IL-16: So you’re going to claim “expert knowledge” in your profession?

Jack Lombardi

You better be ready to prove it with measurable, quantifiable proof, or at very least, a professional reference or endorsement by your peers outside of social media

Last Monday, something IL-16 Republican candidate Jack Lombardi (R, Manhatten) tweeted jumped out at me which I have to vet.

Lombardi’s digital marketing business, Chicago Website Design SEO Company would qualify as expertise in the digital space.

That being said, it appears Lombardi is trying to be opportunistic, or in my honest opinion right at the line of embellishment in his campaign by claiming his expertise could be of use to reform Section 230, with Lombardi trying to position himself as an industry expert in this field, in light of the recent revelations by the Facebook whistleblower that has been in the news since last Sunday night.

For discernment, is Lombardi an industry expert to make such a claim he’ll reform Section 230 with his technical experience?

If I were interviewing someone who made such a claim, I’d begin questioning the applicant for proof they’re really an expert.

Given we’re talking someone trying to leverage their work experience into election to Congress, I’d search for:

  • books written
  • articles published in professional trade journals
  • industry white papers
  • TEDx (Technology, Entertainment, Design) seminar videos
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant articles
  • Media recognition, like from Crain’s Chicago Business or other mainstream media source
  • etc.

For Lombardi, I found no external resource publications to prove he’s an expert.

Fellow IL-16 candidate James Marter (R, Oswego) has been running his own information technology consulting business for 19 years, and to my knowledge, he’s made no such claim of being an industry expert, apart from being a true small business owner.

Please, read Lombardi’s bio from his company website, and while how he got into his current digital marketing business, with help of his mixed martial arts sensei, is interesting, there are no external references for Lombardi’s expertise.

A reference/endorsement from a recognized expert in the digital marketing space for Lombardi would also be proof a real industry expert willing to put their name behind Lombardi’s in a place outside of a LinkedIn, or comparable social media endorsement.

Just something else to think about when vetting candidates with discernment.


IL-16: So you’re going to claim “expert knowledge” in your profession? — 9 Comments

  1. I don’t know how his Kung Fu chopsocky is supposed to appeal to a voter.

    Seems a bit too strenuous and besides am I supposed to think I can call him if I need my neighbors ass kicked?

  2. I have a question, what qualifications does JB Pritzker have to be Governor of the state of Illinois?

    Lucky billionaire sperm club?

  3. I think this is a very fair assessment and questioning of anyone’s expertise.

    Many of us have the business knowledge and even an education in digital marketing but this is a broad business that has few industry experts so to speak.

    I like James Marter he is a humble hard-working man.

  4. I dont much like JL as a candidate, but I think you are being a bit too hard on him.

    I personally work in software.

    I know many experts at my firm who have none of the items you list, but are very knowledgeable in their field.

    Many don’t want to write, or due to their expertise, prefer to keep that as their personal “value add”.

    I seriously doubt JL has any knowledge of algorithms other than what is easily found.

    But if you are a politician running in a crowded primary, taking shots at our Tech Overlords is a good idea.

  5. Sounds like a lot of BS re using expert knowledge of social algorithms. His professed “knowledge” is in a very narrow field that most people are not comfortable with. Is there a lot of manipulation going on there? People might be more comfortable with someone selling used and new cars.

  6. I haven’t criticized Lombardi *too* much on this blog, and to be honest kind of prefer him over the other candidates in the field, but this is sad and cringe.

    Having an e-business, a Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail (including YouTube) account doesn’t make you a tech expert lol.

    Maybe he knows more than that, but I am getting the impression he is GREATLY over-exaggerating his qualifications in the field of technology.

    This Section 230 issue has been brought up for a while now and Lombardi has never wrote about it in detail to my knowledge.

    If I am wrong, he is welcome to post his writings here. Maybe I simply have not seen them. If I’m wrong, he should post them so he can gain credibility and most likely new supporters.

    Where is his technical analysis?

    I call SHENANIGANS on Lombardi!

    People in digital marketing literally use algorithms to find customers for them lmao it doesn’t mean THEY PERSONALLY know how to target anything.

    Imagine if I paid Google or Facebook for advertising and claimed myself an expert in digital advertising…

    Imagine Cal clicking on a box on WordPress to “optimize SEO” and claiming he knew how to optimize traffic for the blog lol.

    What does Lombardi actually know?

    t. somebody who has defend Lombardi SEVERAL times from Lopez for what I would describe as unfair attacks

  7. Make it easy Call their references… of people he has done work for …

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