Rabine Supports Chicago Police in Opposition to Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccinations

From GOP gubernatorial aspirant Gary Rabine:

Gary Rabine: I stand with Chicago Police officers in vaccine mandate fight

Woodstock, IL – Gary Rabine, Republican candidate for Governor, issued the following statement on the City of Chicago’s policy to force police officers to provide vaccination status by October 15, or “be placed in a non-disciplinary, no-pay status.”

Gary Rabine and State Senator Dave Syverson chat at McHenry County GOPac fundraiser..

“The fact that City leaders would jeopardize the safety of Chicago residents by laying off police officers for not providing information about their vaccine status is appalling.

“These leaders don’t care about public safety, they only care about control.

“I stand with the brave men and women who keep our communities safe. Individuals should make their own healthcare decisions – not government bureaucrats. 

As governor, I will vigorously oppose these types of policies and do everything I can to protect your freedom. To our police officers in Chicago and throughout Illinois, I stand with you.”

To learn more about Gary Rabine, log onto https://rabineforgovernor.com/.


Rabine Supports Chicago Police in Opposition to Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccinations — 28 Comments

  1. I heard about a crazy article that someone at Brietbart put up which tries to blame the “left” for using “reverse psychology” to get the Trump supporters to kill themselves off by refusing vaccinations.

    It seems to be working.

  2. Keep believing that Science.

    Your cognitive dissonance is showing.

    If Israel is close to 100% vaccinations, why are their Covid numbers and deaths going up?

    I thought the shot was supposed to work.

    You better get in line for your third shot.

    Gary stands up more for CPD than Beetlejuice.

    Good job Rabine

  3. Does such opposition apply also to children ? Under Illinois law, school children have to be vaccinated against all of the following diseases: Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Poliomyelitis, Measles, Rubella, Mumps, Haemophilus Influenzae Type B, Hepatitis B, Varicella, Invasive Pneumococcal Disease and Meningococcal Disease.

    Likewise, children entering child care facilities, kindergarten, or first grade (whichever comes first) must be vaccinated against most of these diseases, although vaccination requirements for a couple of the aforementioned diseases don’t kick in until sometime later in the K-12 cycle.

    And such are required in virtually all states, some of which require more vaccinations.

  4. Uh duh, other candidates are in opposition of vaccine mandates also.

    Words are cheap.

    Why doesn’t Rabine put his money where his mouth is and sue Pritzker over it like Bailey demonstrated early on that he was fighting for us as our State Representative (and he won!)

    FYI: That’s a picture of Rabine’s longtime friend Lawrence who is now a BIG Bailey supporter and campaign volunteer. Here they are discussing how Lawrence is disappointed that Rabine is playing typical chicago-style dirty politics against his opponents in an attempt to get ahead. ‘Dirty and Desperate’ I believe was the term he used.

  5. Primate, while I agree with your post I don’t agree with your logic.

    All of those vaccines went through trials (3 phases) which take well over 5 years to complete to prove they are effective and SAFE before getting full FDA approval.

    I took them when I was a kid because my parents felt government was trustworthy.

    Fast forward to today.

    Covid mRNA gene therapy jabs are not vaccines.

    They are experimental and approved under FDA Emergency Use Authorization because of the fear porn being pushed on us by the media.

    My age group has over a 99.95% chance of surviving.

    Younger children’s survival rate is even higher.

    Anyone who takes these shots is a guinea pig for Big Pharma.

    In other words, people taking it are participating in the Phase 3 experimental trials and all of the adverse reactions are being covered up.

    I really wish people would stop watching the MSM and reading MSM newspapers.

    The truth is out there if you wish to find it.

    Gary is completely over the target on this one.

  6. I wonder how many close congressional seats will go from pink to blue because enouogh of the Republcans in them have died off.

    Of course, eventually, the Republican base, which is overwhelmingly older and white, will pass from the scene, leaving the entire country to become the next Portlandia.

    This is why the GOP is using desperate measures now to try and suppress the vote and/or allow GOP controlled legislatures to declare the winner of the electoral votes in their states notwithstanding the vote totals.

    The Constitution leaves that up to the states to decide.

    So that coupled with baseless claims of “election fraud” will give GOP legislators in states controlled by Republicans license to appoint their own slate of electors to the Electoral College.

    Civil War ensues.

  7. **like Bailey demonstrated early on that he was fighting for us as our State Representative (and he won!)**

    He did not win.

    He won with one judge, but then lost after that, and it has not gone to the supreme court.

  8. Israel’s rate of fully vaccinated eligible population is approximately 76%.

    If you factor in children and other exempts, the effective vaccination rate for the population as a whole is 58%.


  9. Fine Monk. I’ll bite. Watch and tell me the Covid is nothing but a hoax. LOL. Good luck with that pal.


    And re the election for governor. Good luck until the cheat machines are thrown out of our voting process and we must show ID to vote. But that is racist since blacks are too dumb to know how to get an ID yet you need an ID to get a cell phone, open a bank account, sign a lease…..

  10. The Republican Party is doomed folks.

    They may hold on by hook and crook for a few more election cycles, but in the long run they will go the way of the Whigs and the Dodo birds.

    Rage against the dying of the light all you want.

    It will eventually be “lights out”.

  11. NefariousShaken Brain,
    Darren Bailey’s lawsuit was victorious on July 2 2020 against Pritzker…… it has never been overturned or dismissed! Therefore no Supreme Court was ever in play! This is the crap opponents, opponent’s supporters and the ignorant are spreading. Which one are you, because you’re either ignorant or you’re lying.

    In fact, Pritzker has no enforcement to any of his executive orders. He is instead instilling fear in school boards, communities and counties to pass their own local ordinances.

  12. I person who loves stupid criminals — here is some reading for you:


    “Pritzker’s lawyers asked Grischow last month to “reconsider” the July 2 order from McHaney, who initially presided over Bailey’s case before it was transferred to Sangamon County.

    On Monday, Grischow issued an 11-page opinion vacating McHaney’s order, including “the order wherein Judge McHaney applied it to ‘all citizens of the state of Illinois.’”

    Grischow also denied Bailey’s request from October to find Pritzker in contempt for failing to follow McHaney’s July 2 order.”

  13. JT

    And I wish people would stop reading the internet or listening to “news” programs and pretending they are unbiased (“simply looking for the truth”) and have medical education, training and experience, particularly with respect to a topic that has been politically weaponized for those who love to believe in conspiracies. (“I know the truth but you don’t.”)

    Myself, I’ll rely upon the myriad of medical organizations and societies that support and endorse COVID vaccination.

    (The AMA, the Mayo Clinic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the American Nurses Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Association of American Medical Colleges, the National Association for Home Care and Hospice, etc.

    Should I go on ?

    But I guess they are all a part of such humongous conspiracy, right ?)

    That’s the truth that’s out there, but you refuse to accept it because it doesn’t fit into your harebrained theories.

    After 700,000 American deaths I’m no longer willing to suffer fools.

  14. Prime, at least going forward, we’ll suffer far fewer.


  15. I don’t think the internet is bad, it’s what you do with it that counts.

    It’s a marvelous device for fact checking if you are, indeed, looking for facts.

    ALL the facts.

    Start with what you’ve been told and believe to be true. Find some reporting that seems to prove the opposite, and ascertain the source of fact being cited and read THAT argument. Weigh and consider.

    The internet is unfortunate for those merely seeking to confirm their bias in that you can utilize it like a lawyer leading a witness, ie; searching, say, for: “Covid Vaccines killing people.”

    That’s why lawyers aren’t allowed to lead a witness, provided their opposite has their wits about them and objects.

    Leading testimony does not produce fulsome or completely truthful testimony, nor does it work for reporting, either.

    If you want to actually be informed, listen more often to arguments that don’t agree with your own, rather than just being satisfied sticking with “you know”.


  16. Police?

    You need to support anybody who doesn’t want to take the vax.

  17. Right.

    The thing about the internet is that everything looks equal to everything else.

    It used to be that unless you could afford millions of dollars to set up a newspaper, hire reporters and editors, buy a fleet of trucks, printing pressses, etc. you couldn’t be heard.

    Newspapers used to carefully sreen all of their hires, usually requiring at least a BA from a decent college and decent GPA.

    So people who wanted to be journalists went to college where they majored in journalism.

    Journalism courses taught people how to look at things critically, require proof of facts, and at least try to check biases at the door.

    Editors checked everything the reporters wrote before it went to press.

    Sure, I will agree that most papers were on the liberal side of things, but that is because the actual facts on the ground tend to support the liberal point of view.

    For example, the earth was not made in 6 actual 24 hour days by an invisible magical being in outer space with all the plant and animals in the same forms they are in today.

    There is objective truth and there is fiction or fantasy.

    But now those gatekeepers are no longer the whole show and you can have somebody sitting in his underwear in his mother’s basement putting out something that looks like the New York Times.

    So what you have to do is to look at the source.

    Is it coming from an established source of what used to be print journalism, with all of the culture that went with that, or is it something you never heard of before?

  18. BecauseScience

    What I love is when someone purports to makes a medical or scientific argument, but instead of citing a noted medical or scientific institution provides a weblink to God knows what.

    And then they proceed to tell you they don’t trust the experts, but one should trust what’s at the end of the link as it reveals the “truth”.

    It would be clownish if the consequences of bandying about such “truth” weren’t so tragic.

  19. So Primate.

    I should stop looking at the internet and just read the biased newspapers and listen to biased MSM because they are the propaganda arm for the Dem Party?

    There are plenty of doctors across the world singing the praises of Ivermectin protocol as a cure for the flu (sorry the evil Covid).

    Why are there voices not elevated by Google and YouTube and instead deemed misinformation?

    Learn the phrase “follow the money”.

    Why did Fauci and Zuckerbucks conspire to cover up anything that would contradict people shooting graphene oxide into their bodies via this mRNA gene therapy (not a vax).

    I pray for you because it sounds like you took the shot which has never been done before.

    History is repeating itself and you are now part of an experiment and don’t even know it.

  20. JT: You should read things that are based on fact, not fantasy.

    There is such a thing as reality.

    You might want to try it.

  21. Bailey won his case and it never was thrown out.

    Still stands today in fact.

  22. LOL Science. The Zuckerberg / Fauci connection came directly from Fauci’s emails released under FOIA.


    Must not be fact and just pure fantasy

    Here is some more fact from the Nebraska AG office.

    You sir are so psy op’d you just have no clue that you are.

    That’s called living in fantasy land.


    Keep it up.

    Your cognitive dissonance is showing.


  23. JT

    Stop relying on the internet for accurate, factual information ?

    No, I’m not suggesting that.

    What I would suggest is a little discretion in such regard.

    How about only relying upon information in the websites of proven medical and scientific organizations and entities ?

    “There are plenty of doctors across the world singing the praises of Ivermectin protocol as a cure for the flu (sorry the evil Covid).”

    I think that says everything anyone needs to know about you.

  24. LOL Primate. Thank you for the compliment re my Ivermectin comment.

    Here’s some factual information that dropped this week “on the internet”.

    The all knowing CNN Medical professional Sanjay Gupta gets cornered and can’t answer why his employer CNN continues to lie about Ivermectin being a horse dewormer.

    Joe Rogan caught Covid and followed the Ivermectin protocol and was cured within days without even going to the hospital.

    It’s funny when liberals have their ideology questioned they fall apart like Gupta.

    Gupta and CNN are psy op’ing you and you just bah like a sheep and believe them.

    fyi, I don’t watch Fox News except to laugh at them too.

    It’s time to wake up.

    All of government is not working for you.

    They hate you and are killing you with this graphene oxide experiment they are conning you into shooting into your body.

    If you spun the wheel I hope you end up on a spot that says you get to live on.


  25. Nothing about the Covid vaccine makes sense.

    If it’s so safe, why would thousands of nurses rather lose their jobs than being jabbed? Battling Covid for a year and a half, they should know better than anybody what’s what.

    Why are the most vaccinated countries, such as Israel, experiencing new Covid outbreaks? Why did Vietnam suffer almost no Covid deaths until it started jabbing people with American vaccines?

    Pfizer just donated a million doses to that foolish government, by the way.

    Though a vaccine is supposed to immunize you against a specific disease, the Covid ones destroy your natural immunity, to make you more susceptible to Covid! Isn’t that a sick joke, at your expense.

  26. Come on Cuke. Common sense and critical thinking does not work on a liberal.

    You are a conspiracy theorist.

    Stop researching on the internet and trust the MSM to spoon feed you the truth.


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