Message of the Day: A Conservative’s Direct Shot at Leftist Media

Yesterday, my friend and Florida Republican congressional candidate Darlene Swaffar (FL-22) tweeted this morning about her attendance at a conservative event in Doral, FL on Friday.

It’s what she said about Media Matters for America (MMFA) and its reporter Alex Kaplan which made me laugh out loud:

For reference, Swaffar is talking about the QAnon conspiracy tracker Alex Kaplan of MMFA who this morning signaled he must add conservative Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers (R, Flagstaff) to his QAnon list of state legislators whom MMFA determines is a QAnon theoriest.

Kaplan is the keeper of the congressional tracker for both U.S. House and Senate, too:

The back story is in this July McHenry County Blog article about Illinois U.S. Senate candidate Bobby Piton’s (R, Geneva) addition to the MMFA list over the summer.


Message of the Day: A Conservative’s Direct Shot at Leftist Media — 21 Comments

  1. John Lopez you actually just proved something to me.

    QAnon conspiracy theorists?

    There is no such thing as QAnon’s.

    Where did that phrase get created from John?

    Why does the media tell us that people that speak truth contrary to their own little echo chamber and are awake are conspiracy theorists/QAnon’s?

    Now if you get the phrase right I might give you some credit.

    I bet Cindy and a few others on this board know what I am talking about.

    Also, fyi John, I was not on this board back in 7/2021 to read your reference article.

    So Bobby Piton speaking the truth is now a conspiracy?

    Here you go John research away on Q.

    When you get caught up I’ll wait for your follow on article.

    I’ll help you out John, Q posts are not in order.

    You might have to learn how to decipher things to become a full blown QAnon > LOL.

    At least Bobby Piton gets it.

    I also laugh.

    Conservative Bobby Piton posting memes and Q drops about JFK Jr now make us all believe he is alive with his wife?

    You have alot of catching up to do Mr. Lopez.

    Hopefully you can get there.

    There’s alot of info on JFK Jr out there John.

    Q drops and memes now disqualify Bobby Piton.


    Did you ever think Mr Piton is trying to wake you up.

    I could give you info on the conspiracy you purport Bobby is pushing.

    What was JFK Jr’s code name from the secret service?

    That’s a good start for you.

    Finally do an aerial search of JFK’s memorial tomb and tell me what you see.

    Oh no more conspiracies.

    Why is it shaped that way John.

    If you figure out what I am telling you congratulations.

    Then go research and tell me what Devolution is about.

    Hint it involves the DOD Law of War Manual.

    Good luck with that one too.

    I hope I pointed you in a direction that will help you.


    I’m still laughing while I type.

  2. There is no such thing as a QAnon.

    The media has lied about this too.

    Because of this article I will support Darlene.

  3. Please post my link Cal that I referenced in my prior post at 11:12 on 10/9 so John can get back to me.

    Jeff get’s it.

    Hopefully others will too if they read the post and start understanding where the conspiracy’s are really happening.

  4. Jeff? Actually, you are wrong about Q anon. It DOES exist. Only it was a psyop from the very beginning. (Just like everything else “they” tell you.) All of it is brainwashing.

  5. Media Matters gets funding from George Soros and from groups such as MoveOn, Tides Foundation, and Democracy Alliance which Soros also helps fund.

    These people are literally stooges of a billionaire who is involved in color revolutions around the world and has been banned in a few countries with their governments promising to imprison or execute him if he steps foot on their land…

    Imagine thinking YOU’RE the good guy because you oppose some loose organization made up of mostly diabetic baby boomers who want to fly an American flag without being harassed. LOL

  6. Cindy is correct.

    It was absolutely a psy-op.

    Got millions of people to think JFK Jr was going to return from the grave and save America.

    Just do nothing just trust the plan.

    They turned you into passive little piggies while your country continued to decline.

    It’s ok brother because we have patriots behind the scenes who are in control, and any minute now the traitors are going to be in big trouble! Lol no you don’t.

    Oh, hey, I know everything is getting worse, but just wait, there is a calm before the storm!


    Even now we have boneheads who think Trump is going to come back to office any minute now.

    It’s meant to make you think someone else, some sort of secret good cabal, is going to swoop in and save everything.

    Consider the following: what if you’re wrong?

    What if you do nothing, and you’re wrong?

    Then what?

  7. Huh?

    I need to “wake up” and learn something?

    Thank you, no, I already know all I need/want to know of conspiracy theorists and false teachings, and apply it with wisdom with discernment, so take your links plus references to the “great awakening” and give them to someone else concerning QAnon and any other conspiracy theory.

    Given during the summer, people didn’t know what “WWG1WGA” meant, and I had to explain it to them, plus how to read through the subliminals as I showed with this 7/14/21 article:

    And I know what tri-lateralists are, too. John has no reason to get back to you, JT.

    Correcting, “the storm” is also QAnon speak.

  8. They had to go with JonJon because pop would be long dead by now, along with Elvis.

    Unless they’re in a warehouse with Walt Disney or something?


  9. Must be Homecoming Weekend at Conspirikook U.

    With Alum sporting their raccoon coats and waving old tattered felt pennants.

  10. Cindy I’ll have to disagree with your assertion to Jeff.

    You do know the difference between white hats and black hats don’t you?

    If you consider the white hats getting people to learn the truth as a psy op I personally think you are wrong.

    There are too many things that have fallen right in line from as you call it Q Anon

    It woke me up and I was brainwashed by the media (including Fox News) and then had someone opened my mind and I found the truth.

    I’m trying to do that for people on Cal’s site.

    Putting a space between the Q and Anon is still not the correct way to refer what is going on.

    You need to dig a little deeper Cindy.

    The truth is at your fingertips if you choose to find it.

    Thanks Cal for posting the link.

  11. Yea John, I just saw your 1:42 post I know “Where We Go 1 We Go All”. I knew it back when you wrote that article but again I was not on the board.

    There you go again. Truth = conspiracy theory? I’ll ask you this then. Does the MSM and local media give you the truth or are they just spoon feeding zombies who are addicted to the TV’s John? No need to answer since I know the answer you will give.

    And my god, from the article you referenced, John you actually stated that Media Matters of America is your true source of truth. Again you prove how uninformed you truly are and Correcting told you why.

    Finally, Tri-Lateralism is injected into the conversation. I have no clue what you are talking about with that one but OK.

    You keep quoting QAnon. Again, there is no group called QAnon. Get it right or you can continue to “apply it with wisdom with discernment” that leads you to that conclusion. If you don’t know the movement John, you have neither discernment nor wisdom since you think you are not living through the great awakening right now. An opinion is not fact or truth.

    Nothing personal. Just trying to help you with your lack of understanding on things. If you think you are awake and that Joe Biden got 81m votes without even campaigning and is proceeding to ruin our country that’s just plain nuts. My discernment and wisdom about all politicians – especially D’s – is they are all corrupt. You can be part of the solution or just keep marching towards socialism. Hope you don’t transact more than 600 if they get their way or have a 401k they will confiscate for their NWO. DuckDuckGo Klaus Schwab sometime and write an article on his intentions.

    Have a good night or day when you read this.

  12. I’m well aware, John! As is “it will happens when the weather cools” and “the rod and the ring will strike” and plenty of other cryptic garbage. Like I asked back in July, and piggybacking off of Cindy’s comment about them being a psy-op: “Is it just a coincidence that “Q” is a group within the National Security Agency?”
    But nevermind that!


    The story here is really that journalists, working with prosecutors, politicians, celebrities, and street mobs use phrases like “conspiracy theorist” or “follower of Q Anon” to justify censoring, depersoning, and physically attacking anybody they disagree with. It’s anarcho-tyranny. I have no idea what Darlene thinks about John Kennedy Jr and don’t care…

    The point is people should be allowed to believe in what they want as long as they aren’t harming others. The story is that Media Matters is a blue check mark approved “journalistic” arm of antifa. You don’t even have to believe in politicians harvesting adrenochrome from kidnapped and tortured children to wind up on these people’s bad side. If you disagree with them at all, you’re a fascist. You can be a Democrat and the same thing will happen. Look at how they treated Tulsi Gabbard and now Kyrsten Sinema. You could be a liberal and a feminist like J.K. Rowling, but they’ll come for you if you disagree with their cult on anything. Don’t dare point out any people having adverse reactions to vaccines. Don’t dare say there are only two genders. Is there any difference between the line of mainstream media and the line of “radicals” like antifa? On some things, yes, on others, no.

    It’s all part of the woke cancel culture which is an unholy alliance of intelligence agencies, hollyweird and the entertainment industry (which is directly influenced by those intel agencies through Project Monarch and other programs), media (also influenced by intel through Operation Mockingbird), politicians, activist lawyers, and street activists (astroturfed or not) abiding to a philosophy that is the convergence of Big Capital’s crony capitalism and cultural leftism, using tactics from communist revolutions (especially the Bolshevik Revolution and Mao’s Cultural Revolution) as well as the power of the State to crush anybody who they disagree with.

    Let’s not get into some tangents or debates about what Q Anon believes or who it is or whether they’re right about everything. I highly suspect that Darlene and Piton would readily and unequivocally distance themselves from Q Anon. Piton already has distanced himself from that “movement” or whatever you call it. Darlene doesn’t strike me as particularly of the Q variety — actually seems like more of a normie conservative, perhaps even a neocon. (That Wendy lady from Arizona I could see being into it.) The point should be to defend freedom of speech. The point is even if Wendy is a Q Anon, so what? My problem with Wendy isn’t that she’s Q Anon, my problem with her is that she’s cringe and people are tired of waiting for Trump to flip Arizona. It’s been almost a year… how long are you going to wait?

    You have to understand that to leftists (as well as to far rightists or any totalitarians) the idea of free speech is bad. They’ll argue it will lead to fascism, so you don’t allow free speech. They don’t believe in it. This is widely documented. It just so happens that Big Capital and the State also like censorship for obvious reasons (to silence their critics). These groups are all working together now to crush small businesses, families, and traditions. Big business, big government, and far left street gangs. Big Journo will say you are a “threat to democracy.” These billion dollar multinational entities parrot the same points as so-called “decentralized, unorganized” activists in antifa… Really makes you think huh?

    It’s a real sick mess. Absolute disgrace of a country. And it didn’t happen overnight. People let it happen. They let it happen, and they sit around on their bupkises hoping things will magically reverse or that in two more weeks Donnie Trump is going to come back and Save the West or maybe John Kennedy Jr will emerge from Antarctica in his flat earth teleportation UFO device. It seems nobody in America has any clue how to fight back against this machine, let alone how to achieve victory. It’s pathetic. The few who do end up losing their jobs, or censored from the most popular social websites, or in prison — which also happens to people who simply express certain opinions…

    IT’S NOT LOOKING GOOD! I don’t think people should assume PANIC (patriots are now in control). It really doesn’t feel that way, does it? Does it feel like you are winning? To me it feels like the BAD GUYS are winning! I have my own ideas about what to do about it but can’t share them in an unsecured place like this. JT, I think you should probably re-evaluate the usefulness of Q-Anon and perhaps pray on what should be done… They may have had some value in “awakening” people, especially some mommies who were apolitical up until recently, but what does being “aware” really matter when you are being slaughtered? There needs to be a plan of action, not merely being “awake” that there are some bad dudes doing bad things!!! People who were in the middle of genocides were probably “awake” to the situation, but … you know what I’m saying, man?

    And stop being cryptic. What is a white hat and a black hat? Just explain the concepts. Don’t waste time asking people if they know what this or that is. You know there is a delay, sometimes of three hours, before comments are posted on here. I don’t see ANYBODY in the U.S. government, regardless of agency, as being particularly useful, JT, because I see the U.S. government itself as highly corrupt, but that’s just my opinion.. What happened to the insider hacker Snowden? Trump never pardoned him, but he pardoned inside traders! What happened when the Panama Papers leaked? It was ignored. What happened when the Pandora Papers leaked? Nothing. What did people say about the Pentagon Papers? Nothing. Having a handful of rogues on the inside doesn’t equate to anything when the media will ignore it and the whistleblowers are prosecuted. They’ll distract you with some fake story like the FB whistleblower whose angle is that FB isn’t censoring people *enough* or some Gabby Petito nonsense. Obama campaigned on more transparency yet he prosecuted more whistleblowers than every president before him COMBINED! The situation is pretty bleak, man.

    What does the ‘truth’ matter in a post-truth world and an age of censorship and algorithms? What does it matter when the media has been consolidated into a handful of corporations and the precious GOP defends that because “muh economic freedom” and those corporations hate your values? Same with pharma, grocery stores, energy companies, etc. It’s all consolidated. What does it mean when “social media” shares your “data” with the government and other corporations? What does it mean? THINK, JT, THINK!!!

    You better start believing in the futuristic algocratic dystopias… YOU’RE IN ONE! It’s called the United States of America and it is an evil country — part of the so called “five eyes” !!!

    Oh God forbid we talk about MONETARY theory or surveillance in the U.S of A. Let’s all talk about some INFRASTRUCTURE bill, or filibusters, or the Kardashians!

  13. Re Correcting mentioning George S. That guy was logged in many times to the Barak Hussein Obama whitehouse during the regime of 2009 through 2016. What did Hussein or his operatives discuss with him or agree to do ? Or take directions from him? Does the moron doofus in that building today partnering or taking advice from George? Also, who is in charge of the whitehouse. On a number of occasions the doofus Biden said he would “get in trouble” from someone if he takes more questions from reporters. Who is in charge? Is it George, or Hussein in the background or General Pisaki, the smart aleck red headed woman.

  14. Some posters should be watching the White Sox rather than blathering incoherently this Sunday night.

  15. Maybe you should be watching the White Sox game instead of Fox News, bred winner.

    My comment was about Media Matters, Q-Anon, and harassment by the media which is what this article was about.

    It wasn’t about “doofus” Joe Biden or “Barak Hussein.”

    It seems intuitive to me that Soros helped Biden since he was so anti-Trump.

    Obviously Media Matters did plenty of hit pieces on pro-Trump people.

    I don’t see why you have to say I’m incoherent or imply I’m giving a free pass to Biden or Obama.

    I don’t like either one and acknowledge Soros’s role in their elections.

    My comment was about a lot more than just Biden, Obama, or Carter which is usually the depth of your comments…

    Are you sure maybe you aren’t the incoherent one and can’t handle a comment weaving together multiple ideas?

    I appreciate you mentioning something factual with the flight logs.

    That actually is quite interesting. Sometimes you do bring up good points beyond the usual cringe boomer garbage.

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