“Shoes for Freedom” Protest against Crystal Lake Grade School Covid Mandates

Sunday night “Shoes for Freedom” protest at Crystal Lake Grade School’s administrative center.

I’m not sure what mandate or mandates local residents and teachers were protesting last night when they placed dozens of palrs of shoes in front of the Crystal Lake District 47’s Elementary School’s administrative headquarters Sunday night.

Yard sign opposing masks on children in Crystal Lake Grade Schools.

Was it the mandate that kids wear masks in school that was protested earlier this year with yard signs?

Parents demonstrated against forcing thjeir children to wear masks in District 47 elementary schools on August 15, 2021.

And rallys at the corner of Route 14 and Main Street?

Demonstrator at the anti-mask September 2, 2020, rally on Route 14.

One sign seems to indicate that teachers are being forced to chose between the livelihoods and their health.

"Stop forcing teachers to choose between their jobs and an unlawful mandate!" this sign says.
“STOP forcing teachers to choose between their jobs and an unlawful mandate! Freedom NOT Force,” this sign says.

Here’s a photo of the signs on the front door of the entrance of the administrative center.

Messages attached to front door of the Crystal Lake District 47 Grade School District’s adminstrative center.

Below is another close-up of a sign large enough to read:

“What is right for you may not be right for me. What is right for me may not be right for you. But what is NOT right for either of us is being stripped of thr Freedom to choosewhat is right for ourselves.”

In any event, this is a new protest device.

“Shoes for Freedom.”

Organization of the protest was apparently a result of FaceBook messages:

FaceBook appeal for shoes

What follows is a letter from State Superintendent of Education Carmen Ayala found in the newsletter sent out by the State Board of Education on September 21, 2021:

I am happy to share our updated joint public health guidance and frequently asked questions and answers. The Illinois Department of Public Health and ISBE updated these important documents to align with Executive Order 2021-22 and ISBE’s emergency rules, which require all school personnel to either be fully vaccinated or undergo at least weekly testing for COVID-19…

Additionally, IDPH has provided COVID-19 Exclusion Protocols to keep students and staff safe and prevent COVID-19 outbreaks. Executive Order 2021-24, issued this past Friday, requires school districts to exclude any student or school personnel who is a confirmed COVID-19 case or probable case for at least 10 days and to exclude anyone who is considered a close contact for a minimum of 14 days or as otherwise directed by the local health authority. School districts must provide remote instruction during such time. IDPH and ISBE’s one-page fact sheet summarizes Executive Order 2021-24 and IDPH’s administrative rules to implement the order. 


“Shoes for Freedom” Protest against Crystal Lake Grade School Covid Mandates — 65 Comments

  1. My understanding according to Dr. FauXi is that if the teachers are vaccinated, which they should have been a year ago as essential workers, they cannot get the Covid readily and if they happen to be the 1% breakthroughs, they will have a mild case…..right, follow the science?? Asking for a friend.

  2. Stand up for your children and give the maskholes a swift boot in their ass.

  3. How about lining up the shoes of the people in the county who have actually died from COVID?

    We could start with Chuck Wheeler’s.

  4. Mask up cause the illegals aren’t.

    From the Daily Mail

    Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Monday he did not expect such a surge in the Delta Covid-19 variant as he admitted that the ‘rate of illness’ at the southern border is now 20%.

    ‘What I didn’t expect was the tragic rise of the delta variant,’ the secretary said at the virtual Immigration Law and Policy Conference Monday afternoon.

    ‘And we took a step back by reason of that. I did not expect to be in Late September where we are.’ He said that one in five migrants are showing up at the border with Covid-19.

    ‘We are confronted with a population of people that, as a general matter, that have a rate of illness of approximately 20%.’

  5. Every one of those kids had to have MANDATED vaccinations BEFORE being enrolled in school.

    There was NO freedom to choose.

    I hear the cries that the covid vaccines are experimental.

    All the other vaccines were experimental at one point too.

    They aren’t experimental anymore because they WORKED.

    Keep fighting the vaccines and masks – more kids and adults will get sick and die.

    So sad and so preventable.

  6. Terminator and Correcting – you were vaccinated as kids – right?

    What’s so Marxist about this compared to then?

  7. How is defeating Covid any different than mankind joining together to fix the hole in the ozone (Montreal Protocol)?

    (Ok, Covid is killing millions of people right away versus cancer several years in the future but…)

    Was the ozone hole a hoax or weren’t there enough people listening to misinformation on the Internet and polarized “news” stations to create a conspiracy theory about that?

    Were the scientists lying then?

    Why is Dr. Fauci being demonized but Sherwood Rowland and Mario Molina were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their efforts to save us?

    Secretary Schultz said the dialog used to persuade doubters then was “Perhaps they’re wrong but if they’re right and it’s a one-way street, wouldn’t an insurance policy now be beneficial to all?”
    Why doesn’t that logic work today? Masks and getting vaccinated are insurance policies.

    What if back then people said “It’s my RIGHT to continue to use Freon!”?

    Answer: a lot of us wouldn’t be here right now.

  8. I didn’t bring up vaccines or Marxism.

    I wouldn’t call what is going on Marxism and think your comparison between vaccines that were tested for decades vs developed in less than a year is weak.

    There really is no point in talking to you and I’m not the one trying to change your mind.

    I just came on here to say Biden is supposedly coming to O’Hare on Wednesday (according to Politico).

    You think you know better than other people despite the fact that young people are more likely to get injured from the vaccine than from COVID.

    Just put your money where your mouth is and go to black neighborhoods with the lowest vaccination rates. Maybe they’ll listen to such a smart person like you.

    But I won’t be listening to you until, at minimum, congress is not exempt from the vax mandate and vax manufacturers aren’t exempt from lawsuits.

    Until then your opinion on this subject will be disregarded.

  9. Dianne? That is a blatant lie. Many children have NOT taken ANY vaccines. (That would be the ones with smart parents that would NEVER allow that.) BTW mandate means NOTHING.

    You just know so much that is NOT true.

  10. Fauci said to wear no masks because they don’t do anything and then said wearing two masks is “common sense.”

    This guy can’t keep his story straight and you worship him.

    They’re going to keep moving the goalposts and we’re never going to get out of this because a bunch of little Eichmanns like you won’t draw the line anywhere even after two years of failures, flip flops, and gaslighting nonsense.

    We see countries going back into full lockdown over one case.

    You are in a cult.

  11. When your choice affects the kids around them, it is no longer your choice. when masks were mandated the numbers went down. when the mandate was lifted the numbers went up.

  12. Gotta keep the fearporn going to keep the fools in a state of chaos even if
    it means total destruction of the economy.

    Unfortunately the fools are blissfully
    unaware of what is happening right in front of their eyes.

  13. These specific vaccines, like the masks, are not effective and neither is the 6 foot rule.

    This manufactured virus is air born and it’s particulate density is much smaller than the pores on the average face diaper.

    The Wuhan flue has a 99 percent cure rate that comes from natural immunity (T-cell) build up. Co morbidities that exist among those who contract it, contributed to death rates that are purposely misreported by the medical community because of incentives created by government payouts to hospitals.

    Hell the AMA even asked the Feds to look the other way at their misreporting.

    Treatments promoted by Tony Fauci and other NIH personnel who are guilty of perpetrating fraud and hyping this pandemic, are not efficacious and actually caused harm in many cases.

    Even liberal professors like Mark Hellerstein and respected doctors like Susan Vosloo cautioned about these vaccines.

    Side effects, never ending hamster wheels of boosters, and damage to perception of real vaccines are concerns voiced by many immunologists but heh never let a crisis go to waste….

  14. Perhaps the teachers are being forced to choose between their livelihoods and the health of others.

  15. Trashy people doing trashy things.

    Stay hillbilly, friends!

  16. What is truly sad is that the executive branch is unilateral.

    They have no obligation to convince anyone of anything.

    They just rule like Kings.

    If anyone actually searched for the data and science, they would see through the blatant lies told on tellievision.

    If you attend the public meetings of the FDA and CDC, you would hear for yourself.

    The “vaccines” are not effective (and not vaccines by the traditional definition of the word).

    They are killing twice as many as helped temporarily.

    The side effect profile is thousands of times more dangerous than previous vaccines.

    They only “last” up to 5 months.

    Do you want to accept boosters in your body every 5 or 6 months along with the potential harm

    Do you know that taking the shot clears your immune response completely after this time?

    God is not surprised, but surely saddened that so many have been fooled by the work of evil.

    Turn back to God.

    The consequences are not to be taken lightly.

    Don’t listen to others, only your self.


  17. What am I missing?

    Why shoes?

    What are they supposed to symbolize?

  18. HonestAbe1? The mind control trauma bonding is complete. They are so based in fear and confusion they won’t even help themselves by looking into real facts and admitting that they have been lied to over and over. Such a simple thing to look into how we have been swindled for decades into believing in false paradigms like ‘germ theory’. None of this could have taken place had the people been intelligent enough to save themselves from the Satanic lies from Hell. The world is awash with people chasing rabbit holes because they have been programmed into self-annihilation….”My people perish for lack of knowledge”…

  19. Just a reminder, the mRNA Pfizer shot, which has not been through phase 3 trials, contains graphene oxide and the shot was made in partnership with China.

    I wouldn’t stick that crap in my body if they paid me.

    Oh that’s right they are paying people to be stupid and shoot garbage into their bodies when Ivermectin or HCQ or Remdesivir will cure you.

    After 5 years of the media lying to you and continuing to lie to you I don’t know how people continue to fall for the lies.

    These parents are waking up to the lies.

    Their children have a 99.75% of recovering from the flu, sorry Covid.

  20. “Maybe they should line up the shoes”.


    Maybe they should line up the shoes of the people that died from the vaccine.

    hould I whip out the studies on that?

    “All the other vaccines were experimental at one point too”.


    Sort of.

    Not really.

    And even for those that weren’t tested as thoroughly as others, there has never been a requirement to participate in society.


    God – you ARE dumb.

    The sun heats and cools the earth, genius.

    There has never been “settled science” on any topic.

    What we think we know today will be debunked by scientists five hundred years from now, just like we’ve done in our time.

    That’s the very definition of science – it’s an evolution of learning and thought.

    And yes, “teachers are being forced to choose”. …..Between their livelihood and compliance with a dictator.

    It surprising that you all would rather be in the majority than admit you could be wrong.

  21. “The sun heats and cools the earth, genius.”

    I’ve seen some shocking stupid (not just mis- or uninformed) comments on this site but this wins hands-down.

    (A) The sun cannot cool the earth. Cite one example of “sun frostbite.”

    (B) Please educate yourself on the Montreal Protocol before making embarrassingly inane comments.

    (C) Be sure you have at least two brain cells to rub together before calling someone else “dumb.”

    (D) “There has never been “settled science” on any topic.” Still waiting for that gravity thing to disappear huh? Have the magnets you wear on your head to stop bad thoughts quit working yet? Has sodium stopped lighting on fire when dropped in water? Yup, no such thing as “settled science” to you!

  22. The hospitalization rate of COVID among children is extremely low.

    You never wore a mask around kids for common cold or flu.

    You didn’t care until Stephen Colbert, Anderson Cooper, and Saint Fauci told you what to think.

    Your logic means that any person could be an asymptomatic carrier of a disease and spread it to a person and that person might get sick therefore give away all your freedom.

    Forcing children to wear masks is child abuse.

    Think about how stupid you sound when you say it doesn’t impact their breathing but it works well enough to keep viruses out…

    You are in a cult, Tom.

  23. On the one point, Al, I think what Jack Marine means to say is that the sun is both responsible for the heating up, and for the NOT heating of the atmosphere.

    We have been steadily heading down into what seems to be another Grand Solar Minimum.


  24. Shake? The shoes symbolize children that will NOT be here any longer if they keep up their chit! How stupid do you have to be to NOT understand that!

  25. Hi Cindy – interesting, I (and Cal – is he stupid too?) did not understand that.

    I don’t think that makes Cal and me stupid.

    I think it makes the protest stupid if people don’t know what it is supposed to symbolize.

  26. I can’t wait to watch all of you drop like flies.

    Say Hello to Chuck for me.

  27. Let’s erect a 3 story tall statue of Al Zielinski in the act of giving his friends ‘really good’ property tax reductions when he lorded over us as Township Tax Assessor of Grafton!

    It’ll remind citizens everyday what a crook old Al was.

  28. Trump supporters: Pretty soon Trump is going to be president again! Two more weeks!

    Fauci supporters: Pretty soon everybody who isn’t vaxxed will die! Two more weeks!


    Sounds like a lot of people are full of crap and live in some fantasy reality…

    Epic comment from Veritas! Underrated as heck.

  29. Doofus Biden will visit Elk Grove Village on Wednesday, Sept 29.

    He will talk (per teleprompter no doubt prepared by his superiors) about infrastructure, Chinese Virus and the 3-letter word, “jobs”.


    Will he fumble the speech?

    Take any questions?

    Take questions from only those reporters approved by his superiors?

    Say that he will get in trouble if he takes too many questions or questions from reporters not approved by his superiors?

  30. All of the people supporting masks on children, where were your cries during the last pandemic, when children were actually at risk?

    Oh that’s right…you’re too media mindwashed to realize pandemic even occurred in 2009.

  31. Hey BS.

    I never wish harm on people exercising their God given freedom to choose in this country.

    Why is it that people like you wish and celebrate death on those who choose differently than you.

    Your post is morbid and reflects poorly on your view of the world.

    I’m not vaxed. You must be.

    Do you think people will celebrate when you die from shooting that graphene oxide into your body.

    I won’t.

    I will regret that you didn’t wake up to the fear porn being pushed on you 24/7 from the MSM.

    What a site Cal and John.

    Someone give BS a fly swatter. SMH

  32. Jack Marine, you do know that AL Zillowinski the tax assessor once compared himself to Albert Einstein, you don’t want to argue with him.

  33. Using a quote from Mr. Einstein and comparing oneself to him are entirely different things.

    But what’s one more piece of misinformation – especially when it’s entirely off-topic?

    When you can’t attack the data or position, attack the person with misinformation I guess…

    In any event, it’s doubtful there’s much to argue about concerning the sun cooling the earth!

  34. This is a mandate for an illness with a less than one percent mortality.

    If the vax is so safe why would so many medical professionals rather be fired than take it?

    What have they seen that would lead them to make that choice?

    If indeed we are in a pandemic why in the world would officials be pressing for a mandate that will reduce staff?

    There have been a myriad of pharma products from the past that have been recalled, including vaccines.

    Choice is crucial in an industry protected from legal action (they are insulated by our gov from legal damages), interested in profiting from the sale of their products (vax company profits have skyrocketed at taxpayer expense), and in collusion with congress (MANY members of congress hold stock in Pharma).

    Interestingly, many pharma companies also sell certain heart meds to treat myocarditis which have recently gained in sales.


    In any case, this mandate is discriminatory at its core.

    To expect unvaxxed to get tested once per week (an expectation not placed an vaxxed) is placing a burden on one set of individuals for a host of reasons (religious views, racial makeup – minorities are more likely to not trust the vax -for sound historical reasons, the vaxxed can also contract and spread covid).

    The vax trials continue until 2023.

    Only then will people have a better picture of the true nature of this gene therapy.

    This is not seat belts, this is not showing an ID.

    It isn’t even comparable to other vaccines people have been given in the past that have gone through a minimum of 5 years of trials before being used.

    This is a first time ever used mRNA tech, using nano particles of poly ethylene glycol PEG (that 80% of the population have some level of allergy to) to deliver the change to the RNA of our cells which produces the spike protein (the known prion that creates cellular damage) INJECTED into the recipient.

    The VAERS site has recording more adverse events and deaths from the gene treatment than ALL VACCINES COMBINED from the previous DECADE.

    And before you brush VAERS off as a nothing because you think “anyone can make an entry”.

    MOST OFTEN it is health care professionals that are making the entries and falsifying a report comes with a hefty fine and potential jail time.

    Additionally, conservative estimates put entries in VAERS at only 10% of what the actual adverse events are. This bring me back to the original point.

    Maybe this is what all of those health care professionals have seen that made them get “fired” or quite their job instead of getting this shot.

    Mandating this shot for professionals and potentially children is wrong, short sighted, and NOT following science but instead following a cult of fear.

  35. We need to start a protest in district 204 tired of my kid having to wear a masks!!!

    Unfortunately I feel it won’t go any wear with any chicagoland Illinios school district but I’m definitely going to try

  36. NefariousShake, and Cal.

    The shoes were there with letters to the board under them explaining that:

    Americans vote with their feet.

    Each shoe represents a faculty or staff member who is leaving because of forced mandates and constant testing.

    Over the weekend D47 community organized this demonstration where wrote a letter to the editor of the Northwest Herald regarding a slanted article on it written by Sam Lounsberry:


    Dear Editor:

    A recent article on September 27th, by Sam Lounsberry, regarding a Demonstration Outside Crystal Lake Elementary District 47 Offices, only tells part of the story behind Teachers, Staff, Students, Parents, and Community Members who left shoes with letters as a show of our community “Standing for Freedom” against Governor Pritzker’s mandates that are crippling our education system; including, but not limited to, vaccination and testing requirements.

    Currently 85% of District 47 Employees are Vaccinated.

    This leaves about 210 healthy District 47 teachers currently being forced, many against their will, to either get vaccinated or spit 2ml of saliva every week in order to keep their jobs. Unvaccinated students are not required to test.

    District 47 receives $7,428,193 in ESSER funds in exchange for their compliance and enforcement of the mandates that also includes masking healthy students and staff for 7 hours a day which reduces total body communication, impacts learning, and limits socialization.

    District 47 personnel are quarantining healthy children and staff for 10-14 days if they were unmasked within so many feet of a positive person prohibiting these healthy students and staff from entering buses or school buildings to receive their education or employment.

    Currently District 47 has 343 students quarantined and 154 students positive out of 7,000 total students.

    There are 44 staff quarantined and 3 staff positive out of 1,400.

    By law students are only allowed 5 absences a year.

    There is no limit to how many times a student might be quarantined.

    Immediately after the mandates were announced, District 47’s Law Firm, Kriha/Boucek, released a “Mask Mandate Tool Kit” charging $500, profiting on how to implement/enforce mandates on children and employees.

    The community members who participated in the shoe demonstration are defending our education system and the people who are part of it by standing together against these mandates and the forced compliance being imposed upon them.

  37. Al Zielinski… what a guy.

    I’ve been close enough to him to smell the arrogance – and the fear.

    The only reason that man is still upright is that during his most arrogant public moments there were police present to prevent imminent bodily harm. I witnessed that too.

    Now he’ll say that because I’m so unintelligent that I had to go to name calling or lies.

    However anyone that knows what Al is like in a public setting knows I’m not lying.

    None of this matters – it’s just entertainment.

    Unfortunately Al will continue yapping and the rest of us will keep poking at him for sport.

    Welcome to McHenry County!

  38. It is fascinating how Jack Marine has some kind of implicit threat of violence in almost every one of his comments.

  39. Fear for myself?


    Fear for mankind given the current state of affairs from global warming (that sun thing plus greenhouse gases): certainly.

    No need to say something if it’s blatantly obvious and the speaker self-admits.

    If some view “poking others” as sport, go for it, pitiful as that is.

  40. I do not support Al Zielinski in any way shape or form.

    Thanks for your post Karen Tirio, but it won’t do any good trying to persuade communists with reason.

  41. Hey Karen,

    If you are Joe’s wife maybe you could convince him to share the operator manuals for the ES&S machines used in McHenry County with Cal so he can post them for us to review.

    You know, transparency.

    I paid for those manuals and we would all like to see them.

    2022 just around the corner.

    Who’s programmed in to win this time Karen?

  42. Al Zielinski, it’s time for you to put the crack pipe down and go to NA. Please. It’s for your own good.

  43. Karen Tirio: What is going on in the County Clerk’s office?

    Can you find out?

    Why did your husband do a Uie on transparency?

  44. So many nameless detractors; what a guy to do?

    Smile, pray for them and hope they get lives – and a modicum of courage to at least use their real names.

    Nameless barbs from those unwilling to associate them with a real person are a waste of time.

  45. Al, you have to admit, you brought it on yourself. And you ought to be in jail.

  46. Cal, ‘JT’, and ‘Nifty’, giving out election equipment manuals would be irresponsible, a security breach and contractual breach being that it is proprietary information.

    The election equipment company could even pull the contract with the county if the Clerk was so stupid, leaving the county without an election and a costly lawsuit costing taxpayers.

    If “JT,’ and “Nifty” want to ask Joe Tirio themselves, they are welcome to call the County Clerks office and get this explained to them first hand by the election authority?

    Transparent? Absolutely.

    Stupid and Irresponsible? Absolutely not.

  47. Do you really want to protest?

    Take back control?

    Then take your children out of government schools.

    They are your responsibility.

    Why did you have kids for someone else to raise?

  48. Good riddance.

    We don’t want teachers who do not care about kids safety and/or are too dumb to understand basic medicine and science teaching our kids.

    As a parent you do not have the right to sacrifice your child because you’re too dumb to believe in medicine.

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