McHenry County Republicans Holding Tribute for Former Congressman Don Manzullo

On May 13th at D’Andrea’s in Crystal Lake, McHenry County Republicans will pay tribute to former Congressman Don Manzullo. The Egan Republican was first elected in 1992, beating a Democrat elected in 1990, when Manzullo lost the GOP primary for … Continue reading

Joe Walsh Characterizes Potential Gubernatorial Opponents, etc., on WTTW

Pretty amazing that a losing Congressional candidate would be interviewed by liberal commentator Carol Marin, but on Wednesday night, there was Joe Walsh, all alone, answering her questions on WTTW. Under the posted interview is the following explanation: “National star … Continue reading

Auditioning at the State GOP Convention to be Illinois’ Scott Walker

John Kass lamented the lack of an Illinois Scott Walker last Thursday. He certainly is asking the right question: “Where is Illinois’ Scott Walker?” I was tempted to prepare a sign to affix to me chest asking. “Are you the … Continue reading

Rockford Tea Party Leader David Hale Considering Run for Congress

In light of Congressman Don Manzullo’s loss to Adam Kinzinger, a freshman deemed more liberal that Manzullo by every organization that did a ranking and more compliant with national House Republican Leadership’s wishes, as evidenced by Eric Cantor’s contributions and … Continue reading

Manzullo Continues to Rack Up Conservative Group’s Endorsements

So, will endorsements from Conservative groups be enough to re-elect 10-term Congressman Don Manzullo over first-termer Adam Kinzinger? We’ll know Tuesday. Two more joined the parade, bringing the total to fourteen. With zero for Kinzinger. Here’s Manzullo’s latest press release … Continue reading

Don Manzullo Gains Endorsement of Freedom Works

A press release from Congressman Don Manzullo: Influential FreedomWorks PAC Endorses Manzullo Over Kinzinger National conservative group boasts over 1 Million Activists [WASHINGTON] – FreedomWorks PAC, a grassroots service center of more than 1 million activists nationwide dedicated to fighting … Continue reading