Animal Farm at the Sheriff’s Department

Former McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler continues to deliver interesting nuggets at his web site called McHenry County Sheriff’s Race 2014. The most recent post has an Animal Farm echo. Although not naming the Corrections Office in question, Seipler … Continue reading

Animal Farm – Concealed Carry Edition

It’s OK for Chicago Alderman to carry concealed handguns, but not its citizens. It’s OK for suburban Cook County residents to carry concealed guns, but not Chicagoans. That’s what I conclude after listening to part of a WBEZ interview with … Continue reading

Illinois Campaign Finance Reform Wasn’t, Business Twice as Important as Individual Contributors

First a disclaimer. I don’t favor limits on campaign contributions. There was much hooting and hollering from liberals and assorted reformers about how wonderful the campaign finance reform law was. Money would no longer rule politics. I favor no limits … Continue reading