Rabine Critizes Pritzker for Breaking Word on Remap

From GOP gubernatorial aspirant Gary Rabine:

Gary Rabine: Pritzker again fails to keep his word on legislative redistricting

Woodstock, IL – Gary Rabine, a candidate for Governor, is issuing the following statement on JB Pritzker again failing to keep his word on legislative redistricting by signing into law a legislative map that contradicts his 2018 campaign promise to veto maps “in any way drafted or created by legislators, political party leaders and/or their staffs or allies.” 

“The Governor went back on his word when he signed into law the Legislature’s partisan map earlier this year. The Legislature had to redraw the maps based on new Census data. Instead of insisting on a fair remap process, the Governor again went back on his word and signed the map into law.

A governor should not make promises he has no intention of keeping.

“The people of Illinois have been lied to enough. In my campaign for Governo

” I am laying out my vision for turning our state around.

“Unlike, Pritzker, I refuse to make empty promises to the people of Illinois.

“It is time we had a Governor who will treat the people of this state with dignity and respect.

“Governing is not a game. It is serious business.

“The people of Illinois deserve better than Pritzker’s failed leadership and outright lies to the people of Illinois.”


Rabine Critizes Pritzker for Breaking Word on Remap — 17 Comments

  1. Rabine must be extremely stupid if he honestly believes anything Lord Jumbo Boy says/promises,
    and as such he has lost any and all credibility he had with me as well as true Conservatives.
    You’re a fool, Rabine.

  2. Gary is late to the party this happened a while ago.

    In fact, didn’t he issue a comment like this after the maps based on the ACS data were approved?

    Abe, I’d like to think he isn’t gullible but is acting outraged to generate publicity. Either way, it’s not a great look for him. Either he’s dumb/gullible/naive or cheesy/fake.

    Politicians aren’t keeping their word!

    He said one thing that was popular and ethical, but then acted in a way to enhance his party’s power and did the opposite of what he promised!?


    Yeah, maybe things are different in the private sector with 6 and 7 figure contracts and people keep their word but politics don’t work like that Gary.

    This is what I mean about businessmen not being able to adapt to politics.

    They think politics is going to be like “running a business” and it’ll be SOOOOOO easy and then they’re outflanked every time because they’re dealing with sociopaths who are not restrained by anything instead of sociopaths restrained by laws and contracts…

  3. Rabine doesn’t have the balls to call out Lord Jumbo Boy as the liar and tax cheat
    that he has proven himself to be.

    Perhaps Rabine is afraid of being called an anti-Semite for doing so.

    This makes Rabine appear to be very cowardly, not the kind of leadership Conservatives need or want.

  4. Why did Joe Tirio and his wife stab reborn in the back?

    Did they have a reason?

    They should explain it!

  5. Lorna, the trash Rabine every chance they get.

    I’ve heard one of them personally.

    But why?

  6. Krypton, “trash” or just expressed that they’re leaning on supporting another candidate? You’re obviously for Rabine but don’t think anyone has a right to a different opinion than yours? You’re not helping your guy by posting that OR Maybe YOU’RE Rabine fishing for their endorsement?

    If you ARE Rabine, I’d like to ask you:

    1. Why did you AND your father both give RINO Scum Rauner money in the primary during his second failed run when you were supposedly supporting Jeanne Ives for Gov?

    2. Why did you give money to Obama’s buddy Democrat Rahm Emanual?

    3, Why are you begging local IL businesses that are hurting to give you tens of thousands of dollars when you could’ve just not donated all that money to Lauf’s campaign and instead concentrated on your own campaign?

    4. Now that one of your closest friends came to the conclusion that you’re not the man for the job, and is supporting Darren Bailey, what did Lawrence mean when he confronted you and accused you of ‘playing dirty politics’?

    5. Why didn’t you support Republican organizations right to censure Adam Kinzinger when he worked against our America First & Constitutional President Donald J. Trump when you claimed to be for Trump?

    6. Why did you donate to ‘thoroughly corrupt’ Chicago Democrat Ed Burke??

  7. Rockford, Prim gave money to Rauner too.

    As did John Jung, county board hack, open borders loser and sweet onion crybaby.

  8. Ha – this is great.

    Thanks, Rockford, for getting me to look this up.

    Gary Rabine has made contributions to:

    Kurt Summers, Bridget Gainer, Gary Chico, Rahm Emmanuel, and Ed Burke.

  9. Hmmm, Sounds like pay to play!

    He likes to claim that his company doesn’t do govt. contracts.

    Work for the City of Chicago sounds like a govt. contact.

    Also, when asked why he contributed to Dems his excuse was that his company was going for (not quite a bankruptcy but rather) a ‘reorganization’.

    Is that like “the Dems made me do it”?

    What else are the Dems gonna make him do???

  10. If you’re a business of any certain size, you donate in order to either secure favor or retain it.🤷‍♂️

    Early on, people were decrying all such similar donations on the part of Donald Trump, too – including, but not limited to certain ethnic fraternal organizations. Cost of doing business.


  11. Ravine better wake up.

    If he goes after each Pritzker lie, he’ll be doing that till 2049.

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