Rockford Catholic Charities’ Adoption Press Conference Text

The Rockford Diocese covers McHenry County. Today its Catholic Charities announced that it would no longer assist the State of Illinois in finding adoptive families for wards of the state. The reason? The new civil unions law that takes effect … Continue reading

Message of the Day – An Electronic Sign

What you see above is the series of messages on the electronic sign on Route 47 in front of the McHenry County Treasurer’s Office. They promote the Crystal Lake Animal Control facility, which, apparently, can provide not only pets, but … Continue reading

How Did I End Up Supporting the Winning GOP Presidential Candidate?

I think the last time I supported someone who won a contested Republican presidential primary was 1980. Now, I’ve done it again. Twice in a lifetime isn’t bad, is it? Some of my conservative friends can’t understand how I could … Continue reading