Jack Franks Gets Rid of Obama-Franks-Bean Photo

Jack Franks has decided to update his campaign web site. Gone is the photo of him, Barack Obama and Melissa Bean. He didn’t take the photo down after Joe Walsh won a squeaker of an election against Bean, for whom … Continue reading

At Lake in the Hills Airport Newt Gingrich Says County Needs Visionary for President

I’ve been listening to Newt Gingrich since former State Rep. Bernie Pedersen starting sending me GOPAC tapes every month during the late 1980’s. What impressed me was that his visions embraced the entire country–from suburbs to inner city. I was … Continue reading

Obama Delegates in McHenry County Congressional Districts, One from Huntley

It’s the last day of filing. President Barack Obama’s campaign waited to file its petitions for the statewide vote and for delegates in Illinois’ congressional districts until Friday morning. Looking at the 6th Congressional District, which has the Algonquin Township … Continue reading