Cat Tax to Be Collected at Health Department’s Low-Cost Rabies Vaccination Opportunity

Where was Keely Cat when the McHenry County Board imposed the requirement to vaccinate cats for rabies?

In 2012, Keely kept watch throughout the year for the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax Collectors from the Heath Department.

He beat it back the first time around about a decade ago.

In 2012, Keely Cat said, “Why do I need a rabies shot? I don’t go outside and there are no bats in the Skinner household.”

Now comes the Animal Control Division of the McHenry County Health Department sponsoring a low-cost rabies vaccination event on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, all the appointments for cats have been reserved, but, as of yesterday, there were still a few for dogs.

Here is the press release:

Low-Cost Rabies Vaccination Clinic for Cats and Dogs

McHenry County Animal Control is excited to host a drive thru rabies clinic on Wednesday, October 13, from 1 PM to 4 PM for cats and dogs! One-year and 3-year rabies vaccines are available, as well as microchips. This clinic is by appointment only, so please call us at 815-459-6222 to reserve your spot! 

The cost is $15 for a one year vaccine and $30 for three years. Cats will receive a free microchip with vaccination or pay $10 for a microchip only. Registration fees are additional and vary depending on factors such as whether a pet is spayed or neutered. See registration tag pricing on MCAC’S Registration page

To maintain safety, social distancing will be adhered to and attendees must wear a mask. The clinics will be drive-thru, and payment will be accepted via cash only. This event is for residents of McHenry County only. 

All dogs must be leashed and cats must be in a carrier. Please do not bring animals that are in heat. Information about bite history or pets that are easily stressed will be requested when making an appointment. 


Cat Tax to Be Collected at Health Department’s Low-Cost Rabies Vaccination Opportunity — 19 Comments

  1. No such thing as rabies. Or probably heartworm either. It’s all a scam to make your pets die young and be sick.

  2. My first thought: “Car tax?

    At the health department?


    Good thing I do my dog registration via mail.”

  3. Cindy it’s the kennel cough shot that will kill your dog – bordetella. Some vets require it to treat your animal. I go on to the next vet.

  4. Nope. Look up germ theory and what a hoax it all was. No measles, no Spanish flu, no Covid, no rabies. When did all the pets start getting all the “human” type diseases and dying younger? After they told you to vaccinate them all! Think about it.

  5. Instead of a car tax for cats, how about a tax, sirtax, on those monster pickup trucks. Those all jacked up with giant wheels and the intimidating trailer hitch and ball sticking out the rear bumper that can wreck your knee if you accidentally walk too close in a parking lot.

  6. Cindy my dog had all of those shots and lived a happy and healthy life and passed at the age of 16!

  7. The pet rabies vax is well known to be quite ineffective at blocking ferret, canine, feline and vulpine rabies infections in the first place as any virologist (not vet making money off the scam) worth his salt will tell you.

    That’s why all vaccinated pets who bite people have to be quarantined by the local animal control.

    Think about it.

    But it is quite a racket.

    I suppose this is why in those lands of superstition and irrationality like Switzerland, Scandinavia, Hungary, Argentina and Russia, rabies vaccination of pets is unheard of.

    Several prefectures of Japan also dropped the rabies vaccine as pointless.

    Eye opening:

  8. Paul Revere, why don’t you get the human rabies vax if you’re so scared?

  9. You should get a clue by now that any “disease they have labeled as a virus is a hoax. Name any one disease they say is a virus and you have your answer already. They have NEVER since the beginning of time EVER isolated one single virus of any disease they have put in that category. This alone should make you very suspicious. All viruses are inert. All are dead. NONE can transfer in ANY body let alone cross any species. You people are NOT doing your homework. You are STILL going by the indoctrination you have received from liars and evil filth that will use all of this fakery to enrich themselves and sell you worthless (and sometimes very dangerous as we have seen of recent) therapeutic relief. The only way you can “catch” a viral (as they have labeled them) disease is by INJECTION! They are making you AND your pets sick on purpose for their own gain. No viral disease exists! You have been sold unbelievable lies. Stop promoting them. Look into how all these lies started instead of promoting the insanity they have enslaved you with. Stop trusting in rumors and the people repeating things they know nothing about! People, please! Learn to read! Seek truth.

  10. I would guess that these Cindy posts are Automatic posts by a moron group linking on the internet. No other logical explanation.

  11. Cindy speaks more truth than you understand bred.

    You don’t have to learn to read like she finishes with.

    I could send you a history of the Cabal and how it started in the 1700’s and continues to thrive today and how these diseases were released on us.

    It’s 18 parts.

    As far as animal injections I don’t know.

    I’ll leave with this.

    Did you know who Fauci’s dad was a MD and who he was involved with?

    That’s rhetorical.

    The Cabal.

    Guess who his son is involved with?

    The Cabal.

    Bill and Melinda Gates are running and dictating methods to reduce population through injections.

    Gates is involved in all of it and Fauci is fast friends with him.

    fyi Bill Gate’s dad was also involved with the Cabal.

    Please don’t be a guinea pig for their scientific experiments.

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