Some Federal Tax Money Returns – $1.6 Million for February Blizzard

It will probably come as no surprise to most that McHenry County taxpayers have more money extracted from their checking accounts than is returned. But here comes news from county government that we got some back.  When one adds up … Continue reading

Lakewood Roads Clear as Fire Truck Makes CO Call

Morning came and the snow was high. And, there was a beeping noise in the Skinner household. It was in the basement next to the furnace. The carbon monoxide detector. The furnace was off, but why? Expert in all sorts … Continue reading

McHenry County Closes Courthouse

Here’s the announcement: “All County of McHenry buildings open to the public will be closed on Wednesday, February 2, 2011.   Travel Safely. “With heavy snow, high winds and blizzard conditions anticipated for the next 24 hours, McHenry County facilities … Continue reading