Franks: “I’m an Idiot” — 18 Comments

  1. you will get no argument from the people who voted you out…

  2. So he doesn’t read his own bills?

    He must have been too busy trying to bed his secretary.

  3. Think Franks will go after Wilcox’s seat?

    This sure sounds like a door opening to attack Wilcox to me.

  4. He is correct, for once, yet an idiot for not putting a cap in place in the first place.

  5. Don’t worry Jack, most if not all Springfield politicians on both sides are just like you.


    The amount of stupid laws on the books in IL to fleece us of more of our hard earned money than our property taxes is endless.

    Fees here Fees there Fees exist everywhere.

  6. Well I am the Last guy who would come to Jack Franks defense…

    I worked long and hard to get him voted out of office…

    But….he has done some things right …

    I asked him once to get a bill passed through allowing all us “Old guys” free fishing 75 years and older..and he got it done..

    When a son returned from Afghanistan he was at Army base in Texas and due to a paper work mix up was kept there…

    A phone call was made to Franks Office and the son was home the next day..

    one of my Sons is retired from the Army and a DAV and thanks to Franks does not have to Pay the Illinois tax….

    BUT The Democrats will take any law after it was passed and morph it into a monster…

    Example, look how simple the seal belt law changed from start to where its at now

  7. People who are in his district should ask Wilcox to offer up legislation to correct the lack of means testing.

    Wilcox gets a retirement pension, VA healthcare on us, a disability perk, he can afford to pay property taxes in between rounds of golf.

  8. That’s why we need to see and read all 2500 pages of the Dems bill before passing because what a politician writes and what it really means is that they don’t know what they are doing.

    Even this lawyer/politician who wrote the bill admittedly didn’t properly convey the legislative intent to pen and paper.

    SAD but true

  9. Wilcox’s ‘disability’ is that he cannot, psychologically, suffer fools.

    Idiots like because science and the fob nob.

  10. If someone buys a 600,000 home because of a disability that the VA determines of someone defending our country, are we really going to say pay your fair share?

    If they had to pay taxes, wouldn’t they might move out of that house into a cheaper one?

    When Jack passed his bill what was the price of the house at the time?




    If more or the same then he’s the idiot!

    If it’s more because the market went up then what was a $250k house worth now a days?

    Jack has done nothing but get rich off the backs of the working families of this county!

    None of Jack or his family has gone to war but speak of the pension he receives for doing nothing as a past legislature for not even reading his own laws!

    He is an idiot in more ways than one!

  11. CPT: I would be happy to focus on DUI Reick but that is not germane to the topic of this article

    Wilcox is.

    Still no answer to my question has appeared.

    His house is worth at least $500K.

  12. @BS and what gives you the right to know what someone’s disability is?

    The VA determines what that is or is not?

    Just because he is an elected official doesn’t mean you get to know everything about someone!

    Got a problem on how they determine what % is tell your US Congress Rep!

    Who cares what his or anyone’s disabled vet is worth!

  13. Funny how everyone is against their government and employer knowing about their vaccine status, but are demanding to know what a veteran’s disabilities are.

    What a bunch of whiny, jealous, anti-veteran haters.

    If you don’t like it you should’ve joined the military, and injured your body and mind in the process.

    The problem is all of these keyboard warriors wouldn’t have the courage to do so.

    Also, to hell with Jack Franks for attacking veterans.

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