Phone Activity of Bob Miller after GOP Primary Defeat by Andrew Gasser for Algonquin Township Road District

Reprinted with permission from Illinois Leaks: Algonquin Township Road District – Bob Miller – Phone Gate BY KIRK ALLEN ON JANUARY 23, 2019 • ( 1 COMMENT ) McHenry Co. (ECWd) –It appears from the records, the former Algonquin Township Road District Highway Commissioner Bob Miller … Continue reading

No Federal Workers Seek General Assistance in Big McHenry County Townships

One of the places one might think laid off Federal workers would approach for emergency assistance is their local township government. Township Supervisors have a special fund called “General Assistance” from which they can dispense assistance. Checking with the Townships … Continue reading

Algonquin Township Trustees Rachael Lawrence and Melissa Victor Call Special Meeting for 2 Friday Afternoon to Release Secret Session Info

You can see the meeting notice below. It says the only order of business is to consider releasing information discussed at an Executive (secret) Session at the regular meeting on January 9th for which “there is no longer a need … Continue reading

The Local 150 v. Algonquin Township Road District Decision in Which Andrew Gasser Was Not Held in Contempt of Court

I read the 160-pqge transcript in the following and wondered what the court order said. You can read it below: To me, the transcript began to get interesting d end the proceedingsfirst at page 122, when Andrew Gasser attorney … Continue reading

Algonquin Township Attorney Jim Kelly Hauls in $180,747.85 in Legal Fees

Reprinted with Permission: Algonquin Township – Attorney James Kelly – $180,747.85 in legal bills and counting BY KIRK ALLEN ON JANUARY 18, 2019 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) McHenry Co. (ECWd) –While much attention has been devoted by the local media to the legal bills … Continue reading

Judge Thomas Meyer Orders $55,000 Taken from Algonquin Township Road District Bank Account to Satisfy Illinois Leaks’ Freedom of Information Suit Win

The chickens finally came home to roost today in the Edgar County Watchdogs’ (publisher of Illinois Leaks) Freedom of Information suit against the Algonquin Township Road District. It is costing taxpayers $55,000, $15,000 more than if the Algonquin Township Board … Continue reading

Illinois Leaks Merits Attack by Northwest Herald Editor

Reprinted with permission from Illinois Leaks: NW Herald Editor Jon Styf pretends to report again… BY JMKRAFT ON JANUARY 14, 2019 • ( 3 COMMENTS ) ALGONQUIN TWP. (ECWd) – NWH’s Editor Jon Styf titled his latest piece: “What in the World is going on in … Continue reading

NWH Reports Algonquin Township Supervisor Sued in Role of Road District Treasurer by Road District

Showing up on January 11th was this article in the Northwest Herald concerning the banking practices of Algonquin Township Supervisor Chuck Lutzow: Algonquin Township road district sues supervisor in alleged fraud case … Continue reading

Was Miller Employee Paid on Day He Picked Up Campaign Signs?

Reprinted with permission from Illinois Leaks: Algonquin Township Road District -Cooked books over a vacation day? BY KIRK ALLEN ON JANUARY 11, 2019 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) McHenry Co. (ECWd) –Payroll records for Doug Helman of the Algonquin Township Road District reflect something quite … Continue reading

Bill Paid By Algonquin Township Board of Trustees Improper?

Did the Algonquin Township Board of Trustees pay an improper bill put forward by the Road District? A friend of McHenry County Blog was just given a bill which shows outgoing Supervisor Diane Klemm and Highway Commissioner Bob Miller threw … Continue reading

Andrew Gasser Continues Trying to Recover Money Claimed Misspent by Bob Miller

Below is Illinois Leaks interpretation of the latest filing by Algonquin Township Road District attorney Robert Hanlon.  It is reprinted with permission. Algonquin Township Road District -Response filed to Bob Miller’s motion to dismiss BY KIRK ALLEN ON JANUARY 1, 2019 • ( LEAVE A … Continue reading

Illinois Leaks Looks at Andrew Gasser’s Salt Purchase and Bob Miller’s Salt Disposition

Republished with permission of Illinois Leaks: Algonquin Township – Salt Gate II – The witch hunt begins BY KIRK ALLEN ON DECEMBER 30, 2018 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) McHenry Co. (ECWd) –The Northwest Herald reports that Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser is being investigated … Continue reading

Algonquin Township Road Salt Subpoena Reported by Northwest Herald

You can read the article here. On October 17, 2018, Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser issued the following press release: Each year the Algonquin Township Road District has been purchasing salt to ensure the roads of the District are … Continue reading

Edgar County Watchdogs Seek $55,000 from Bank Thought to Have Algonquin Township Road District Account

In a document filed with the McHenry County Circuit Court Clerk on December 20, 2018, Nichole Fluhart asked the American Community Bank if it “had any personal property or money belonging to the debtor,” identified as the Algonquin Township Road … Continue reading

More on the Algonquin Township Road District Tax Levy

Reprinted from Illinois Leaks with permission: Algonquin Township meeting – Email content tells an interesting story BY KIRK ALLEN ON DECEMBER 22, 2018 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) McHenry Co. (ECWd)During today’s Algonquin Township Special Meeting, Trustee [Rachael] Lawrence makes reference to an email sent to … Continue reading

Illinois Leaks Criticizes Its Misidentification in Taxpayer Suit against Algonquin Township

Republished with permission from Illinois Leaks: Algonquin Township Trustee Lawrence spreads lie about court filing by Kirk Allen ON DECEMBER 22, 2018 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) McHenry Co. (ECWd) –Nothing like waking up on a Saturday before Christmas to the phone ringing instead … Continue reading

Taxpayer Tries, But Fails to Stop Special Algonquin Township Meeting to Approve Road District Tax Levy

A suit was filed by an Algonquin Township man named Michael Smith to enjoin the Algonquin Township Board from holding its Saturday Special Meeting at which a delayed approval of the Road District was scheduled. Argument is made that notice … Continue reading

Algonquin Township Board Approves Road District Tax Levy

In a Saturday morning Special Meeting of the Algonquin Township Board, the tax levy presented by Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser prior to the October meeting was finally passed. The vote was 3-0. At the regular December meeting, approval was beaten … Continue reading

Highway Department Bills Algonquin Township Board Refused to Pay

Wondering what Highway Department bills the Algonquin Township Board refused to pay, I asked Township Supervisor Chuck Lutzow, who is the Treasurer for the Road District for details. Here they are: Bills not approved for the Road District at the … Continue reading

Algonquin Township Board to Undo Damage Done by Previous Refusals to Approve Road District Levy

Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser presented his levy for next year in November. It proposed a reduction of 1.8%. That was on top of the 5% reduction during the current year. With Trustees Dan Shea, Melissa Victor and David … Continue reading