Paints Noon Tuesday Target on GOP Congressional Offices

Here’s the message that was sent out by asking people to show up Congressman Peter Roskam’s Bloomingdale office at noon on Tuesday. One would assume that similar messages were sent concerning demonstrations at all the other Republican congressmen’s offices. … Continue reading

Tryon Brings Constituents Up-To-Date on Session

A message from State Rep. Mike Tryon to his constituents: Friends, As the General Assembly heads into its final weeks of the legislative session, I wanted to update you on some important pieces of legislation. Budget talks are taking center … Continue reading

Walsh Holds His Own Again, This Time with ABC’s Christine Armapour

Four freshman Tea Party Republican “Stars” were interrogated by ABC’s Christine Armapour Sunday morning. This Left Stream Media host relentlessly pushed the left wing agenda of the Barack Obama Administration. You can find the entire nine-minute video here. A shorter, … Continue reading

Steve Stanek Writes Lead Letter in Chicago Sun-Times

Here’s what McHenry resident Steve Stanek wrote the Chicago Sun-Times about those folks in Springfield To the editor: “Down in Springfield, it’s fool-the-taxpayer time,” the Sun-Times wrote (“If this is reform, what’s with the loopholes?” editorial, May 29). When is … Continue reading