BGA’s commitment to increasing coverage for communities in Chicago and throughout Illinois that are disproportionately affected by income and wealth disparities.

  3. Poor blacks.

    Won’t they be happier in Africa like Lincoln wanted?

    Thomas Jefferson supported it. “[T]he two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government,” he said.

    History has shown he was correct that nature has drawn “indelible lines of distinction between the races,” and that the repatriation of Negroes to Africa is the only lasting solution to our race problem.

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