Transcript of Grafton Township Separation of Powers Case from March 11, 2011

If you are not interested in what is happening in Grafton Township, ignore this post. It contains the court transcript for the separation of powers case between Supervisor Linda Moore and the Township Trustees. Of possible interest is the determination … Continue reading

Grafton Trustees Reject Moore Attorney Selection

Thursday night, the Grafton Township Trustees rejected Supervisor Linda Moore’s selection of Rockford’s John Nelson as Township Attorney. Little surprise there, since Nelson’s representation of Moore led to the dismissal of both the Trustees’ favored law firm Ancel Glink, but … Continue reading

Judge Caldwell’s Feb 24th Grafton Township Suit Concluding Comments – Part 5 – Contracts, Who Does What

The final part of Judge Michael Caldwell’s comments at the February 24, 2011, hearing had to do with contracts.  The judge is still disturbed at the Trustees “trying to marginalize” Supervisor Linda Moore. He warns the Trustees (and maybe their … Continue reading

Judge Caldwell’s Feb 24th Grafton Township Suit Concluding Comments – Part 2 – Forensicon and Elgin Lock & Key Bills Not Approved

In the latest hearing on the continuing Grafton Township separation of powers case, Judge Michael Caldwell continues to tell the township what bills should be paid and which should not.   Township Supervisor Linda Moore has been withholding bills she … Continue reading

Island Lake Trustees Sack Ancel Glink

The senior partner turned out for his firm’s firing by four out of six Trustees in Island Lake Monday night. The distinguished looking, white haired Stewart Diamond was in his unmarked seat next to the Village President’s seat early for … Continue reading

Island Lake May Change Village Attorneys

Island Lake may switch attorneys from Ancel, Glink to Zukowski, Rogers, Flood and McArdle Monday night. Ancel, Glink,  you may remember was the firm representing Grafton Township until Judge Michael Caldwell dismissed it in the Linda Moore versus Township Trustees … Continue reading

A Reader Figures Out What the Grafton Township Follow-Up Court Order Says

Earlier McHenry County Blog presented the December 15, 2010, court order drawn up by Ancel Glink Partner Thomas DiCianni. It tied up a couple of loose ends, but certainly not all, that resulted from the 37-page opinion earlier this month … Continue reading

Message of the Day – Irony

The authors of the 2009 edition of Township Officials of Illinois’ “Laws and Duties Handbook” are from the law firm of Ancel Glink. The handbook’s lead author is Grafton Township Attorney Keri-Lyn Krafthefer. The 37-page court order from McHenry County … Continue reading

Message of the Day – Irony

Now comes into the email box of McHenry County Blog a decision by the Illinois Attorney General’s Public Access Counselor. In early December Cynthia Schenk asked the McHenry County Conservation District for a list of hunters allowed on district property. … Continue reading

The Entire 37 Page Decision on Linda Moore v. Grafton Township Trustees & Attorney Keri-Lyn Krafthefer

This 37 image post is for hard-core Grafton Township folks. It comprises Judge Michael Caldwell’s entire decision in Township Supervisor Linda Moore’s suit against her Township Trustees and Township Attorney Keri-Lyn Krafthefer of Ancel Glink, the Township Attorney that she … Continue reading

Judge Michael Caldwell Grants Linda Moore Day-to-Day Operating Authority of Grafton Township, Power to Hire and Fire Employees and Township Attorney – Part 1

In the Grafton Township separation of powers case filed by Township Supervisor Linda Moore against her Township Trustees, Moore largely won. Judge Caldwell wrote, “What was done here by this board to the supervisor was not a policy but rather … Continue reading

Grafton Township Supervisor Says Road District Loan Should Be Repaid

A statement has arrived from Linda Moore, Grafton Township Supervisor: “Grafton Township has many problems to solve, as Supervisor, I cannot do this without the cooperation of the trustees. “The most expensive problem that we are facing is that of … Continue reading

Grafton Township Trustees Outspend Supervisor 4 to 1

With Judge Michael Caldwell’s decision on the Grafton Township separate of power suit due to be announced Monday morning, it seems appropriate to take a look at what the dispute has cost Grafton Township taxpayers in legal fees. Ancel Glink, … Continue reading

Final Words from Linda Moore’s Attorney – Part 7

After the six sections on ten pages of Linda Moore’s separation of powers suit against the Grafton Township Trustees and their primary Ancel Glink attorney Keri-Lyn Krafthefer, Moore’s attorney John Nelson sums up the case: “Supervisor Moore and her counsel … Continue reading

Final Words from Linda Moore’s Attorney – Part 5

Bills Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore had refrained from paying at the advice of her attorney John Nelson is the topic of the next section. Who hasn’t been paid? Here are the ones listed in the brief: $19,880.31 – Forensicon … Continue reading

Final Words from Linda Moore’s Attorney – Part 4

John Nelson, Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore’s attorney in her separation of powers suit argues next about how Trustees’ lawyers in the firm of Ancel Glink has “misapprend(ed) the law in their attempts to disenfranchise the supervisor and the electorate.” … Continue reading

Linda Moore’s Separation of Powers Suit Brief Filed

Now both sides in the Grafton Township Separation of Powers suit have filed their briefs. Moore’s attorney, Rockford-based attorney John Nelson, gave his 7-page argument to the McHenry County Circuit Clerk Thursday. Ancel Glink, the township trustees’ multi-lawyer firm, filed … Continue reading