Illinois Leaks Labels Bob Miller Delayed Sick Payment “Sick Pay Gate”

This article published on Illinois Leaks is re-printed with permission: Algonquin Township Road District – Bob Miller sick day pay even more troubling when the law is applied BY KIRK ALLEN ON MAY 11, 2018 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) McHenry Co. (ECWd) –Just yesterday … Continue reading

$1,250 More in Bob Miller Gift Cards, This Time from Barn Nursery

Re-printed with permission from Illinois Leaks: Algonquin Township Road District – $1,250 in Gift Cards from Barn Nursery and Landscape BY KIRK ALLEN ON MAY 10, 2018 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) McHenry Co. (ECWd) –Once again we find Gift Cards being purchased with the … Continue reading

A Summary of Bob Miller’s Belated $47,381.84 Sick Pay Cash Out

Reprinted from Illinois Leaks with permission: Algonquin Township Road District – Miller’s attorney confirms Road District sick pay erroneous! BY KIRK ALLEN ON MAY 10, 2018 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) McHenry Co. (ECWd) –This is complicated so please make sure you read the articles … Continue reading

Secret Gift Cards Put Karen Lukasik & Bob Miller in Sights of Illinois Leaks Again

Both Edgar County Watchdogs, Kirk Allen and John Kraft, will speak at the McHenry County Libertarian Party meeting being held at the Rib House on Route 176 at 8 PM. The two will be there for the 6:30 dinner and … Continue reading

Real Estate Tax Bills Coming Monday

McHenry County Treasurer Glenda Miller mailed property tax bills on Friday. Since they didn’t come Saturday, I’m guessing they will arrive in most mailboxes Monday. McHenry County Blog will present some analysis, the first portion of which compares what categories … Continue reading

Skinner Family Real Estate Tax Bill Increases 1/2 of 1% (Not the 4.6% I Thought When Decimal Misplaced)

I needed addition advice on how to find a copy of my family’s tax bill on the McHenry County Treasurer’s web site. The bill went from $9,988.26 last year to $10,033.66. That’s an increase of 0.46%. [Thanks to Alabama Shake for pointing … Continue reading

Franks Calls on Algonquin Township Board to Schedule Referendum on Fall Ballot to Put Road Commissioner Under Their Control

Jack Franks has sent the following email to members of the Algonquin Township Board: I am writing this letter to urge the Township Board to put a binding referendum on the November ballot to abolish the Algonquin Township Highway Department. … Continue reading

No Records of How Bob Miller Redeemed Hundreds of Thousands of American Express Reward Points

Last week I noticed that the American Express Credit Card that former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller used for business purposes had a lot of reward points. The points went somewhere. However, in response to a Freedom of Information … Continue reading

Algonquin Township Road District Subscribed to Capitol Fax

An article from Illinois Leaks, reprinted with permission: Algonquin Township – Road District funds for political newsletter subscription BY KIRK ALLEN ON MAY 2, 2018 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) McHenry Co.  (ECWd) –When we started the Edgar County Watchdogs our Board of Directors made it very … Continue reading

More Questionable Bob Miller Credit Card Purchases

Another example of former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner’s American Express Algonquin Township Road District – Bob Miller credit card the gift that keeps giving BY KIRK ALLEN ON APRIL 30, 2018 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) McHenry Co. (ECWd) – While reviewing numerous American Express … Continue reading

Xmas Gifts Listed on Algonquin Township Credit Card

It appears as though the Algonquin Township Taxpayers were bank rolling Santa Claus.  Reprinted with permission. Algonquin Township Road District – Public credit used for Christmas gifts BY KIRK ALLEN ON APRIL 29, 2018 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) McHenry Co. (ECWd) –Once again credit … Continue reading

Bob Miller Charged a Second Wisconsin Hooters’ Meal to Algonquin Township

Last summer, McHenry County Blog printed the credit card statement sent to Bob Miller’s  Algonquin Township Road District in March of 2016 for a $289 bill for Hooters in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Now Illinois Leaks has found another bill fro the … Continue reading

How Were Algonquin Township Road District America Express “Rewards” Redeemed?

At the end of June, 2008, there was a 204,403 “total points balance” in Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s American Express Credit Card account. Anyone but I interested in how they were redeemed? … Continue reading

Illinos Leaks Criticizes NWH for Not Asking for Comment on Its FOIA Lawsuit Against Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik

The following article from Illinois Leaks is re-published with permission: Algonquin Township – Blame-shifting coupled with deficient reporting leaves public clueless BY KIRK ALLEN ON APRIL 16, 2018 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) McHenry Co. (ECWd)-In yet another example of why the general public is … Continue reading

Township Road Commissioners Seem To Have Death Wish

The Northwest Herald continues in its campaign to point out the underside of township government. It has concentrated on McHenry County’s largest townships, minus Grafton. Although it waited a long time to look at the spending of former Algonquin Township … Continue reading

Edgar County Watchdogs File Lawsuit Against Algonquin Township & Road District

The following is posted with the permission of the Edgar County Watchdogs. Algonquin Township and Road District facing FOIA Lawsuit By Kirk Allen on April 4, 2018 • ( 1 Comment ) McHenry Co. (ECWd) – ECWd filed our Freedom … Continue reading

Edgar County Watchdogs Sue Algonquin Township for FOIA Violations

Algonquin Township and its Road District have been sued by Edgar County Watchdogss principals Kirk Allen and John Kraft. Woodstock Attorney Denise Anbroziak ia representing the plaintiffs. In sixteen counts, the suit charges the township with refusal to reply to … Continue reading

Bob Miller Is Not the Only Algonquin Township Road Commissioner to Use “Miscellaneous” Pay

Through a Freedom of information request Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser provided documents similar to those used previously to look at miscellaneous payments to Highway Department employees. While I have not had time to do the analysis, a Friend … Continue reading

Bob Miller on Nepotism

Since most people think Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller lost his re-election campaign because of the nepotism issue that opponent Andrew Gasser nursed for over a year, I thought some might be interested in what Miller said about the … Continue reading