Second Half of Berkowitz Interview of GOP Gubernatorial Hopeful Jesse Sullivan

From Jeff Berkowitz:

Topics discussed in Part 2 of Berkowitz’s interview with GOV candidate Jesse Sullivan (R-Petersburg, IL) include:

-Gov Pritzker’s blanket mandates on mask wearing of kids in schools and business lockdowns across the State? Blanket mandates of vaccinations … Read more »

-Gov Pritzker’s failure to protect the most vulnerable from Covid19… Read more »

-Gov Pritzker’s discrimination against ,,, Read more »

-Gov Pritzker’s failure to protect citizens from ,,, Read more »

-Always allow an exception for “Life of the mother” if Read more »

-Should there also be exception to a ban on abortion for rape and incest?

-How to work in a very blue state to reduce Read more »-The importance of assisting mothers in pre-natal, birth and post birth healthcare?

-The impact of IL’s very high over-all taxes on its residents and businesses?-The State’s obligation to protect public safety and … Read more »

-The meaning of multi-million-dollar IL gubernatorial campaign contributions to Jesse Sullivan?-The impact of escalating inner city IL crime on… Read more »


Second Half of Berkowitz Interview of GOP Gubernatorial Hopeful Jesse Sullivan — 6 Comments

  1. Interesting, he’s a suddenly appearing gPritzker mole with alot of dough to derail the GOP so Fatso who dreams of the US Presidency can glide in to a 2nd term, yet he attacks Pritzker.

  2. Jesse Sullivan doesn’t know what he did in Afghanistan.

    If he doesn’t what he did there, how do I know what he’ll do here as governor? 🤔😄🔔

  3. Sullivan is Dem plant and donates heavily to Dems. Rabine donated to Dems too but he’s not as rich as this guy, Sullivan. Say no to both. And Schimp whines that Dem Dick Durbin didn’t keep his word to give him an IL Supreme Court judges seat. Really? Can’t we do better?
    Roper and Solomon are not even on the radar. Pritzker sends out a letter pleading Dems to help him stop Front Runner, Darren Bailey. I guess Bailey is the one to beat.

  4. Trump donated to Democrats too.

    When you’re in business, 🤷‍♂️.

    Other, er, um… shall we say, less wholesome creatures, too.


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