"12 Brave Souls" in House GOP Ready to Vote for Income Tax Hike

At last Wednesday’s meeting of the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee State Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie) talked about “what really happened in Springfield.” Let me skip to what he said Republicans did and didn’t do. “Twelve brave souls said they … Continue reading

Steve Stanek Writes Lead Letter in Chicago Sun-Times

Here’s what McHenry resident Steve Stanek wrote the Chicago Sun-Times about those folks in Springfield To the editor: “Down in Springfield, it’s fool-the-taxpayer time,” the Sun-Times wrote (“If this is reform, what’s with the loopholes?” editorial, May 29). When is … Continue reading

Calculating One’s Cost-Benefit Ratio on the Doomsday Budget

When Rod Blagojevich and the Democrats took total control of state government, Blagojevich claimed the deficit was $5 billion. That was after the election. I figured that was over a two-year period. He raised all kinds of fees, virtually asking … Continue reading