UPDATEDx3: Biden Border Crisis on Center Stage Sunday Night

Tano Tijerina

President Biden comes to Chicago Wednesday.

Many, including elected Democratic local officials would rather he and Vice President Kamala Harris come to the border at Val Verde County (Del Rio) or Webb County (Laredo) on the Texas-Mexico border, far from the safer border crossings of El Paso

Webb County Judge Tano Tijerina (D, Laredo) headlined discussion of Biden Border Crisis Sunday night during the 2nd hour of Beyond the Beltway.

Sunday’s broadcast of Beyond the Beltway had guests focused on immigration in general and the most recent issues from Del Rio and the predominantly Haitian migration. Many of the Haitian migrants were bused to Laredo for processing and flights out of the Rio Grande Valley.

Laredo is about 180 miles down stream on the Rio Grande from Del Rio.

From a Thursday afternoon interview with Webb County Judge Tijerina on Fox News (note from McHenry County Blog, a Texas county judge is the equivalent of an Illinois county board chairman who’s elected at-large by the voters):

Andrew Polk, Jr., a talk radio host from El Paso’s KTSM also participated in the Biden Border Crisis discussion Sunday night.

UPDATE: Department of Homeland Security Secretary Full Interview from Meet the Press 9/26/21

9/26/21 From NBC News YouTube channel

The interview with Secretary Mayorkas quite revealing.

UPDATE 3: Video replay of Sunday night’s Interview


UPDATEDx3: Biden Border Crisis on Center Stage Sunday Night — 30 Comments

  1. No Joe, Monday is the Ice Cream Social and Friday is Bingo Night.

    Your going to Chicago Wednesday for Water Aerobics.

  2. Latest news is that hookers urinated on Joe’s Air Force One bed.

  3. How about some GD border enforcement.

    Mayorkas FINALLY admits 12,000 illegal Haitians out of 17,000 have been released into the US, and number could go ‘even higher’: He DOWNPLAYS border crisis by saying ‘I wouldn’t call it a flood’

    Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas finally admitted on Sunday that 12,000 Haitian migrants have been released into the U.S.

    He said the number could go up as 5,000 other cases are still being processed

    This means the Haitian migrant count is up from 15,000 to 17,000

    Mayorkas downplayed the crisis, claiming he wouldn’t call the surge a ‘flood’

    Another caravan of mostly Haitian migrants are making their way to the U.S. border through Central America


  4. Mr. Lopez, we get it.

    Some, I daresay most, Hispanics are pretty darn good.

    Some have roots in America long predating Plymouth Rock.

    Many far more recent transplants escaped the corrupt narcostate of Mexico, Communist Venezuela and chaos found in Central America (chaos except for White Costa Rica), so it’s not little wonder why these people are fiercely anti-immigration (except for their own relatives).

  5. California is removing the word “alien” from its state laws and replacing it with words such as “noncitizen” and “immigrant,” Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) announced.

    Why it matters: The word “alien” began to be used in the 1990s “as a political dog whistle to express bigotry and hatred without using traditionally racist language,” per a statement from Newsom’s office.

  6. I will refer to illegals going forward, since California has erased aliens.

  7. Section 8 is not so great: https://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2021/09/26/libertyville-man-charged-in-home-invasion-in-waukegan-that-left-woman-injured/

    Hey Long Time Resident, the only actual “Hispanics” are folks from Portugal and Spain :::::: and possibly people from Andorra.

    What the heck is “Latinx”?????

    Chicano, Latina, Criolla, Cholo, Castizo, Parda, Zambo, Branco, Preta, Amarelo ….. all biting and scratching each other.


  8. I will refer to them as “invaders”…….. besides Covid (38% incidence) the recent Hatian invaders have a 6% incidence of HIV, 25% various other STDs, and 8% some form of TB.

  9. The way he pulled out of Afghanistan earned him the new name from Sleepy Joe to Sloppy Joe.

    Mayorkas says the system immigration is broken.

    It is broken because he and Sloppy Joe done broke it.

  10. Blinken, Garland and Mayorkas seem to be on the far side liberal left.

    Can they can be trusted to put the USA first?

  11. I’m particularly pleased now, seeing Garland in action, that Mitch kept him off SCOTUS.


  12. They all seem to be of the milquetoast variety, wannabe be tough guys

  13. Joe Biden has been a dope all of his life. Remember, he very early on, in spite of high school and college teachers warning every student to NEVER plagiarize, the liar and dishonest Joe DID plagiarize a British politician. Somehow he has bs’d people in Delaware to get re-elected many times. He has been wrong in his stands, opinions and judgements on many important matters, including foreign affairs during his political career. He was famously wrong about the Gulf War and Kuwait and of course he did not want to go get and kill Bin Laden.

    It is bad enough that he was stupid as a Senator and VP. But, previous presidents and the majority senate did not have to follow his advice. But, now, his stupidity and incompetence are greatly hurting our Nation. From his pick of VP to various members of his Cabinet including this guy Mayorkas and the Secretary of State and so on.

    What we have seen since Jan 20th, 2021 is not only Biden’s stupidity and gross incompetence, ie the Afghanistan withdrawl, but willful and obvious decisions to destroy the United States. Examples of these include the killing of the Keystone pipeline, making us more dependent on foreign oil, stopping the building of the wall on our southern border and abandoning the President Trump policies and procedures that curtailed and limited the amount of illegal aliens invading our southern border.

    Joe Biden has been dishonest, a liar and a racist by virtue of the many DOCUMENTED times he has made racist comments such as about Americans of India decent and 711 stores. He is a liar, a doofus and, a term from his native Pennsylvania where he was born, a jagoff.

  14. Just as bad as the Keystone decisions, dropped long-standing sanctions the US had against the Nordstrom pipeline between Russia and Germany.

    So we stabbed Canada in the back, and gave Russia a French kiss. 🤷‍♂️


  15. Maybe they could rename the Keystone to Nordstrom, and it might slip past Sloppy Joe.

  16. Following is an excerpt, in quotes, from an article written three years ago about the invasion of the U.S.


    “July 10, 2018, Invaders Are Not Immigrants, By Shari Goodman”

    “The Democratic Party, along with its shills in the mainstream media, has misleadingly blurred the lines between the definition of “immigrant” and “invader.” An immigrant is an alien who has been granted the right to permanently reside in the United States by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. An “invader,” as defined by Merriam Webster, is one who “trespasses, encroaches, and infringes upon another’s property.” The United States is our collective home and those who come here without seeking and gaining permission to enter our collective home are no different than an uninvited guest who enters our personal home to take up residence without permission.”

    Hopefully, most law-abiding U.S. citizens are reasonable and rational persons who can differentiate the lawful, structured and fair Immigration system of the U.S. vs a reckless and permissive operation promoted and condoned by our present top U.S. Administration. The current president, Biden, has been on record over a long time in encouraging illegal immigrants and upon assuming office taking actions that allowed a flood of illegal immigrants/aliens into our Nation. Some news agencies have said that aliens are coming from about 100 nations and their backgrounds are not known. Amongst these aliens are probably gang members, drug dealers, terrorists and probably many with disease such as Covid

    The latest invasion of about 14,000 Haitians is the result of the incompetence and lawlessness of Biden and his regime. Some news accounts have said that less than 5 percent of these invaders have been vaccinated for the Covid.

    It is well past time for American citizens to demand that our US Military is deployed to our southern borders to humanely repel the invaders and then transport them back to their originating nation. Our US Military is supposed to exist to protect America and American citizens from invasions and invaders.

  17. And keep in mind Mexico’s letting them all in to begin with.

    Trump had Mexico cooperating on this, and Sloppy Joe just let it go.


  18. obydumb you been here once we don’t need you back here again! loser.. cheater… stay away … you have already ruined the state with your illegal law breaking mandates…

    better yet getta outta my house… the big white one your pissing in.. go to the border… where they are waiting for ya…

    ol jumbo gonna lose no matter what… you coming here not gonna change that no matter how many laws you all keep breakin!

  19. I was trying to remember who Bruce DuMont is but now I recall.

    He’s the dude that runs that goofy Museum of Broadcast Communications downtown along with that fake National Radio Hall of Fame.

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