Franks and Bean Skip 2nd Amendment Rally

What you see is the side of the agenda for the McHenry County Concealed Carry rally held Thursday night at the Operating Engineers Lakemoor Banquet Hall. I see four candidates for Congress were present or representated. From the 16th District, … Continue reading

Mike Tryon and Pam Althoff Meeting Voters at Crystal Lake City Hall – Part 2

State Senator Pam Althoff and State Representative Mike Tryon held a Town Hall meeting at the Crystal Lake City Hall Tuesday night. Yesterday McHenry County Blog ran Part 1. Tryon advocated a radical overhaul of Medicaid, pointing out to qualify … Continue reading

Democratic County Board Candidate Says Scott Lee Cohen “Only Clear Choice”

In this email comment to one of my articles, District 4 Democratic Party Board member Jeff Thirtyacre demonstrates the problem that Pat Quinn has winning the election this year: Jeff Thirtyacre says: 08/18/2010 at 5:43 am (Edit) Between Quinn and … Continue reading

2010 Family PAC Cruise – Part 2

Yesterday, I started telling you about my annual Family PAC cruise. I ended that installment before we boarded the boat. Before walking up the gangplank, I got a couple more politicians’ photos. Next was Randy Hultgren. I met Rich Morthland … Continue reading

The Illinois State Fair and Other Things Republican Today

Today, the Illinois Republican Party is holding its day at the State Fair. Busloads are people are heading that way as I write this article. When I went, it was called Governor’s Day. That was back in Jim Thompson’s time. … Continue reading

Looks as if Libertarians Will Be on Fall Ballot

An email from the Illinois Libertarian Party appears below: Illinois Libertarian Party Statewide Slate Survives Challenge, Seems to Have 33,545 Valid Signatures The Libertarian Party statewide slate of candidates in Illinois submitted approximately 45,000 signatures at the end of June, … Continue reading

Bicyclists Get Special “Share the Road” License Plate, “Choose Life” License Plate Supporters Get Shaft from Jack Franks

Why not? I saw one from another state on our vacation in June, but the photo didn’t turn out. July 5th, Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill to allow “Share the Road” license plates. A minimum of 1,000 would have … Continue reading