IL-17: Esther Joy King Among Initial 32 NRCC Young Guns On The Radar Candidates for 2022 Elections for the U.S. House

Esther Joy King

From the NRCC press release 10/12/21:

WASHINGTON – The National Republican Congressional Committee announced their first round of “On the Radar” candidates as part of the Youngs Guns program. The program led in conjunction with Leader McCarthy helps equip Republican candidates across the country with the tools they need to run winning campaigns.

“Our movement is more united, energized, and passionate than I’ve ever seen it,” said Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy. “I’m proud to welcome these candidates to the Young Guns program and I look forward to working together to not only take the House — but to build a lasting Republican majority.”

The Young Guns program is divided into three levels containing benchmarks that a candidate must achieve to advance in the program. Candidates who achieve full Young Guns status have successfully collaborated with the NRCC and completed the requirements that establish a path to victory on Election Day.

In 2020, 25 Young Guns were elected to Congress. Since its inception, the Young Guns program has helped elect over 150 members of Congress.

You can view the Young Guns website by clicking HERE.

The list of “On the Radar” candidates is as follows:

(AZ-01) Walt Blackman
(AZ-01) Eli Crane
(AZ-02) Juan Ciscomani
(CA-49) Christopher Rodriguez
(FL-07) Brady Duke
(FL-07) Cory Mills
(FL-13) Amanda Makki
(FL-13) Anna Paulina Luna
(GA-06) Jake Evans
(GA-06) Harold Earls
(GA-06) Meagan Hanson
(GA-07) Rich McCormick
(IA-03) Zach Nunn
(IL-17) Esther Joy King
(KS-03) Amanda Adkins
(ME-02) Bruce Poliquin
(MN-02) Tyler Kistner
(MT-02) Ryan Zinke
(NH-01) Tim Baxter
(NH-01) Matt Mowers
(NH-01) Karoline Leavitt
(NH-01) Gail Huff Brown
(NJ-07) Tom Kean Jr.
(NY-18) Colin Schmitt
(NY-19) Marcus Molinaro
(OR-04) Alek Skarlatos
(PA-07) Lisa Scheller
(TX-15) Monica De La Cruz Hernandez
(TX-38) Wesley Hunt
(VA-02) Jen Kiggans
(WA-08) Jesse Jensen
(WI-03) Derrick Van Orden


From the desk of John Lopez: The NRCC Young Guns program places Republican candidates “On the Radar” solely on fundraising, usually $100K total receipts. The program targets competitive Democrat-held seats, or competitive/new open seats. None of the Republicans challenging Republican House Members who supported the impeachment of President Donald Trump in January will be backed by the Young Guns.


IL-17: Esther Joy King Among Initial 32 NRCC Young Guns On The Radar Candidates for 2022 Elections for the U.S. House — 5 Comments

  1. Have they all been approved by AIPAC, the Bush Family, Log Cabin GOP queers, Kinzinger, Mark ClosetCase Kirk, Rauner, Mitten Romney, the Flake, and the old whore Mitch and his wife,Chao, aka ‘the Dowager Empress’ who resigned from the Trump cabinet?

  2. Good one, roo.

    My question is how many of these put ups have any clue about how their demo opponents will cheat in their elections?

  3. I’d be surprised if any of them would have ballot security.

    Hell, thanks to Joe Tirio we don’t even have it in McH. Co. Thanks Joe, way to go.

  4. John, since you’re following vulnerable Democrats, you might also want to keep an eye on some of the Republicans who have gotten on Trump’s bad side.

    Since Republicans have to play defense AND flip seats, I’m a little worried that with the Trump vs mainstream faction it could cost them a House majority they might otherwise win.

    Obviously that doesn’t matter in a place like Cheney’s seat where a Republican can win no matter what (so might as well go for replacing her), but maybe someone like Katko or a Trumper in his district could be in trouble, and then even though he isn’t totally on board with Trump, are you better off to have a Democrat in his place who is even more in agreement with Pelosi?

    I hope for the most part Republicans focus their attention on vulnerable Democrats.

    There’s probably also a list somewhere of races where Republicans won by small margins too.

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