Jeanne Ives to Host Beyond the Beltway Sunday Night

Looks like former state Representative, and former IL-06 candidate Jeanne Ives (R, Wheaton) will be the guest host for Sunday’s broadcast of Beyond the Beltway starting at 6:06PM CDT.

Click the YouTube channel live stream video link to live stream the October 10, 2021 show.

If YouTube link not working, station KLBJ 590 AM in Austin, TX, broadcasts both hours of Beyond the Beltway can be heard here.


Jeanne Ives to Host Beyond the Beltway Sunday Night — 6 Comments

  1. Really Woke, he may be taking the long holiday weekend off, or he may be sick (remember his age).

    Maybe Ives will tell us tonight.

  2. Wow. That’s impressive.

    She’s pretty partisan in her beliefs, but it says a lot if DuMont trusts her enough to host the show.

    The host is supposed to be a neutral moderator.

    Curious how this will go but like I said it is worth noting that DuMont trusts her enough to fill his seat.

    It’s not like a partisan can’t be a good host or moderator though you just have to check your beliefs at the door; it’s really not that difficult. Stupid people wouldn’t understand… but I don’t see Ives is a “stupid person” anyway.

    Hey, John, not that it’s related, but since you cover politics, the Libertarian convention was this week.

    I know your readers hate Libertarians, but you might be interested in getting the scoop on that.

    Wonder Lake resident and Greenwood Township Trustee Kelly Liebmann may have gone to the convention, so maybe you could ask her.

    Or Steve Seuss, I think he’s the state chairman and he’s on social media.

    I’m pretty sure Bill Redpath is going to be the U.S. Senate candidate, but other than that Idk about the statewide candidates (governor, AG, etc), or congressional, or legislative.

    Oh, actually Redpath ran against Ives in 2020!

    Ha ha I brought it back!

  3. Ives would have been an immensely more trustworthy governor than the toilet guy we have now who inherited his fortune. Too bad she never got to the face-off with that fat guy. Of course, Illinois voters are the most dumb on earth who picked the fat guy and the Dick in the US Senate.

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