Michele Aavang Answers ALAW’s McHenry County Board Questionnaire

The following is the Alliance of Land, Agriculture and Water questionnaire filled out by District 6 McHenry County Board candidate Michele Aavang: ALAW County Board Candidates Survey: 2012 Primary Election Please, indicate yes/no or agree/disagree in the box to the … Continue reading

ALAW Offers Reaction to Passage of Conflict of Interest Ordinance It Promoted

Whether the ordinance that the McHenry County Board passed two days ago will make any difference in the way the board does business remains to be seen. But it is a step toward the transparency that citizens need to begin … Continue reading

Conflict of Interest Ordinance on County Board Agenda Tuesdayd

An email from the Alliance of Land, Agriculture and Water about the McHenry County Board’s upcoming consideration of a more revealing conflict of interest ordinance follows: Dear ALAW Members and Supporters, We need your support more than ever Tuesday night! … Continue reading

Which County Board Members Filed ALAW’s Disclosure Form Last Spring?

An issue ALAW set forth during the primary election caught fire. It was an income and a potential conflict of interest disclosure form which most county board candidates voluntarily filled out. Since before the primary election county board members have … Continue reading

ALAW Presents County Board Votes on Federal Stimulus Bonds

The Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water has made votes by McHenry County Board members up for election available to the public. So, if the local newspapers didn’t ask the question you think is important, you might find some direction … Continue reading

Modified A-LAW Conflict of Interest Suggestion Moves to Ordinance Stage

The Management Services Committee met Tuesday and reached consensus to ask the State’s Attorney’s Office to prepare an ordinance to implement what is left of the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water’s conflict of interest idea. The committee, chaired by … Continue reading

ALAW Promotes Minority 2030 Plan Report by District 6 County Board Members

Something certainly is at stake in the 2030 County Land Use Plan to be voted upon at Tuesday night’s McHenry County Board meeting. The following press release from the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water might give you an idea … Continue reading

ALAW Sends Newsletter

The following newsletter was received from the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water. It talks about the 2030 Plan planners ignoring citizen comments the “Fair Map” Reapportionment Amendments the ALAW Conflict of Interest ordinance Mike Tryon’s bill to prevent Water … Continue reading

Another County Board Ethics Idea

The McHenry County Board has the opportunity to plow new ground by enacting the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water’s conflict of interest revelation ordinance for elected officials, employees, appointees and consultants. Someone in Kane County has come up with … Continue reading

Northwest Herald Adds Weight to Conflict of Interest Ordinance Effort

Yesterday I weighed in with my thoughts on McHenry County Board member Pete Merkel’s apparently harsh criticism of the Alliance for Lake, Agriculture and Water’s proposal for a conflict of interest ordinance. The group asked county board candidates whether they … Continue reading

Minority of Republicans Playing Conflict of Interest Defense

“Hostile” would be fair in characterization of McHenry County Board member Pete Merkel’s reaction to the ALAW conflict of interest proposal, as reported by Kevin Craver of the Northwest Herald Merkel, running unopposed in the Republican primary election, did not … Continue reading

Second Crystal Lake Councilman Files ALAW Conflict of Interest Statement

Following in the footsteps of Crystal Lake City Councilwoman Carolyn Schofield is her colleague Jeff Thorsen. He has filed the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water’s ethics form. You can find it here. As with Schofield, Thorsen was elected last … Continue reading

All of ALAW’s Endorsed Candidates Won

The letter with the candidates endorsed by the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water was too late for the Northwest Herald’s deadline for letters. The paper of record also would not use the information as the basis for a story. … Continue reading

Dan Ryan Blames Defeat on Refusal to Fill Out ALAW Conflict of Interest Questionnaire

In an interview with the Daily Herald, Sun City McHenry County Board member Dan Ryan blamed his refusal to disclose personal financial information requested by the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water and low turnout in his retirement community. “It … Continue reading

District 1 Incumbents’ Mail

Apparently the advantage incumbency and the advantage that having a woman’s name on the ballot usually brings wasn’t enough to spare District 1 from the expense of a mailing. Both Yvonne Barnes and Anna May Miller have sent out mailings. … Continue reading

Those Who Didn’t Volunteer to Fill Out ALAW’s Conflict of Interest Form

It’s the day before the election and time to do some reviewing of issues that McHenry County Blog has covered on the county level. Most attention was given to the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water’s conflict of interest questionnaire.  … Continue reading

ALAW Conflict of Interest Idea Jumps to Crystal Lake City Government

Remember hearing about how forest fires sometimes jump fire breaks that are intended to contain them. That may have happened late last week with the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water’s conflict of interest ordinance. Originally presented to the McHenry … Continue reading