State Senator Dave Syverson Announces Re-election Campaign

From State Senator David Syverson:

State Senator Dave Syverson announces re-election in the new 35th District

Republican businessman and Illinois State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Cherry Valley) announced his campaign for re-election in the 35 th  District so he may continue to be a consistent voice for families, taxpayers, seniors, and job creators here in Northern Illinois.

Dave Syverson parading in Marengo.

 “When I first ran for Senate, I had no government or political background, and was just a frustrated parent, a small business owner, and a taxpayer who felt there needed to be a voice that represented families and the common person – not special interest groups,” Sen. Syverson said.

Since being elected as a citizen legislator and reformer, Sen. Syverson has focused on introducing and passing reforms to reduce the power of politicians and political insiders and to increase transparency and accountability for Illinois taxpayers.

He also believes in leading by example with that in mind, he has never accepted a pay raise or cost of living increase, instead donating his pay increases to local charities.

To maintain his people-centered focus, Sen. Syverson has made constituent services the cornerstone of his work as a legislator. Each year we help 100’s of people that come to us when the state fails to do their job.

My job is to be the advocate for those the state failed fighting the bureaucracy in Springfield to get resolution.

“Today, as crime, over taxation and corruption ravage our state, the governor and his ruling party solution seems to be going after our freedoms, tying the hands of law enforcement, and spending at a rate that is mortgaging our children’s future. The path they are leading this state on will not lead us to the kind of prosperous state our families once knew and deserve.

“I am running because I believe there is a better path Illinois can take.

“I believe in many cases government is the problem not the solution and as a state you cannot tax your way into prosperity, but you can grow your way.

“We need to create an environment where the ingenuity and hard work of Illinoisans can flourish when that happens so many pieces will then fall in place.

“The final chapter on Illinois has not been written (and) I owe it to my family and families across Illinois to do what I can to make Illinois a better place to live, work and raise families; and that is what I am committed to doing.

You can learn more about Sen. Syverson and his campaign at:


State Senator Dave Syverson Announces Re-election Campaign — 5 Comments

  1. Syverson represents the Illinois GOP perfectly well.

    He looks good, dresses nicely, says all the right things…..

    And then he makes no move that would help the conservative movement.

    He makes no move to inhibit the hegemony of the liberal ball and chain that is Illinois.

    Syverson is a senator for himself – looking to cash in on the very pension program that is destroying our state and receive all the benefits of the ruling class that is destroying the very people Syverson claims he supports.

    It pains me to see his face.

  2. Senator Dave Syverson, what is your plan to reduce the size and cost of Illinois’ nation leading 8,918 units of local government?

    You should make this the center issue of your campaign.

  3. If his opponent refuses the pension and term limits himself, he wins!!!

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