Crystal Lake Agrees to Wait for Input from New Police Chief on De-criminalizing Marijuana

An ordinance that would have changed possession of up to 15 grams of marijuana from a criminal misdemeanor offense to a petty offense evidenced by a ticket was removed from the table and then from a future agenda in its … Continue reading

Pot Legalization Vote Will One of First for New City Councilman

Cameron Hubbard was appointed to replace Carolyn Schofield when Schofield moved on to the McHenry County Board. Now, at one of his first meetings, the newcomer will be faced with a vote to de-criminalize marijuana. The agenda item is way … Continue reading

Andy Zinke Said to Have Spilled Beans to Local DEA Suspect, a Big Contributor to Zinke and Sheriff Keith Nygren

Earlier this afternoon, I spent a lot of time putting up the court documents from McHenry County Sheriff’s Sergeant John Koziol so you can read most of the details, if you wish. Now that I have time to read it … Continue reading

Crystal Lake City Council Poised to Lessen Pot Penalty

With its Home Rule powers, the Crystal Lake City Council signaled a majority is ready to change possession of up to thirty joints from a criminal to a civil offense. Mayor Aaron Shepley led the opposition with Councilwomen Cathy Ferguson, … Continue reading

Deported Illegal Mexican a Sex Offender

32-year old Orlando Tapia-Fonseca, the illegal alien from Mexico who was sentenced to 41-months in Federal prison and, then, a second deportation, was convicted in Brown County, Wisconsin, in 1998 of second degree sexual assault on a child. He got … Continue reading

Algonquin Pot Bust by Sheriff’s Department Sparked by Domestic Battery Complaint

After reading the press release from the Sheriff’s Department below, I wondered if the woman making the complaint didn’t think of the implications of doing so. One Arrested for Domestic Battery and Operation of an Indoor Clandestine Grow Operation Sheriff … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Home Near Central High School Yields 167 Pot Plants

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Department has issued the following press release: Crystal Lake Grow House Arrest Results in 167 Cannabis Sativa Plants Seized Sheriff Keith Nygren announced today the arrest of a Crystal Lake resident for operation of an indoor … Continue reading

Ingleside Man Arrested for 86 Plant Ringwood Inside Pot Garden

Here’s an interesting press release from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department telling about the arrests of Antonia H. Sadikoff, about 30 years old, of Ingleside. He was charged with Unlawful Production of Cannabis Sativa Plants (class 2). He paid $4,000 … Continue reading